I am still alive but my heart stopped twice since then, and it was all due to 9/11. spent 8 years also in swat, located in jersey city and retired in 2006. Proof:Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur

Edit 1: Decided to take a break i will be back later to answer more questions

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Do you think you'll try dying a couple more times during retirement?

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I'm a perfectionist, I'll get it right one day.

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Thank you for your service.

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No thanks needed

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Thanks anyway.

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You passive-aggressive monster.

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a pasghetti monster

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Pasghetti - A gang or mob that consists of angry, fat, italian teenagers.

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a danny devito look alike

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It was the events of 9/11 that led me to become FireFighter. The heroics of the police, firefighters and first responders that day are something that I could never compare myself to. I have been in countless fires and dangerous situations but have questioned myself on if I would of been able to go inside those buildings or deal with so much death. Hats off to you sir for dealing with hell that day, I know it had to be one of the hardest moments in your life. I would like to personally thank you for your service.

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are you a FDNY?

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The second time you died, were you all like "Not this shit again!!"?

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Didn't knew what happened to me

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  • what's your take on all the conspiracy surrounding the attack?
  • exactly what caused you heart to stop since 9/11
  • might be a stupid question, but how did it feel to be [presumably] dead? or slipping out into 'death'
  • give us your craziest swat team story! love hearing these

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  1. every major event in the US has some sort of conspiracy theory, so he is one for you. If you noticed, during all the wreckage that there was no NYC Taxi's destroyed. everyday at that time, Taxi's are surrounding the 16 acre for the pick up of passengers. NOT THAT DAY!!! I wonder why.

  2. A broken heart, knowing that I,m here and my co workers and friends aren't.

  3. Didnt feel a thing, my mother in law asked me if I have seen the light? no there is not light, I guess thats showing you where i'm heading....Going Down.

  4. First, Its not SWAT, we on the east coast call it Emergency Service Unit.we provide other functions beside weapons and tactic,but thats a whole other discussion. PAPD ESU; we were doing a high risk warrant, I was the first one in line using a ballistic shield and my issused weapon, we gained entry in to this very,very small apartment. 2 perps arrested, now we started our search, I was checking under the bed, so I lifted it up by the bed frame and placed it on its side. Thats when we heard this high screeching sound. It took a few seconds to find out what it was. Their cat was pinned under the bed frame. I lifted the frame up, the cat ran out headed for the front door. Of course I was called the cat killer, eventhough I love cats. Thats not the end. just about two years ago My unit was being sued by the perps, and I was named in that suit for killing the cat.

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Do you regret anything that you did in the regular police force/S.W.A.T ?

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Making a death notification to parents

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Well that sure is heavy. Thanks for the reply.

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Check out south land. Deep shit, man.

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southland is one of my favorites

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How is it, watching Southland as someone who's lived inside the world they're trying to portray? We clearly agree it's a great show, but is there anything that was way off-base or completely right-on? How would you say they capture the mood and atmosphere of reality?

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I see it differently, when watching any cop shows, I usually pick out what they are doing wrong or say thats not the way they should have done it its comical at best

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Being in the military, I don't usually get a chance to say this. Thank you for your service! You have had a much greater impact on the world that I ever will.

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it is I that should be thanking you. Every soldier is our first line of defense. The men and women of our miliatry are under paid , overworked, and not taken cared of after the fact. so please dont sell yourself short..

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As a cop, did you or do other cops get really nervous when you're two days away from retirement?

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no I left on my own terms

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Aside from the obvious 9/11 I'm sure NYC had many of interesting stories, what's your best?

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My best was talking down 2 suicidal jumpers from the Bayonne bridge in 1 day these were 2 separated incidents in which i made the front page of the NY post the next day

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no, you learn to disassociate yourself from certain situations like this. if the out come had been different, now it will eat you up, you will be playing the what if game in your head. a year later I did run into one of the other persons, but at a different command. He was taken away in ambulance. nothing really changed for him except the scenery.

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How long did it take you to talk each one down? Did you get to know their stories or events that led up to them wanting to jump? Did they receive psychiatric care or were they placed under arrest?

Spaghettimonnster200 karma

the first guy was depressed because his wife had cancer and he couldnt pay for any treatment. the second person was any escaped mental patient, he had been missing for a day. I had to chase him down, then talked to him. Both men were sent to the hospital for observation then released.

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YES YES YES, cancer takes time and different paths for everyone. There were a shit load of toxic products that was being burned for days. All first responders were given thin paper mask, that had zero protection. At that time Director of the EPA Christie Todd Whitman, stated that there was no toxins in the air. But all the tested data showed otherwise. It shouldnt be just that day but that whole area of NYC and the people , victims and responders, clean up crews.

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And no one prosecuted or sued her for that?

Spaghettimonnster547 karma

certainly not. all gov't officals are protected under some loophole law. Trust me I've asked that question myself.

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Shitty shifts, unhealthy diets due to those shifts, and exposure to chemicals from house fires/ 9/11 all seem to contribute to first responders getting cancer

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very much so.

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What was it like to die?

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I was asleep. peacefull

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Have you had any long term health effects from what was in the air during 9/11?

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Several, I have died 3 times from respitory distress. I was flown to Philidelphia,PA for an emergency tracheotomy. Now I,ve been diagniosised with Pulmonary hypertesion and heart failure.

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Did you die another time since beginning this AMA? Glad to have you back.

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glad to be back. if you died once its still once to many times

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What did you think when we finally got Bin Laden?

Spaghettimonnster522 karma

Too little too late it should of been done a lot faster



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everyone says that pot is the gateway to other drugs. that's bullshit. the govt should capitalize on this. there is money to be made.

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I am currently attending the police academy. What advice can you give me that you wish someone would have given you at the beginning of your career?

Spaghettimonnster276 karma

Don't rush in, Its hard to when we are that type of person. Stop, take a breathe, look , think, then react. the more info you have the better your look .

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  1. How did you feel about the SWAT vehicles?? I work for an armored vehicle company that designs and manufactures next gen swat trucks (www.heat-armor.com). What did you like and not like about the vehicles you all were transported in?

  2. If you had eleven fingers, how would you use your extra finger to your advantage?

Spaghettimonnster447 karma

  1. too many styles, what one do you have in mind. very cramped poor ventalation, bumpy suspension. If you need a consultant I'm available.
  2. It would be for 'HER' advantage.

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Relatively young NYC EMT here. I grew up around a few people who responded on 9/11 (with volunteer fire companies or on the job with PD/FD), so all I can say is: thanks for your service brother. Can't see your patches too well in the pic, PAPD ESU?

And my question(s): at what stage in the WTC op did you arrive on scene? Were you responding from Jersey City that day? How long after the initial plane into building were you dispatched? How did you feel when you were first pulling up?

Spaghettimonnster66 karma

Yes PAPD ESU. arrived about 20 mins before tower 2 collapse, I responded from Newark Airport, The ohh shit factor took over.

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What's it like living in NJ? I went there once. place was full of assholes. I can only imagine being a police officer there..

Spaghettimonnster153 karma

Still the same, it sucked i also worked in NYC

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What part of NJ are you in?

Spaghettimonnster146 karma

jersey shore.

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Thank you for your service.

What was the first thing you thought when you reached the WTC after the attack? (assuming it hadn't collapsed by then) Were you expecting it to collapse at all?

Spaghettimonnster134 karma

HOLY SHIT. breathtaking in the evil sense. seeing peoples last desperations, then hearing the impact.

Spaghettimonnster25 karma

I appreciate all the kindness and thanks for my services and duties and having some great questions. I had fun and thank you Reddit!

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Im not sure if he realizes he's supposed to answer the questions...

Spaghettimonnster92 karma

go with your question.

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Have just a little bit of patience, yes?

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im trying, my heart has to keep up with fingers so I can type.

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I love how you casually mention "died twice" at the end.

Do you have still have contact with either people you saved that day or people who lost someone in the plane crashes/towers?

What is the support network currently like for all those involved?

Spaghettimonnster4 karma

after a few years go by everyone goes thier own way. I haven't talked or seen my partner in years.