I was diagnosed at age 5. I was in remission by age 7.

Battle wounds(Proof?):

Ask away!

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so_stronk8 karma

How did your parents explain your condition to you? Also, how old are you now, and are you cancer-free?

hepao14 karma

They explained it pretty vaguely. I knew I was sick, and it was cancer. I remember my mom telling me I had "Soldiers" that were fighting for me. I'm not sure whether she was referring to the chemo or my white blood cells though. Looking back I really had no idea what was happening. I'm 22 and cancer free! :)

FuckYouWaymond5 karma

Congrats ! I also am a survivor of childhood cancer (rhabdo) and just wanted to comment and say youre a friggen warrior for what youve been through. internet hug

hepao2 karma

Yeee!! Fellow warriors!! Hugs!



hepao3 karma

Yes! I got a big screen TV and a buttload of disney movies! I actually still have the TV at my mom's house back home. It's crazy out dated though since it's from 1996.

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Any residual effects?

hepao2 karma

Yeah, there were a lot. A lot of my organs have been hit hard by the chemo. Kidneys, heart, thyroid, I have some pretty intensive hearing damage as well. I'd say the biggest effect it had has been psychological. I deal with the trauma on an ongoing basis. Panic attacks, depression, anxiety, hypochondria and a distrust of doctors. Because of my disease being so rare, in diagnosis and survival, I really don't have anything to compare to when it comes to things like longevity and recurrences of cancer. Thanks for the question!

Nonconus2 karma

Have you since or will you ever drink?

hepao1 karma

I drink pretty regularly. I really shouldn't be, but I feel like my urge to just live normally outweighs my concern sometimes. I do keep regular tabs on my liver to make sure everything is fine. Nothing bad has come up thankfully.

enemyturtle2 karma

What was it like when you were first diagnosed? Afterwards, what was it like when you learned you had beaten it?

hepao1 karma

Terrifying. All I can remember from the beginning is pain in my right shoulder that wouldn't go away. I was extremely phobic of needles at the time so I effectively ruined everyone's hearing with screaming. I had a reputation with the nurses. They came with ear plugs. When I knew I had beaten it I really didn't know what to do. I don't remember feeling anything to be honest. I'm sure I was relieved to not have any needles anymore, but besides that I just wanted to get back to living normally as soon as I could.

KafkaOnReddit2 karma

How was it treated? Only chemo, or did you made transplant?

hepao2 karma

I had chemotherapy and that was it to my knowledge. I think I had a lot of other medications I was taking as well but I couldn't tell you what they are for the life of me...

MartyMcFlysgirl1 karma

Did they have to remove your liver/did you get a transplant?

hepao2 karma

I had 80% of my liver removed. Luckily livers are the only organ besides skin that can regenerate. So as of today I have a full sized liver, it's just a little misshapen.

postits_1 karma

What was the one thing that kept you fighting at such a young age? Was it the fact that your parents encouraged you?

hepao1 karma

I couldn't even tell you. I just remember wanting everything to stop so I could just be normal again. I remember missing my friends birthdays and I wanted to play soccer and go outside but couldn't. My parents were definitely encouraging but sadly I don't have any stories that I can think of off the top of my head.

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Have you ever gotten investigated by the Secret Service for tragically misspelling your condition while Googling it?

hepao3 karma

You'll have to explain this one to me..

professorhazard2 karma

My dyslexic eyes read it as "Help to blast Obama"

hepao2 karma

Ahahahaah help I can't breathe!!!!

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hepao1 karma

Completely. My life has never been "normal" I'm always dealing with some kind of stress or anxiety related to it. The whole situation left me incredibly alienated from everything more than appreciative.

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Well, whenever I see a new doctor they are taken aback, so I'm assuming it's very rare. I'm known as the "bench mark" at the childrens hospital I was treated in. I am assuming that means I am the first in that hospital, at least.

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Congrats! My partner died of liver cancer 7 years ago. It's a hard and rare cancer to beat. I'm so glad you pulled through and wish you all the best!!!

hepao2 karma

I'm so sorry for your loss. I send hugs to you! Thank you for the kind words!

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hepao2 karma

Feels pretty good, thanks for asking! :)

honestymax0 karma

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hepao5 karma

Hahaha a remorseful troll? Never thought I'd see the day :P I didn't even take that close to heart. I've done my time in middle school my friend.

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