My new solo record "The Messenger" is out this week.

Live from 11AM EST/4PM GMT until 12:15PM EDT/5:15PM GMT.

And that's all folks! Johnny has left the building. Thank you very much -

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willtrow424 karma

Afternoon mate, what's your favorite chord? Cheers

Johnny_Marr688 karma

Csharp Minor.

NotaMethAddict261 karma

How did you come about to play for Modest Mouse?

What was it like working with Isaac Brock?

Do you ever plan on playing with Modest Mouse again?

Johnny_Marr344 karma

I joined Modest Mouse after Isaac Brock invited me to write songs with them in Portland. We clicked. I would like to play with them again at some point. There are other things for us both to do though.

MiserableLie243 karma

When you look back at your entire career, which one song do you consider your greatest achievement as a musician? Do you look back on any particular works and think you would have done anything differently were you to revisit them? Is there anything that you wish you simply hadn't written?

Also, what's your guitar of choice at the moment?

Great work on the new album by the way, and thanks for doing this AMA. Gutted I can't make it to any of your signings.

Johnny_Marr414 karma

Nothing I wish I hadn't written. Some songs jump into/out of the mind : Dashboard Modest Mouse, Get The Message, Last Night I Dreamt...many. I'm playing my Jag exclusively now. It's perfect.

MrGlib194 karma

Hi Johnny, huge fan! What would you say the biggest difference was between working with the Smiths and working with Modest Mouse?

Johnny_Marr485 karma


Salacious-149 karma

Is there any topic that you have wanted to make a song about, but have been unable to find the words or music to express it?

Johnny_Marr99 karma

Good question. I'm working on it...I'll tackle anything that works for me and the music.

ResoluteUrgency128 karma

Hello! I'm a huge Smiths fan and I just have to say thank you for being a part of a band that means so much to me.

Your intricate jangly guitar sound and style on those albums is instantly recognisable and distinctive - if there was one song or album that you could say was the biggest influence on the development of your style, what would it be?

Johnny_Marr204 karma

Meat Is Murder was a breakthrough. It was the first where the production role was on me and was therefore a challenge and opportunity to go forward. Headmaster Ritual was a first in a way.

davie18104 karma

Who is the greatest 'current' band in your opinion?

And what do you think is the greatest song you've ever written/co written. My current favourite has to be That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore, although it'll probably change again next week. It's just so beautiful.

Johnny_Marr224 karma

I like That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore, a lot. Best new band ? I don't know if there is such a thing as "best" in music. Sport maybe.

uuurrrggghhh102 karma

Hi Johnny! Was so surprised to see you on Portlandia. How was your experience on the set?
Also, did the Jarman boys get you into any trouble when you were working with them?

Johnny_Marr183 karma

Portlandia was of course very funny. I just tried not to laugh and blow it for everyone. Carrie and Fred invited me. I did get a couple of "Johnny, that's not my bike" when it aired. Great, a catchphrase.

Piemonade96 karma

What was your reaction when Sergio Aguero scored the 94 minute goal against QPR at the end of last season?

Johnny_Marr139 karma

Speechless then babbling

BlackdogBassist90 karma

Hey Johnny! You've been a major influence for both and guitarists alike over the past few decades, and your playing style is something I've idolized since I first heard "There is a Light that Never Goes Out". How did you come to create such a unique style of guitar playing, and would you have any advice for someone who is trying to find himself as a musician?

Johnny_Marr182 karma

Playing with other people is the best way to evolve as a musician, especially people with a different style.

onefinelookingtuna85 karma

What was the first song you learned on guitar?

Johnny_Marr231 karma

Life's A Gas by T.Rex

in_the_woods79 karma

Hey Johnny. Just wanted to let you know that your guitar playing both made me want to play and made me want to stop.

Some of it is inspirational, some it is awe inspiring.

You make beautiful sounds.

Johnny_Marr115 karma

It is a privilege. Thanks.

RoroMac70 karma

Not on the topic of music, but were you aware that your name was used for the cleanup batter on the Montreal Expos in Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball?

Johnny_Marr137 karma

I wan't aware. I don't even know what that means.

lilsmizzul62 karma

Hey Johnny, I'm a big fan, 2 small questions. 1. What's your favorite song or album you've worked on? 2. What was it like working with Hans Zimmer for Inception?

P.S. "Strangeways Here We Come" is amazing

Johnny_Marr87 karma

My favourite album I've worked on changes. I like the Talking Heads record I did which is called Naked. I like the brand new one for obvious reasons. Working with Hans Zimmer was really good because he is so clever, and a class act all round.

Desperate-Dan36 karma

Hi Johnny, first of all massive respect here!

I saw in an interview once that Andy Rourke said your songwriting was a big factor on his success; how much input did you have on his bass lines? And also, just how important is a good bass player to any successful band? Being a bass player myself this interests me :)

Johnny_Marr67 karma

Andy and I worked very well together. He would come up with his bass lines and I would produce him. He's unique.

SergeyK36 karma

What is the most interesting or effective guitar riff in history?

Johnny_Marr110 karma

In history ? Jeez. Satisfaction was pretty influential. Louie Louie...

ponypatrol29 karma

A Smiths reunion, what do you reckon the chances are?

Johnny_Marr165 karma

I like making new music

BlerpityBloop28 karma


Johnny_Marr66 karma

The room I write in usually has lots of amps and guitars and mics in, yes. I'll try to get round to posting pictures on my official facebook page

seanr6727 karma

Alright Johnny, doing any festivals in the UK this year? By that I mean in Scotland. And by that I mean TITP.

Johnny_Marr40 karma

I am doing festivals. Bestival, Kendal Calling, a few others are being considered right now. I like TITP. Good atmosphere there.

mantis21724 karma

Hey Johnny, thanks for taking the time to do this. I absolutely love the new album. As a huge Smiths fan, I was wondering if there were any tracks that didn't make the final cut of any albums that you wished did?

Johnny_Marr47 karma

Thanks. I think the record is right. I have more songs that will see the light of day. Some will stay in my head I guess

thesappy131423 karma

What does a rockstar get his daughter for the holidays?

Johnny_Marr75 karma

A good record

CowboyMouth20 karma

Hi Johnny. I jut saw the video from NME with you and Ronnie Wood performing How Soon Is Now. How did that collaboration come about? Will you be working with each other in the future?

Johnny_Marr39 karma

I've known Ronnie for a long time. He's a such a good guitar player, obviously. I heard that he was presenting my award so I invited him to play.That was Fun.

Uncle_Strangelove20 karma

Huge fan, from a long ways back. Thanks for doing this. What one song by another artist do you wish you could say you had written?

Johnny_Marr73 karma

Probably "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed.

TheParasomniac20 karma

What song have you made in your career that you are most proud of and why?

Johnny_Marr137 karma

The next one.

telecaster8920 karma

Hey Johnny, long time fan here. I just wanted to say thank you for being such an inspiration.

  • What is your favorite song or riff you have ever written?
  • What is your favorite song to play live?

Johnny_Marr69 karma

I like lot's of the riffs, "We Share The Same Skies", "Dogs Of Lust", Headmaster Ritual" "The Messenger"...lots of them..."Some Girls..."

shoulderdeep18 karma

im a huge modest mouse fan, i just want to know which song from we were dead/no ones first was the most fun to play? thank you!

Johnny_Marr42 karma

Fire It Up was a fun one. Dashboard would get everyone on their feet

thecolourandthecake17 karma

How was making a solo album different than albums with The Smiths or Modest Mouse? Did you feel more restrained or freer? How was the sound different?

Thanks, big fan!

Johnny_Marr30 karma

The records should always sound like where you're at at any particular time. If you're lucky you have a sound people recognise though and that comes through no matter what. My new one was different because I was writing the words and producing, and engineering too. I like that.

RexBeckett15 karma

Thanks for doing this little Q&A.

A single geetar question: Do you play more easily using one specific plectrum, yet find yourself needing to use another when performing/recording, because it makes for a better sound? Gracias.

Johnny_Marr53 karma

I learnt to play with regular medium plastic ones so I wouldn't get used to anything that might be hard to find. Made sense.

Nodnal12 karma

How did you come to play guitar on Beck's Milk & Honey? Will the other tracks you recorded with him ever see the light of day, and would you record with him again?

Johnny_Marr20 karma

Beck asked me to do a few songs. We did one called "The Doctor" that might have come out, I don't know if it did yet.

lemondeestfou12 karma

Hey, Johnny, thanks for doing this! What made you start playing guitar, but more specifically, what made you decide to continue playing for a career?

Johnny_Marr46 karma

I've never not wanted to do it. Also, not wanting a regular job probably has something to do with it.

richiewww8 karma

Is it true you nearly broke up over "some girls are bigger than others"?

Johnny_Marr53 karma

Huh ?

CaptMcCockandballs7 karma

I just want to know how it feels to have been a part of something so wonderful at such a young age. Did you even realize the monumental importance of what you were doing?

Thank you for the beautiful music and the beautiful experiences made even better by your music.

Johnny_Marr20 karma

I'm naturally very pleased to have done something that means a lot to people. I don't analyse it beyond that.

Maverick121a4 karma

Ronaldo or Messi?

Johnny_Marr32 karma