Well well well... Here you are.... I'm Tristam, a 17 year old musician and producer based out of earth. I have never really opened up about my life and I saw this new release as a good opportunity for people to have a peak into my world. I have been putting a lot of time into my passion over the past 6 months and I have learned soooo much. I'm here to answer any question you might have about me or my craft.

If you were wondering about my new single you can hear it "here" and if you would like to support me even more with a purchase "here".

Thanks to /r/Monstercat for arranging everything. Let's do this!

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Really big fan of your music, keep it up forever. How has being semi-famous been like for you in school? Have you become the popular kid? Made a lot of fake friends?

TheRealTristam50 karma

Nope, although I'm not in school anymore, when I was it never changed to much. I think sometimes people thought that I thought I was "all that", but I didn't :P

TylerHuntMusic59 karma

Have you ever considered releasing some side work under an anonymous alias? Would be interesting to see how people react to your skill level under an alias that has no current reputation.

TheRealTristam47 karma

Yes, I have considered it ;)

Atricity54 karma

So, what did you basically do during the break of a few months between the Truth and all other releases?

TheRealTristam80 karma

I've been making song after song after song. I've just not been releasing them. Working a lot on production and song writing. I have some very exciting stuff for the future.

NSIHD28 karma

Hey Tristam, how's it going? :]

I have a couple of questions.

  1. What is the best way to go about contacting the youtube promoters when you don't necessarily have a name for yourself yet?

  2. Will you sit on the Chair?

TheRealTristam12 karma

Most of them you can straight up message... And if your tune is good enough they'll upload it ;)

inventionmaker9925 karma

  1. Where do you gain inspiration for new tracks?
  2. How did you get into producing on a professional level?
  3. How did you become so great with FL Studio (that is to say, did you teach yourself, watch tutorials, etc.) Btw-Love your music man :D

TheRealTristam35 karma

1.Usually, when I'm diving I'll just start singing a melody and then I burn it into my head, awkwardly bring out my phone and record it while trying to keep an eye on the road. 2.It's a very very hard step to take, but it's basically all about training your ear to "KNOW" what sounds good and what sounds bad... Once you have that skill, you don't need much more imo 3.I'm actually in Ableton now. The software doesn't matter so much. It's all about experience. "Flight" was produced in ableton

DrStudMuffin22 karma

Tristam, I am a huge fan! I have a few questions for you, and I hope you respond!

  • What is it like being so young, yet so famous in the EDM community?
  • What/who inspires you to make your music?
  • How do you feel being a huge inspiration to many young music producers, including me?
  • Do you ever feel like you might branch out and explore other styles of music?

Like I said, I am a huge fan of your music and listen to it all the time, and I look forward to your response and what music you have coming out in the future!

TheRealTristam27 karma

  1. It's nice!!! and refreshing to know and feel that it's possible to live doing what you love..

  2. Emotion is a big one for me. How I feel and how a song i'm working on makes me feel is HUGE.

3.It's a challenge... Because everything you say publicly matters, so you have to be that much more careful. But it's very nice to know people out there look up to what you do and what you say.

4.Oh yes. I want to start doing a lot more songwriting. I love Coldplay, Amy Macdonald and Band of horses..

HavidReddit11 karma

Do you like Trap and will you ever make Trap music? (I'm not a Trap lover but I'm just wondering since all artists start to make Trap music these days)

TheRealTristam86 karma

Hate it and no

Dat_Redox18 karma

I saw your collab with Braken, who, to be honest, I've never heard of. How did you meet him? What drove you to work with someone who wouldnt indirectly give you more publicity, unlike some artists? (Thats awesome that you did though!) Do you think he'll get big? Big fan of your music as well!

Edit: preview of a collab*

TheRealTristam30 karma

Braken is a very good friend of mine, I found him on Youtube and we arranged to meet. I was driven to work with him because of how talented I thought he was and how much potential I saw in him. I think you'll be hearing a lot more from him in the future.

jkernan755316 karma

What's one plugin/vst that you couldn't live without?

TheRealTristam35 karma

None. I work with what I have and I have what I work with. You don't NEED any plugin imo... That's the most crucial lesson I can teach. Some thing I can't live without is a good pair of headphones.

SDBOfficial7 karma

Do you mainly produce with headphones or monitors, or does it not matter?

TheRealTristam30 karma


Bioman31215 karma

Would you rather fight 100 cat-sized monsters or one monster-sized cat?

What are your biggest electronic and non-electronic influences for your music?

TheRealTristam40 karma

Definatly one monstercat

AtillaTheHung13 karma

Do you know the truth?

TheRealTristam54 karma

I know mine... Do you know yours??

Stefano121412 karma

Huge fan here!

  1. Name three bands or artists that have shaped you and inspired you as a musician/producer.
  2. What is your greatest accomplishment so far?
  3. What is your favourite song that you have produced and why?
  4. What is the origin behind the name "Tristam?" :) <3

Edit: Thanks for the reply! I will be your loyal fan until the end of time

TheRealTristam32 karma

  1. Muse, Pendulum/Rob Swire, Coldplay

  2. Can't think of anything substantial....when my first song hit 1000000 views... it was a pretty great feeling or when "Flight" hit number 1 on the Dnb charts ;)

  3. Usually what I'm working on because that what I'm most passionate about.

  4. It was a very cold night in June..... erhhh the story is a bit too long.. i'll tell you guys another day

actuallyachilles12 karma

Do you tune your drums?

TheRealTristam12 karma


2reddit4u9 karma

How do you deal with this sudden growing popularity of yours? And what would be advises for starting producers?

Thank you in advance! :D

TheRealTristam20 karma

It's hard to deal with at times, a lot of opportunity, a lot more pressure... But it's very fun to loose yourself in the industry, in the music. The one thing I would recommend for starting producers is to not stop producing and to never do it for the fame or for others... Do it because you enjoy doing in <3

Kibitz19919 karma

I have never heard of you before now, which songs of yours would you recommend I listen to?

TheRealTristam23 karma

Truth, Follow me, I remember or Flight

Doctorwubwub7 karma


TheRealTristam27 karma

Probably Muse

jmathias317 karma

What's your favorite song that isn't edm?

TheRealTristam9 karma

Melancolie by Yves duteil

GeneralBacon6 karma

How and when in your life did you decide to become a musician? I love your work and I'd be interesting to know what you did to get to where you are.

TheRealTristam13 karma

It was never a decision. It was just always who I was.

inkybut86 karma

How/why did you start producing?

TheRealTristam27 karma

Because I thought it was the coolest thing in the world... I was young then.

GhostWithParanoia5 karma

How does it feel knowing that lots of people that you don't know and probably will never meet are listening to something you made and loving every second of it?

TheRealTristam17 karma

It's very weird. It's kind of unfathomable

TheOfficialEntire4 karma

What setup do you have?

TheRealTristam7 karma

Normally I use Genelec 8040a's, a pair of Seinheiser Hd650's, Ableton live 8 and a variety of plugins. You don't need more than that imo :P

whyyoujelly4 karma

do you have any other interests or hobbies other than making music?

TheRealTristam2 karma

Yes I do have other interests and hobbies

FlippyDog4 karma

did the people at your school/work recognize you; know your talent?

TheRealTristam21 karma

I try to keep it to myself, I don't necessarily want my all personal relations to be bases around my music. So to answer your question... No people don't generally recognize me in public.

prophetoffun4 karma

Your song "Too Simple" with Stephen Walking has held sentimental value with me since I first heard it. I love it and wanted to say thanks.

  • Also, how did you first get involved with Monstercat? How do you feel about people saying you're the "best artist on the label?"

TheRealTristam10 karma

Monstercat messaged me to be part of the label a few months after it started out. I feel like people can think what they think and an opinion is an opinion. Nothing is true except for what is true to you

ggigggity4 karma

Hi Tristam, thanks for doing this AMA. How can someone who knows nothing about producing electronic music get started as fast as possible? I'm not completely without a musical background-- played the piano quite a bit up until high school. It's just that I'm in college at the moment and as much as I want to learn how to make quality EDM, I just can't find the time.

TheRealTristam9 karma

Take your time, there is no rush. Take the steps you feel you need to take. I know you might feel like it's a vague answer but its just the answer you needed

KissMyAspie3 karma

Two quick questions.

  • What inspired you to start making music?

  • Did you play any instruments growing up?

TheRealTristam15 karma

  1. My absolute love for music... Life is all about passion. Nothing else... Following the excitement

  2. Yes I've played many instruments growing up. I got brought up with guitar, but I've grown to be very fond of piano.

Just4TehLulz2 karma

This is a VERY important question, boxers or briefs?

TheRealTristam4 karma


polyponic2 karma

Could you share some advice for musicians looking to make a career in the industry?

TheRealTristam4 karma

When it comes down to it, there's 2 really big things. How good the music really is and how good the marketing/branding is. So you can focus on one or the other. If you put a lot of effort into the music side of things, eventually you might get picked up by someone who can do the branding and marketing properly. Or you can try focusing on getting amazing branding, but on its own it's not NEARLY as important as the music. So at the end of the day its just about being original and enjoying what you do.

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TheRealTristam4 karma

I wanted to be in the circus when I was younger, I've gone through many phases! I was really into juggling, then magic, and a lot of unicycling xD

kidchemical2 karma

How much time do you spend working on custom patches? And do you prefer to develop as you go or do you cook up some synths beforehand?

TheRealTristam5 karma

I develop patches as I go, It's all about what sounds good to you and less how complicated or how much time you spend working on it.

NicholasGibbonator2 karma

This isnt a question, I just love you. A lot.

TheRealTristam4 karma

Love you to!

YuNOlikeSKRILLEX2 karma

What is a small tip or trick that most people don't know/don't take advantage of?

TheRealTristam6 karma

The simpler the better, you should always try and make something sound as good as you can before adding elements. Making great sounding music isn't complicated.

TristamFan2 karma

Hey Tristam, been a fan for a while now and I just wanted to ask what are your plans for the future? Do you think a world tour is on the horizon somewhere?

TheRealTristam3 karma

I plan on making more of the music I want to make and not worry so much about genres and boundaries. A world tour I think should be expected down the line.

Gildarts2 karma

Catalyst made me cream... How did you and Rogue get together for that?

TheRealTristam5 karma

We flew him down from The UK and he stayed a month and a half at my place to work on the EP

McKeeFTW2 karma

How did you learn to use FL studio? (I think that's what you use)

TheRealTristam3 karma

Time and practice, the same way you learn anything. <3

mastellis2 karma

whats your go to plugin for compression/sidechaining?

TheRealTristam3 karma

Fabfilter Pro-C, or Alloy 2

CalamackW2 karma

have you ever thought about doing a collab with Noisestorm?

TheRealTristam6 karma

yeah me and noisestorm will definatly work together at one point

McKeeFTW2 karma

Does your career pay well?

TheRealTristam7 karma


kortheuerm2 karma

What's it like to work with Monstercat?

TheRealTristam7 karma

It's like.... Imagine riding a unicorn... Something like that.

K33g5elig2 karma

So how much did the Shizzle² Peace River raves influence you to make music? I'm sure that had a lot to do with it. ;)

TheRealTristam6 karma

Actually it played a bit part in it... of of the first times I heard flux and skrill.

[deleted]1 karma


TheRealTristam3 karma

I was having some plugin delay compensation issues, and plugin compatibility issues. So far, after two month of using Ableton... I can honestly say that I like it a lot more.

Jesse_Weneedtocook1 karma

What goes into the idea process for your music? Like I know Truth was a big project and it came out great but what actually went into the creative process?

TheRealTristam8 karma

It's like building a house, you start with the frame..... and then what ever else goes into making a house....