favorite doughnut, original No there isn't crack in the doughnuts I'm in great shape I don't get sick of the doughnuts I eat a few at work when I'm hungry

I love you all that said I love you, go buy some doughnuts.

Update: so this took off, thanks for the questions and upvotes, I was working when I posted this and couldn't answer much but as of 330EST Im off and can answer all questions

Update: everything posted is my opinion and does not represent the views of Krispy Kreme.

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orex11691 karma

please make me a goddamn gluten free donut and i'll give you a rimjob.

Edit: Yes I do have celiac disease its a fad diet for life.

Spartan3361588 karma

Talk to corporate

Spartan336630 karma

Manager said, were not a store known for health foods...

hrhomer1246 karma

How often do people request your plain glazed, but taken off the conveyor before the icing waterfall? I used to ask for that all the time before I quit eating them. They're so transcendently light and amazing, and not tooth-shatteringly sweet.

Edit : Seriously, just ask for them to take it off right before the sugar curtain. Try it on one donut, and eat it right there in line. You'll love it.

Spartan3361522 karma

Whoa... Never that's crazy

Pack0411089 karma

What is the most doughnuts you've ever seen one person eat in one sitting?

Spartan3361642 karma

Two dozen

dave138h906 karma

Scared to ask but, describe this person. I'm done at 2, 3 tops.

Spartan3361813 karma

Large, dirty T-shirt, sweaty. Bald.

jessibojangles678 karma

In my town we have the Krispy Kreme challenge-- 2.5 mile run to Krispy Kreme, eat a dozen donuts, run 2.5 miles back.

People do it, but oh the vomit.


Spartan336347 karma

I used to go to state. Did it, vomited.

ask-n-answer850 karma

are there secret off the menu donuts people can order?

Spartan336271 karma

Not at our store. Were hard pressed to make what's on the menu available everyday

swillamilla676 karma

does making doughnuts all day give you any special insight into this reality?

Spartan3361447 karma

People Will buy lots of what they don't need.

anotherguy2236 karma

I bet you have uber-donut-making skillz.

Spartan336539 karma


Doctorologist545 karma

Is there any way I could get free donuts from a Krispy Kreme?

Spartan3361013 karma

Buy a dozen get a dozen free right now.

blumangroup409 karma

Krispy Kreme throws a bunch of donuts away at the end of each day. Check the dumpster out back late at night. They are usually inside sealed boxes so still good, and only slightly stale.

Spartan336821 karma

They're mixed with all our trash too...

accdodson52 karma

Is there a reason you can't just give people free donuts like 15 minutes before closing?

Spartan336173 karma

Greed and policy.

cupcakecarrie365 karma

How do you make the holes in the donuts

Spartan336470 karma

A specialized cutter

thebadmeme105 karma

What do you do with the part of the donut that gets cut out?

Spartan336129 karma

There is none they cut as doughnuts. We make holes separate.

Aqpwod249 karma

What's your favorite?

Spartan336538 karma

Hot glazed

InsideOut172173 karma

Do you eat free donuts every day or do you just get to eat the defect ones?

Spartan336401 karma

I eat them right off the rack. The best ones.

i_eat_catnip150 karma

Is injecting the awesome white creme into the creme filled donuts a manual or automatic process? The reason I ask is because I'm positive the KK nearest to me is skimping out and being cheap bastards. I used to bite an opening in of those donuts, then stick my tongue in there and have at it with giant globs of sugary creamy awesomeness. Now I'm lucky if I get a pimple sized blob, and that's just missing the whole point of going to Krispy Kreme.

Spartan336156 karma

Half automatic, a machine does it but you do it two by a time by hand. I'll try and take a pic