This morning like any other, I reported to work to find the doors bordered up, managers gone and security in front of the store. We were taken in one by one, and talked to by head office (people we have never even seen before). We were then walked through the store to collect our personal belongs and sent on our way. We were given no warning of the closure, and were actually doing better then we ever had. I can say this is the worst company I have seen for how they blind side there employees when there company is in trouble. In fact that convinced us that our store wasn't in trouble after many news reports.

Reddit, Ask away!

EDIT: Sorry guys had a long day and am sleep deprived. I have realized my grammar has been horrible and apologize!

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Can you show us more of the severance packages. How much did you get?

Are you going to try applying to another Best Buy location?

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definitely not going back. I get 11 weeks pay plus what ever I have for vacation racked up.. was not disclosed during my meeting. So I will wait and see! And as for the package it didn't contain much besides our rights and FAQs

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Is there something in their contract that enables them to do this? Surely suddenly terminating all their employees in one fell swoop can't be legal?

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They did give us a severance package. It will tie me over for a while. So yes they are allowed to do it.

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I've actually wanted to work at best buy for a long time. Am I being told that is a bad idea?

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very bad idea.

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Proof? If you're fired, you certainly have something in writing about it.