Let's get the plug out of the way first: I'm here because I wrote a book, "After Visiting Friends: A Son's Story," about a decade-long search for the truth about what happened to my father, Chicago Newspaperman Bob Hainey, who passed when I was six. If you're interested, you can read an excerpt here and buy it here.

The book aside, I'm honored, humbled, and excited to be here and chat with all of you. In addition to being the Deputy Editor at GQ, I host a Podcast-turned-Hangout with Glenn O'Brien (He's the Style Guy, I'm the Other Guy), and in a previous life, I was part of a little publication called Spy.

We'll start around 4pm EST -- so ask me anything about my book, GQ, the movie Rampart, or whatever else, and I'll try to answer as many as I can! Thanks. Looking forward to it.

And thank you for supporting my book.


UPDATE: I'd love to stay and answer more of your questions, but duty calls. Let's do this again soon.

If you want to keep in touch, you can follow me on Twitter here: twitter.com/MichaelHainey

Thank you again, Reddit.

Look Sharp + Live Smart.


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breeks35 karma

What is your opinion of /r/malefashionadvice ?

TheEditorsOfGQ54 karma

For me, anything that gets men thinking about looking sharper and living smarter...we endorse.

SayNo2Kryptonite14 karma

have the GQ guys ever had an Anchorman-esque rumble with the Esquire guys and Details guys? If not, you should.

TheEditorsOfGQ41 karma

First rule of Men's Wear Fight Club...

Inji12 karma

What's the most outrageous, controversial story you've had to handle on GQ?

TheEditorsOfGQ40 karma

socks or no socks.

StratMan9311 karma

What advice would you give to a magazine journalism student hoping to become a feature writer after graduation?

TheEditorsOfGQ20 karma

Learn to become a great reporter first. Great reporting makes your writing better. Always.

GraphicNovelty11 karma

How does GQ editorial regard Reddit's homegrown fashion board (r/malefashionadvice) and men's internet fashion message boards in general (Styleforum/Superfuture/Stylezietgiest/Hypebeast/AAAC)?

I see them give a lot of love to #menswear tumblrs but i see much more cutting edge and interesting stuff coming out of the boards (though it's obviously less curated).

TheEditorsOfGQ27 karma

We've got some plans to go beyond lurking to actually getting involved. Love to hear your ideas / comments. Think of this AMA as our way of saying hello. So, yo.

ForTheGloryOf10 karma

As a young man, I find that ridicule is common towards men who take an interest in fashion. Do you have any words of wisdom for young men such as myself? Also, huge fan, not to sound cliché. Thanks!

TheEditorsOfGQ38 karma

Why do you care what others think? As I said recently to the New York Times regarding Thom Browne -- he always stands alone. In other words: be an individual. And then you will never be sorry.

nelskickass9 karma

what's an antiquated fashion trend that you would like to see make a comeback?

TheEditorsOfGQ99 karma


joe_damiano8 karma

When is it okay for a guy to go without a belt?

TheEditorsOfGQ71 karma

When he's about to have sex.

albuhhh7 karma

How has the rise of #menswear and street style blogging changed men's style over the past 5 years or so? Do you think that it has democratized it and made people in general more aware of how they dress, or is it just a case of people who were already conscious of that scene just becoming more obsessive about it and having a more public outlet?

Also, dub monks: have they actually worked outside of a street style shoot at Pitti/NYFW?

TheEditorsOfGQ6 karma

I share your dub monks skepticism, my friend. Personally, the only monk I stand by is Thelonious. Still, no one can rock a monk like a Milanese man. Respect.

popdisaster007 karma

Do you think that GQ will still be printing physical magazines in 10 years?

TheEditorsOfGQ10 karma

I think so. How do you read the magazine?

jeb9366 karma

What do you think is the difference between someone being a hipster and fashionable? I think that the term hipster really doesn't apply anymore since fashion really has become what we called people being hipsters three years ago.

TheEditorsOfGQ20 karma

It's like porn: you know it when you see it.

tsh2406 karma


TheEditorsOfGQ7 karma

The GQ Fashion Team, lead by Mr. Jim Moore, is responsible for conceiving the look of every shoot and then styling it all. It's an amazing and rigorous process that is a wonder to behold. In total, I think the Fashion Dept has a dozen people working in it. For some big stories, they might work on it for weeks, to get the looks right. No detail is too small. That's what makes the difference.

Ilovebobbysinger5 karma


TheEditorsOfGQ36 karma

Walk away from the bong, Woody.

TheEditorsOfGQ30 karma

Is this Woody Harrelson? Bro! What's up?

getting_knowhere5 karma

How much control does GQ have over trends and styles in the US? Do you see them as cyclical?

TheEditorsOfGQ12 karma

All of it. Know that movie with Nicolas Cage, "National Treasure?" There was a whole scene cut out about GQ... Because WE cut it.

Alfred-Hitchcock4 karma

Who would you say is the most interesting person to have been interviewed for the magazine? Or, in general, have you any articles that you really enjoyed?

TheEditorsOfGQ3 karma

We could write a book on that... but the people I've enjoyed interviewing have been Clint Eastwood, current-cover man Bruce Willis, Dustin Hoffman and most certainly Keith Richards. Respect.

palberca4 karma

What current fad do you see now that will leave us scratching our heads years later?

TheEditorsOfGQ21 karma

Meggings. In a word: no.

sirsparks13 karma

What led you to the bestowing the title "After Visiting Friends: A Son's Story" on your book? The description of the book seems much more fascinating than the title.

TheEditorsOfGQ4 karma

Whoa, you don't like the title? I've heard nothing but good things about it. Well, the title comes from a clue that sets me on the trail... give it a read and let me know what you think.

piginthenextlife3 karma

What's a style pet peeve of yours that everyone else loves?

TheEditorsOfGQ6 karma

Gloves in chest-pockets. I mean, c'mon.

beggsinator3 karma

Do you have an all-time favorite piece of longform journalism?

TheEditorsOfGQ5 karma

Going way back here, but Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, by James Agee.

MenswearLova3 karma

I have tons of interest which is makes it difficult in choosing a career path. Any advice?

TheEditorsOfGQ9 karma

Go towards what interests you and you won't be sorry. Don't think of a "career" -- that's some weird term they teach you in high school... think of what you want to make of your life. You only get one shot.

sirsparks13 karma

I saw that you wrote your book by waking up at 4:30 to write. Not only did you do this, you wrote the whole thing with pen and paper.

Do you think you've changed after this intense writing process?

TheEditorsOfGQ2 karma

Not so much changed as evolved... which is what I think the point of life is. Keep moving forward. Do the work that gets you work.

viren7773 karma

How did you get a position at GQ?

TheEditorsOfGQ3 karma

I was hired by Art Cooper fourteen years ago.

schwatup3 karma


TheEditorsOfGQ9 karma

I love me some 'tooth. I had it made for me by the nice folks at Ralph Lauren. If you like it, wear it. And google yourself a photo of Bear Bryant's 'tooth hat. Talk about badass.

repickm2 karma

michael, who you would say are your style influences?

TheEditorsOfGQ3 karma

A range of guys... Jimmy Stewart in the Hitchcock era; George Harrison circa 1970... Philip Larkin... they're guys who were not trying to be anything but themselves. Dig it.

drfun2 karma

How do you feel about the (what seems to me) recent surge in men's wear blogs and what they are doing to bring dressing yourself well to the masses? Blogs like Put This On, Broke & Bespoke, etc

TheEditorsOfGQ5 karma

Anything that helps make the world a better -- and better-styled place -- I'm all in favor of.

Frankenchokey72 karma

Hi Michael,

I actaully met you once in Greenwhich Village. I was soliciting donations for a charity and you rightly ignored me for the most part. Don't blame you.

I was wondering if you had a favorite article of clothing? Something you've maybe had for a long time. Also I know from your book that your dad passed when you were young, but is there anything he owned that you now have?

TheEditorsOfGQ6 karma

My wife says I wear my herringbone jacket too much.

And sorry about that donation thing. Jeez, makes me sound like one of those guys in "Trading Places."

Justmadethisaccount12 karma

Can you give some suggestions (aside from networking and applying for internships) for a Canadian journalism student trying to break into the U.S. job market?

TheEditorsOfGQ9 karma

Are you fluent in American?

TheEditorsOfGQ13 karma

But seriously, what kind of journalism do you want to do, eh?

Justmadethisaccount12 karma

Haha, touché. I have a lot of experience with print, but my true passion is telling stories through broadcast.

TheEditorsOfGQ5 karma

Take a chance on yourself. Get thee to New York. It worked for Peter Jennings and Michael J. Fox.

wdb2n2 karma

loafers, socks or no socks? i see both all the time.

TheEditorsOfGQ9 karma

Depends on the situation. If you pick up the March issue of GQ, we (and Jim Parsons of Big Bang) tell you everything you need to know re loafers.

wdb2n2 karma

thank you so much ill be sure to do it. also if I could get one more word in, why do your magazine not feature small southern companies popular with colleges such as collard green ties, social primer, southern proper, buffalo & co., southern tide...etc?

TheEditorsOfGQ6 karma

Did you see the story we did last year on Nashville?

wdb2n2 karma

No i didn't! and im from murfreesboro only 25 minutes away, any way i can read it online?

Barking_Giraffe2 karma

1) Favorite edition of GQ? 2) Most interesting thing you've seen in GQ? 3) Weirdest thing you've seen in GQ?

TheEditorsOfGQ8 karma

I can't pick a favorite section... I think the whole magazine is one seamless whole... weirdest thing I've seen in GQ? That's something we have to discuss off-line...

mdlivengood2 karma

What did you find most challenging (on a personal level) while doing research and interviews for "After Visiting Friends"? Considering the topic, were you able to de-sensitize and approach it the same way you would for any other story?

TheEditorsOfGQ2 karma

Great question. I didn't de-sensitize, but I did have to get myself focused. I had to see it as a story I wanted to tell. And not let fear hold me back.

Danneskjld2 karma

Do you love anything more than a tue bar worn in the correct position?

TheEditorsOfGQ16 karma

My wife. And red wine.

sirsparks12 karma

Hey I think GQ is an awesome magazine with some great stuff in there... but virtually everything is out of my price range with my grad school budget (which has enough for ramen and soap... with a tendency to skip the soap)

What do you recommend to do to get that GQ style when you're ballin' on a budget?

TheEditorsOfGQ20 karma

Don't get hung up on prices.... think about creating YOUR own style. Style is not something a man can buy. He can only create it. Be yourself.

wboothe1 karma

Hi Michael, big fan of your style, contributions (video series on the GQ site especially), and surely your book.

Not a question, but please make your podcast available on iTunes.

TheEditorsOfGQ1 karma

Thank you... have you seen the Google Hangouts I have been doing?

SaatchiOnline1 karma

Hi Michael! Who is your favorite artist? (or favorite artwork)? Thank you. Your book sounds interesting.

TheEditorsOfGQ4 karma

Currently studying Francis Bacon in great detail. Thanks for reading the book!

Inji1 karma

Are you also studying his supposed work as Shakespeare?

TheEditorsOfGQ2 karma


MPHART0 karma

Do you have any advice for a writer pitching GQ?

TheEditorsOfGQ4 karma

Learn to throw the curve-ball.

DLXII-1 karma

Could you hook me up with a suit?

TheEditorsOfGQ5 karma

Is THIS Woody Harrelson?

muffinman3-2 karma

How was Rampart?

TheEditorsOfGQ1 karma