I have sent my contract to the mods as proof, just due to confidentiality issues. I work, full time, as a prostitute in a full service brothel. I'm 23 (21 according to the books) and have been working in the Australian sex industry for just over a year. My partner knows about my work, and accepts it and is also happy to answer your questions. Ask me anything you could think of except for pictures. :P

EDIT: Just so you know, I might be offline for a couple of hours at a time while I nap. I take what I can get with my job. ;P

EDIT: This absolutely blew up overnight. I apologise if I haven't gotten to your question yet, I'm getting to as many as I have time for while I'm going down the thread. My partner will be around to answer questions after he's finished work, and I'll keep answering as many as I can until then.

Thank you for the questions, both good and not so good! Everybody has a different opinion on my sort of work, so I'm enjoying reading all of it.

EDIT: Still answering, I'm sorry it's taking so long. My inbox is absolutely flooded, so I'll definitely get to you at some point. Patience, reddit. Your time will come.

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Anonymous0ne1884 karma

Okay enough questions about bullshit things like "spit or swallow".

I once got into a heated debate with a young woman about legalizing prostitution. She told me that the research showed "huge spikes" in sex slavery and female trafficking in countries that had legalized it.

While I found some data to support her claims it was spotty at best.

What is your experience with the industry and have you noticed, met, or interacted with a fellow sex-worker who was doing this job NOT of their own free will?

EDIT: OP Delivers! Great answer, upvote her for addressing a charged issue.

EDIT 2.0: Dear Reddit, this is now my most highly upvoted comment/link. Thanks guys, now everyone thinks I'm a John lookin' to party.

prostithroaway348 karma

I'm going to answer this now before skimming, because this is a fucking fantastic question.

In the state I live, laws in regards to brothel work are incredibly strict. The authority that runs the whole show (PLA) regularly walks into brothels and checks the operation and that it's being run according to law.

Example; One of my former employers/licencees was fined "42 points" just for having more than 8 girls on one shift at a time. As I've been told, that's a pretty massive cash value.

I have noticed, though, that certain nationalities will work harder and longer than native aussie girls (asian). This isn't out of a slavery situation in my state, but rather a culture thing. Asian culture demands hard work for a lot of reward and it translates through even to sex work.

So as far as I know there is no brothel slavery going on in the legal brothels. What I can't tell you though, is whether the sexual slavery is at home, for example, the husband or partner sends a girl to work and expects her money to go straight to him when she gets home.

As for trafficking, I've only ever heard of it happening in third-world countries, and I have NEVER met a woman or girl that's experienced that kind of hell in this industry.

What I'm going to do though, is next time I'm at work I'll get a picture of the sexual slavery act that legal brothels abide by. So watch this space.

Out of curiosity, what were her arguments and proof?

Corwinator1105 karma

Would you be okay with your partner having sex with several other women?

Edit: Apparently OP didn't mean AMAnything

prostithroaway124 karma

When I usually answer this honestly, people look at me like I'm a nutcase.

I don't have a problem with it at all. For my, fidelity means truth and faith, and sex is not all that I want in a relationship. If he wants to sleep with another woman, fine by me, as long as he's honest, and uses protection. I'd be a good swinger I guess.

He doesn't really care much about it though.

Patience. :P I have a loooot of questions to get through.

Dkult863 karma

What's the strangest request a john has given you?

prostithroaway1560 karma

It boils down between a couple. The first was a client who, rather than wanting sex, wanted to dry hump my back while still wearing underwear and jeans, and walk out with a massive cumstain on his trousers.

The second was an absolute pain slut, and loved humiliation. There was literally nothing I could do that would make him hurt too much, and he came with my fist in his ass. Minding this, I have a standard policy of no blood play to prevent injury to the client or myself, and to make sure that no disease is spread by blood contact, so I have to be extremely careful when servicing these clients.

badlucklincoln692 karma

Have you ever had a client who didn't actually want sex and just wanted to talk or something?

prostithroaway1045 karma

Yeah, plenty. :P

Some guys come in and want a companion over a hooker, and that's fine with me. My job description is to make people orgasm, but if they'd rather have a few snuggles over an hour and just talk, that's perfectly okay with me.

badlucklincoln549 karma

Do they still get charged the same?

prostithroaway849 karma

Yes. Sadly, the house charges a certain amount to begin with, and I can't change that. On the flipside though, I don't charge them anything extra, and I still complete the massage part of the service on them if they want it. Otherwise, I think they're happy having someone to be affectionate with, so it doesn't bother them.

badlucklincoln375 karma

Can they come to your home, or do they have to come to the brothel where all they prostitutes hang out at? What is the actual building of the brothel like? Is it just like a hotel, or what?

prostithroaway760 karma

If you have a client come to your home, it counts as private sex work rather than sex work at a licensed brothel. I keep my nose out of the private work for safety reasons. You're completely alone out there. So they come to the brothel for me. :P

Most of the brothels I have worked at have a few themed rooms. But yes, a hotel is something that would be a good comparison. The sheets are always clean, the rooms are spotless when I'm working in them, and I'm like a housekeeper, but better because boobies. :P

Edit: Also, it's usually quite dark inside a brothel.

badlucklincoln238 karma

So like, are the brothels you work at fully legal or sort of just ignored by police? Cause I think in WA prostitution is illegal, but there are some brothels ignored by police. I guess if you work in NSW, I think its fully legal there. Also, whats the usual fee at the place you work? Are there like higher end more expensive brothels compared to others?

prostithroaway353 karma

Fully legal. As far as I know, it's also illegal in SA too, but I am in neither of those states. :P

There are, for example, one brothel will charge 250 for an hour, while others will charge 300, depending on location and the quality of the girls working there. That's about as deep as I can go into the service charges I think.

badlucklincoln202 karma

Do return customers get discounts on like the tenth visit or something like that?

prostithroaway262 karma

Not as far as I know. That's part of management's thing. I know some brothels offer a special discount club promo though, I just don't know how it works at all.

joke-away689 karma

Have you ever seen a ghost before?

prostithroaway593 karma

Sadly not. :( I'm always hunting for one as well.

Viper-S15626 karma

How often do you enjoy the sex? What made you go into prostitution? How much is sex?

prostithroaway871 karma

Occasionally. If you're a client of mine though,as far as you know, I always enjoy it. :P

Being in this industry, you're a better actor than most of hollywood.

Money, mostly.

The charge depends on the brothel, honestly. You could get a 60 dollar 'hand relief' service at one of the ones I worked at, whereas the highest I've ever had charged was 290 for the hour.

MonsieurTG534 karma


Thanks for doing this.

A few questions:

  1. What can a client do to take the session pleasant to you?

  2. Do you ever reject the session based on the client's look, race, personalities, etc?

  3. Is it compulsory for you to perform a health check on client?

  4. Apart from sex, what do you do with client during the session?

prostithroaway718 karma

  1. Honestly, just treating me with respect is enough. That, and not trying to make me orgasm if I'm not horny. When I have to fake it 7 times in an hour, that is NOT fun. :P Or, just backrubs. I love it when I get offered, and so do a lot of the girls I work with.

  2. Nah. The only reason that I'll refuse service to a client is if there's visible signs of an STI when we perform a health check before the service. After the service has begun, I can terminate if a client is getting disrespectful, rude, or attempting to make me do things I don't want to

  3. Yep. I'd do it anyway even if it wasn't, but most of the brothel regulars just drop their pants and wait for me to glove up when I get in the room these days. Clients are also required to take a shower and get rid of any body or penis gunk before I'll begin.

  4. It depends on the client and the length of the booking. Your basic service package is oral to the client, a back or body massage, and vaginal intercourse. (Ugh, it sounds so clinical. Lol.) But, in the longer bookings, you could do a spa bath or a shower with the client, you could sit and talk, or some clients like the fantasies.

kierstydaisy85 karma

Which fantasy turned out to be surprisingly fun or even turned you on also??

And how often do you reach orgasm in a week?

prostithroaway67 karma

I had a client come in, who ended up having a bag full of lingerie and clothing that he'd just bought. We spent the hour trying it all on (both of us) and dancing around the room.

Probably not what you were expecting, but it was pretty fucking awesome at the time. :P

DawnKeebles530 karma

Are there any acts that you won't do with a client? And are there certain things you only do with your partner?

prostithroaway867 karma

Personally, there are few acts I won't perform. It narrows down to Natural sex or oral, Scat, and Golden Showers, or possibly a few smaller things that just really turn me off.

The idea is that you charge more for the "services" that you're not particularly into. Example; I'm not all that into anal, so I'll happily charge 500 dollars for it. It means that if a guy isn't too sure about wanting it, he'll pass, or if he is, I get paid well for giving out something that I'm less happy to do. This kind of thing varies between serive girls though.

Following that, as a protip; You're more likely to get a certain fetish or fantasy that you like for less if you're polite and honest to a sex worker over a drunken dick. :P

And I do only do certain things with my partner, but it's more his kink than mine.

nebnnud498 karma

Do your parents know? What's your relationship with them like? When did you lose your virginity?

prostithroaway704 karma

No. I don't have a bad relationship with them, it's more that I dont want them to worry too much. They are old fashioned and live out of state, so it's fairly easy to keep it a secret.

Virginity was lost at 18, believe it or not. :P Mostly out of a lack of interest in sex.

thrownyan476 karma

Do you have any female clients?

prostithroaway79 karma

Rarely. Veeeeery rarely. Usually if a girl is coming into a brothel, it's for a job and not to get laid. It has happened though.

Jody_Fosters_Army33 karma

Similarly, what about couples?

prostithroaway29 karma

Once again, rarely. We had a couple call up a few weeks ago, then chicken out after they got to the brothel.

slappity389 karma

What's the least you've ever made for sex?

prostithroaway701 karma

For full sex, 60 dollars. Mind you, it's a timeframe thing. He bangs me for 5 minutes, gets off and leaves, and I get 60+ dollars out of it. Works for me. :P

AGNKim372 karma

What is the biggest dick you have seen? The smallest?

prostithroaway763 karma

The biggest was thicker than a 600 mL coke bottle, and about 1.5 times as long (Paaaainful.) and the smallest was a little harder to measure. Micropenis size when hard.

That being said, some men have penises that actually retract into their pubic area when soft, then grow to about six inches when hard, so you can never pick 'em til they're there. :P

polluxuk346 karma

Do you do anal and do you swallow?

prostithroaway766 karma

Yes and absolutely not at work.

Sex or oral without protection in australia is absolutely, 100% illegal in an industry context.

Even aside from that, you couldn't offer me enough money in the world to let a random stranger possibly infect me with an STI. I could be a billionaire, but what use is all that money if I'm going to die of AIDS? That's the way I see it, at least. :P

However, in my private life, yes, I do.

hi_i_am_truly_false314 karma

1)How does society treat you, and others in the industry like you in general? 2)Did you meet your partner before or after you began work in the sex industry?

prostithroaway463 karma

  1. Societal reaction is mixed. I make no huge secret of my job in my personal life (between close friends) and I've been met with both disgust and amazement, followed by barrages of questions about it. These days it's a lot less taboo than it used to be, and most men I meet have told me they'd give it a shot if they had the "required equipment". A fair warning for any girls considering working in the industry though; It's a lot harder to be a good prostitute than it is to be a prostitute.

2) Before. We discussed the idea beforehand, as I'd decided that I did not want to rely on him for money. He was iffy, I did it anyway, and now he hasn't got a problem with it. He also likes hearing my weird stories after I come home.

EDIT: Let me be clear. He wasn't iffy about my working. He was iffy about whether or not I was safe, and the work was consensual.

Fog_xyz279 karma

Contract? How exactly does that work?

prostithroaway380 karma

Well, there's two parts of it. First, it outlines the procedures of the brothel itself, and the laws of the state that it's situated in. You sign that in order to say that you'll comply.

Secondly, as sex workers, we do contracting work, and get paid by the booking and not the hour. :P

WavesandFog242 karma

Why did you go into sex work, and what made you decide to stay? Are you planning to continue to stay in this work?

prostithroaway354 karma

I went in purely for the money, and I stayed for the money. Some girls can do it, some can't, it all depends on how well you handle drama.

And I'll stay in this line of work until I've reached my financial goals. I've never planned for this to be a permanent career, and have set a five year limit on how much I want to work.

skimmy1105211 karma

Do you have a "pimp"? What are the consequences of breaking the contract?

prostithroaway365 karma

"Pimping" is illegal as fuck where I live, as is solicitation for prostitution. Basically, at most of the places I've worked so far, the only thing proving you exist is a small profile stating your physical stats on the website. Extras are not discussed until you're in the room with a client either.

The consequences basically boil down to legal action and termination of employment, depending on the severity of the infraction.

Lennygames1337207 karma

What are your average clients like and have you ever refused clients

prostithroaway320 karma

The average client depends on the kind of shift that's worked. I vary between day shifts and early morning shifts at the moment, and the day clients are usually the businessmen and tradesfolk in on their lunch break, or so on. The night and early morning clients tend to be a bit rowdier and a lot more sleepy. :P

I haven't ever had to refuse a client, but we do have the right to terminate a service if a client is making us feel uncomfortable, or attempting to make us do something we don't want to do. I've come close to having to walk out, but they usually pull themselves into line after I warn them of the consequences.

chuhai165 karma

Do you kiss your clients on the mouth? I ask b/c stereotypically, prostitutes don't so I was wondering if there was any truth to that?

prostithroaway61 karma

Sure do. It'll cost you though.

Anywhere from 50-150 dollars depending on the girl and exactly how much tongue you want to shove down her throat.

Mouthwash is required.

benbunny131 karma

What's the youngest/oldest client you've ever had?

prostithroaway85 karma

Youngest; 18, fresh off his birthday party.

Oldest; 94. We didn't have much sex.

SparkBunny16 karma

94?!? Did you have EMT's and a defibrilator on hand? Under the bed or something?

prostithroaway18 karma

Nope. But we did take it very slowly.

Honestly, he mostly just wanted to kiss and watch me strip.

Drew-Pickles127 karma


Also, have you ever slept with a client who can perform better than your partner, and how does it make you feel?

prostithroaway277 karma

Sure. There are plenty of guys out there, and some are better in bed than others.

The major difference between them and my partner is the emotional connection involved with my partner, where they have none. So, you get to be a fantastic actor in my job for sure, but it really means nothing other than money in the end.

pokadottedunicorn125 karma

How long does your average client last or possibly your normal range? I ask this because I've had several friends who have been with professionals and most of them say they have a very difficult time lasting. So that whole "paying for an hour" thing is worth it... but it really ends up only being 5 minutes max. To relieve this they ask for other services such as GFE (girl friend experience) or massages.

prostithroaway41 karma

For the most part they don't last past 15-20 minutes, and that's cool. I've had guys who lasted literally two seconds though, up to an hour and a half.

I felt sorry for the two second guy, so I let him go again.

DasBarenJager105 karma

How do you handle ultra nervous clients? I imagine as a first timer I wouldn't begin to know what to do or say, let alone perform as normal. How do these interactions tend do go?

Oh and do people often tip in your industry? If so how much?

prostithroaway18 karma

The same as anyone else, I guess. Friendly, and like it's no big deal for them to be there.

And it's not, at all. Take your time to relax, instead of worrying about the sex. You'll get there, and you won't even know where the time went!

And yes, they do. The lowest I ever got was 5 dollars. (I think he thought it was a good tip. American tip etiquette doesn't apply over here, he was showing appreciation, and came back to see me with a 50 instead.)

And the highest was 200, from a very lovely gentleman. That was an awesome day.

Lady_Lizah88 karma

  1. Being a sexual place, there must be sex toys, whips, stuff like that. Does each prostitute get her own set of things, or do you all share?

  2. Who runs it? Was he/she once a prostitute too?

  3. Do men work there too? Or is it just a women place?

  4. How many people know about your job?

  5. Ever get a client you know in your personal life? Or someone that knows someone in your personal life? How was that?

  6. Is it illegal for prostitutes to see their clients outside of the workplace? For maybe coffee, or a date?

prostithroaway11 karma

  1. We can buy our own, or there is a house set if you need some pronto. There are also sex toys that the client can buy.

  2. In my current brothel, no. Most I have worked at are owned by older women, but some are owned by men. I tend to avoid those places.

  3. Yep. There are a few gay friendly brothels around, and I've worked at one or two in the past.

  4. My partner, housemate, and a couple of close friends. And now, reddit. :P

  5. I haven't had to have sex with anyone from my personal life. I have run into one at a brothel though.

  6. Illegal, no. But you will get into shit with the house if they find out. They tend to get incredibly posessive of their clients, and won't take "theft" lightly.