I worked in a Role II facility saving soldiers straight from the field and local nationals who may have needed our help. Obviously I cant answer questions that will divulge classified information or Operations Security. Ask Me Almost Anything!

EDIT: Alright, guys, that's it for me..thanks for the questions.

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AirGo-2 karma

Did you ask permission from Public Affairs to do this AMA?

Rebellazer4 karma

No I didn't think I needed permission. If you know otherwise let me know and I will delete this.

toiletnamedcrane-2 karma

I bet you worked for my uncle. Assuming you did this a few years ago. First name was Bryan. Also thanks for your service

Rebellazer1 karma

I don't think I did. Mine is a more recent deployment, but it's always good to hear appreciations.

Etilla-8 karma

How does being in the middle east promote American freedom?

Rebellazer9 karma

I can't tell you if what we are doing their promotes American freedom or not. What I can tell you is that we are helping people. I saw more Afghan patients than Coalition, and the Afghans were usually injured by the Taliban. We mentored Afghan doctors and nurses in life saving procedures so that they could help their patients after we are gone. There is a Provincial Reconstruction Team who helped build the villages infrastructure by building wells and things like that. My team was organizing a school supply drive to give out supplies to the schools there because they dont have basic things in the school like paper or pencils. Only time will tell.

dontcarethrowaway80-16 karma

WE DON'T CARE. God the Air Force is Lame...was it tough being there for 120 days???

Rebellazer5 karma

It was 180 thanks /s