Hey Reddit! So I know several AmA's of this topic have been done in the past, but I figured this condition is quite rare so questions are always bound to be asked.

I am literally allergic to cold temperatures and break out in hives whenever I am cold.

Edit* I received this comment from someone but they deleted it, and I realized it's something I should address- "It's nifty that you have a nervous system or dermal reaction to cold, but you're not allergic to cold. That is a very specific medical condition regarding the immune system, blood chemistry and histamines. Please stop adopting terms at random, and use the proper terminology."

My reply- The only reason I term it "allergic" is because it's the best way for me to describe the condition. I have been informed by doctors that it's not necessarily an allergy, just a reaction... But I still like to refer to it that way because otherwise people can't wrap their heads around it. Sorry if I upset you... except I'm actually not really sorry at all =/ But thank you for the comment and clearing it up for people.

As for proof, I suppose I can induce the hives myself (as it's chilly outside in my state) and take pictures of the reaction with my reddit name written on me. I know this sounds idiotic (to purposefully induce hives on myself) but I'm not sure how else I could prove it.

Ask me anything!

EDIT* This is the best proof I have been able to get so far. Put a pack of frozen green beans on my arm and a while later those fuckers decided to show up. Took some progressive pictures of the same spot so you can see how they develop. Sorry if this isn't good enough for some, it's the best I can do in the way of proof... besides hanging out with you all inside a giant freezer o_O

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drinkit_or_wearit1 karma

Rather than a picture of splotchy arm, wouldn't some technical information supply better proof/evidence? Medical papers with pertinent information marked out (mark it out on the images on the PC not IRL). You could do a number of things but I wouldn't bother making the hives, I am allergic to concentrated citric acid , limes, lemons, and citrus fruits do not bother me (nose itches when I eat them is all) but some peppers can really mess me up. I could rub jalapeno juice on my arm and say it was anything I want to.

I do not mean to imply that you would do this, I only mean to offer an alternate method of verification.

Luxei3 karma

I completely understand what you're saying. I really don't have much of an alternate method of verification. My medication is over the counter, so taking a picture of it would be useless... anyone can buy that medicine for any type of allergy. I don't have any paperwork or doctors notes that say I have cold urticaria, I was never given anything by my dermatologist to "prove" it to anyone else. She diagnosed me by doing a test herself and seeing for herself. Another girl did an AmA on this topic and the way she proved it was by posting a sort of "identification" bracelet that says she has it... But even then, anyone can make those bracelets and put whatever they want on it. Now that you mention it, I might be able to call my dermatologists office and get them to send over a fax of the paperwork when I got diagnosed... But I suppose the best way to prove it to everyone is by writing about it. I think my experiences speak for themselves. Why anyone would make something like this up is completely beyond me lol.

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I think the "female" part of the title was a little redundant.