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Good luck. Try and keep this thread going and if you post a separate IAMA, also post it here. As someone planning the same thing, it'll be interesting to see if your choices on writing a serial, length of each serial, and release period work well for you.

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Great, I will do. Thanks.

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Best of luck sir!

Commenting so I can find it later on today

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Great. Thanks!

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awesome, I downloaded it. I just finished ASOIAF and saw Django, I am in the mood for this type of material now. Lets make you a success.

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Trying to work out what ASOIAF is... but thanks! :)

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What made you take this approach to releasing your story? Why not write the entire novel then release as oppose to serial pieces?

I'm writing a story myself, and have been grappling with how I want to make my entrance to the market.

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I'm too impatient. I would have probably sat on that story for another year, telling myself it was still a novel in development. I would have eventually forgotten about it, and started writing something else. This way, it has begun, for better or worse, and there's no turning back.

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Care to share anything about your experience selfpublishing?

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It's much more difficult to put the words on the page than it is to put your finished work online for sale.

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How many units is it selling a day?

Also, I'm working on my own eBook. Any tips/suggestions for a guy that has almost no idea what he's doing? Also, did you code the eBook yourself?

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just visit kdp.amazon.com - Just write your book in openoffice(.org) or word, save it as a .doc (or pdf?) and upload it. Simples.

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Just downloaded! Excited to read shortly. Congrats!

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That's cool! Thanks!

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Fantastic, congratulations.

Are you from Europe originally or North America? Have you visited Nebraska or any of the mid west states or did you go off of remote research for the book?

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That's top secret, sorry! ;)

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Awesome!, im struggling to get my first web comic out there. First project im really proud of and ive been writing my whole life. I know how hard it is to get your stuff done at all let alone recognized. This has to be a dream come true. Congrats man!

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Will you publish through Amazon? Any links? Thanks! :)

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I just read it; it's good. Will you be using "fudge" instead of "fuck" throughout or was that guy just crazy?

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He was just crazy. :)

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PS. Glad you liked it! Thanks!

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Any plans to bring it to the apple store? Edit: never mind, I see I can download a kindle app for my iPhone.

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That's what I use too.

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Downloaded :)

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Releasing it for free, do you hope to catch on with a agent/publisher or is there something else you get out of it? Was it written for pure enjoyment?

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I enjoyed every second of writing this, because I wrote it for me. I wrote it whilst imagining I was reading a book instead of writing one. Which meant I couldn't wait to get back to writing it, so I could find out what happened! I wanted to get the book read by as many people as I could. So I made it free for the 1st 5 days. I have no more 'free days' from Amazon left after that so then it reverts to it's full price.

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D-Man I logged in to say thanks for the read

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Is that me? Cool, no probs.

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Congratulations. I just downloaded it in India. I'll let you know know how i like it once I've finished the book i'm reading now.

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Thank you!

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I just got it and will start reading it today. This was perfect timing for me. I needed a new book to read. Thank you!!

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Hope you like it. :)

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I'd just like to say, as someone who has seen a lot of self promo of KDP on r/writing, I was expecting to read the first page and immediately find some typos, atrocious grammar and no idea at all of what formed a good story. Instead, I was immediately hooked by your characters. Well done.

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That's nice to hear. Thank you.