Hey, y'all! My name is Taylor, and I was on the show during its last season, which aired in the spring of 2005. Ask me things! :3

Season 7 Intro (I'm the black girl):


Cast page on the ZOOM website:


Selfie I just took in my room:


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digger_ex_pat346 karma

Were there any back-stage sex scandals?

fannee___doolee752 karma

......we were 11

fannee___doolee480 karma

but no haha

bassCity259 karma

Will Ubbi Dubbii forever be embedded in your mind?

fannee___doolee435 karma

yubes, subometubimes ubit trubickubles buback ubin tubo muby vubocubabubulubaruby

bassCity141 karma

Ubi lubove yuboo fubor rubespubondubing :) hubave uba grubeat dubay!

fannee___doolee183 karma

hubope yubours ubis grubeat tuboo! stubay wubarm! (uif yubou're ubin thube nuborthubeast, thubat ubis..)

TomShoe383 karma

What, the actual fuck, did I just read.

MagicallyVermicious96 karma

Ubi rubead ubit jubust fubine. Mubayube yubou ubare jubust hubavubing uba struboke.

TomShoe61 karma

Thubat's prubobubably whubat's hubappubenuing.

Did I do it right?

fannee___doolee85 karma


speech-geek207 karma

Did you ever meet Zoe? That girl seemed like she was allergic to nearly everything.

fannee___doolee148 karma

I never got to meet her, no. She was on one of the verrrry early seasons.

DrAnalCucumber144 karma

Hey! I had a massive crush on you when I was 11! (which was back in 2005!)


Just thought you should know.

You're a very gorgeous woman now, btw.

And now this is getting a tad creepy; it was meant to be an enduring, cute thing, from an old fan of the show. But reading this back through, I'm... yeah. I'm coming off with massive creeper vibes right now.


Just going to.


fannee___doolee273 karma

i am flattered and totally not creeped out at all hahaha...


glowtmickey150 karma


Why this AMA hasn't exploded is beyond me.

First, though not really a question for you, am I the only one who thought that the black offstage area was emptiness and the kids would fall off should they venture off the stage?

About Zoom: Did you ever get paid anything, or was being on zoom payment on it's own?

You were my favorite on Fetch with Ruff Ruffman because you were on zoom right before it vanish from the airwaves forever. How heavily scripted was that show? I remember how baffled I was by the fact that the animators could so quickly animate Ruff to answer your questions and hold a conversation until I later realized that I was an idiot. Were the challenges and stuff scripted too?

Thank you for being a part of my childhood.

Edit for spelling

fannee___doolee203 karma

Fetch! was totally unscripted...but the producers let us know specific things that we had to mention in order to keep the episode's plot moving (if we didn't figure them out naturally). when we were talking to Ruff on the screen, we were actually talking to a live feed of the actor who played Ruff in his trailer outside the studio. so we were actually interacting and the conversation was for real, it's just the animation that was put in after!

glowtmickey129 karma

You have no idea how happy it just made me finding out that my childhood isn't a lie.

fuzzyglory21 karma

If its any consultation, I thought the kids in zoom were trapped in said black room... I was stupid, so so stupid

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Kirros10 karma


fannee___doolee6 karma

have an upvote

sourgrapes0130 karma

i knew nick's older sister. she used to talk shit about shing ying. is she a bitch or not?

fannee___doolee139 karma

i liked her!

albino_oompa_loompa101 karma

How did you get to be on Zoom? I freaking LOVED that show as a kid!

fannee___doolee232 karma

I was watching the show and, during the credits, a woman in a voiceover announced that an open audition would be held for a new cast. You had to call a number and make an appointment to try out. I begged my dad to bring me to Boston so I could try out and, against my mother's wishes, he brought me. I tried out on this exact day in 2003, and I made it through 6 callbacks before being told I wasn't selected for the show.

The next year, the same thing happened. Heard the announcement, begged my dad, tried out. The second time, though, they cast me. Huge deal for a 6th grader! haha

guayo8998 karma

RIP Jared.

fannee___doolee108 karma

way too young..

hexiia48 karma

What happened to him?

fannee___doolee117 karma

he was killed by a drunk driver when he was 21

hexiia21 karma

Wow that's so sad. :(
P.s. Off topic but I think I have the same top as you aha.

fannee___doolee40 karma

you must have great taste!

fannee___doolee89 karma

hey everyone, goin to sleep for zee evening...i'll answer all your questions tomorrow! sleep tight

InsideOutPanda87 karma

Taylor, I miss your morning announcements at the highschool D: .

fannee___doolee117 karma

goooooooood morning!! haha...who are you!!

chriscouch73 karma

Do you go to UMass?

fannee___doolee103 karma

yep! do you?

CalCuzMarj45 karma

I go to umass! (amherst)

patmcdoughnut42 karma

we should party

fannee___doolee43 karma


MarriageProposal71 karma

Will you marry me?

fannee___doolee171 karma

i don't believe in marriage

fannee___doolee281 karma

so yes

izzyhbk66 karma

The Weezie Foundation. Lil Wayne subliminal advertising

fannee___doolee104 karma

weezie f baby, don't forget the baby

meshugganah66 karma

Do you live in 02134? (yes, i was just singing it when i typed it)

fannee___doolee55 karma

I do not haha...close, though!

Argex64 karma

Favorite cast member?

fannee___doolee148 karma

I really liked everyone I got to work with during season 7, but my favorite is probably Kyle. We used to carpool to the set together and still remain in touch...he's a silly man.

GreenTIcecream56 karma


fannee___doolee120 karma

yeah, when i was younger i got recognized all of the time. now that i'm older (and have a few more piercings than i did when i was 11), it happens waaaay less often. but sometimes people who've known me for awhile find out about it and freak out haha

mindquadd39 karma

you look like 2 Rosario Dawsons had a baby

fannee___doolee51 karma

I actually get Rosario Dawson alllllll the time...I'm not even Latina! haha

fannee___doolee29 karma

but i'm flattered cuz she's a hottie

franstoobnsf38 karma


i never actually watched the show, but I saw the intro a few times. I was thinking about it the other day, actually.

One question that always lingered with me was:

Yes, I realize the show is trying to inspire creativity in kids and get them doing other stuff, but how is, "If you like what you see, turn off the TV and DO IT!" supposed to keep people watching the show and keep ratings up and thus not cancel the show?

fannee___doolee150 karma

I always thought about that, too! haha....I guess PBS cared more about education and less about ratings, which I think is totally rad.

WhatMichelleDoes37 karma

What was your favorite fun trick, fact or activity that you had the opportunity to share with the world?

fannee___doolee92 karma

I really loved doing the little science experiments. Most of them were pretty much science phenomena (or, as I like to call them, life shoops).

But, the recipes were hands down my favorite. Specifically, we made this kiwi sorbet one time and it was crazy good.

WhatMichelleDoes8 karma

That sounds awesome, any chance you remember the recipe or have a recording of that episode?

fannee___doolee25 karma

the recipe may or may not be on the zoom website, but no, i don't have a recording

Lesnaya_Grud34 karma

Did you get paid for your appearance on the show? Did the castmates have any creative control over the content of the show or did the producers pretty much tell you what to do? What's your favorite memory from your time there?

fannee___doolee86 karma

  1. yes, i did get paid

  2. we had some creative control over the content in that we could submit our own ideas to the content producers and, if they liked it, they would use it on the show. otherwise, all of our content was fan-submitted!

  3. We had this area that we called "the beach"...it was the loading dock for the studio, but we decked it out with towels, beach chairs, umbrellas, the whole shebang, and we'd hang there when we weren't needed on set. Anything that happened out there I could call my favorite memory, we had so much fun haha

ohmyjustin30 karma

Did you get a chance to meet any of the older/"original" Zoomers?

fannee___doolee71 karma

yeah, we had a huge wrap party when the series ended and most of the zoomers from all of the seasons came

fannee___doolee25 karma


Gersh10025 karma

Do you still act?

fannee___doolee82 karma

i did another PBS show after ZOOM called Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, and I did plays all through middle/high school, but other than that i'm not on the acting scene. might try out for a play at my college this semester, what do you think?

astrobeen68 karma

What season were you on Fetch? My 6 year old is a huge fan of that show.

EDIT: Ha! I asked my daughter what season Taylor was on Fetch and she says "Season 1, dad!"

fannee___doolee81 karma

haha, yeah, season 1...let her know i said hey! :)

jdgrafton10 karma

Have you heard about the possible spinoff of Fetch?

fannee___doolee7 karma

i have not! elaborate?

ItsChadReddit23 karma


I must ask, what was it like talking to absolutely nothing? More or less a dog.

Also, what would you say was the best experience/challenge on FETCH? And did you ever get to go on that river rafting adventure with Anna at the end? :D

fannee___doolee38 karma

I really loved training a sea lion at the New England aquarium, and obviously going to space camp was tiiiiight

fannee___doolee24 karma

and yes, we all went!

JagexSucks24 karma

Omg!! I haven't heard the name of that show in so many years!! I used to watch in on a daily basis. So what have you been up since then?

fannee___doolee97 karma

let's see...middle school, high school, and 3/4 of college, making a few student films, drinking numerous bottles of ginger ale, eating all the burritos i can, and lurking hard on reddit!

JagexSucks8 karma

Sounds fun! What are you studying?

fannee___doolee36 karma

double majoring in Communication and Comparative Literature, with a minor in Film

thehurd031 karma

Vernors or Canada Dry?

fannee___doolee2 karma

schweppes or boylan's....dat good shit

Flounder749324 karma

That was such a great show!

fannee___doolee33 karma

i agree! haha

pearskittles23 karma

If it makes you feel better I still remember. "Boston Mass 02134!"

fannee___doolee43 karma

send it to Zoom!

_ASE22 karma

hows life?

fannee___doolee59 karma

life's great! living the college kid dream

fannee___doolee64 karma

how's yours?

krysteanuh20 karma

Do you still keep in touch with anyone from ZOOM? Are you still friends with any of them?

fannee___doolee45 karma

we're all still friends! sometimes, one of us will find an old pic from the show and post it on Facebook...we all have a good laugh

flyingcanuck20 karma

To this day when people ask me, " watcha doing? " I reply with "Sitting on a red bench" and nobody gets me. Thank you for making me an outcast among my friends.

I wish they still made that show.

fannee___doolee9 karma

i have to fight that urge whenever someone asks me what i'm doing, too! haha

evilteddybear11119 karma

Why was the show cancelled? Did you ever get interesting mail sent in?

fannee___doolee34 karma

I think the show got canceled to make room for other shows (ex:Fetch!)

we didn't get to read the viewers' mail, that was up to the producers

Rupert818 karma

Wow, you turned out hot.

fannee___doolee242 karma

aw, thanks! if I could blush, I would....(but I'm black)

Teeranomaxximonus17 karma

What happened to the other cast members of ZOOM?

fannee___doolee40 karma

they're all doing their own thing--school, jobs, etc.

Teeranomaxximonus18 karma

I remembered watching that show everyday after school with my cousins. I have to say it looked like the best job ever to have when i was younger, what did you dislike about the show?

fannee___doolee84 karma

it was awesome! hm...i think my least favorite part was having to be on set at 7 AM. my poor dad had to drive me to boston at 6 AM, drive back to my hometown and go to work until 4 PM, and then drive back and pick me up for 5 PM...it was a big strain on both of us, but he maintains that it was worth it!

thewaitaround16 karma

Super late for this, but oh well. I'm wondering what you did as far as schooling while being a cast member on the show? Did you only film in the summer, or was there tutoring on set, or what? I absolutely loved Zoom when I was little, haven't thought about it in ages. Thanks!!!!

fannee___doolee32 karma

we only filmed during the summer, so tutors weren't necessary and we didn't miss any school at all!

loudest_mime14 karma

Did you or any of the other kids think they were "the shit" for being on the show and develop an attitude?

fannee___doolee58 karma

i actually avoided talking about it for a long time because i thought that if i did, people would think i was bragging...but yeah, i'd say it did go to a few kids' heads!

Frajer13 karma

What was the coolest part about being on Zoom?

fannee___doolee23 karma

Ahhhh, I can't decide! I'll think about it and then respond

flyingcanuck26 karma

Its been 10 hours, I don't think she's going to respond man.

fannee___doolee20 karma

there were just so many cool things about it!

molandfreak13 karma

Were zoom t-shirts ever mass-produced? I got one second-hand from a sale at my school and wonder if it may have found its way to me from a cast member. Unfortunately it stopped fitting a long time ago!

fannee___doolee35 karma

they sold the t shirts at events, and they gave all of the cast members one...yours very well may have been authentic, ZOOMer-worn! hehehe

VirginWithAIDS12 karma

Did you ever get to meet Kenny Yates or Caroline Bothelo?

fannee___doolee18 karma

both, actually!

JagexSucks11 karma

So what do you plan to do in the future? Any more acting?

fannee___doolee62 karma

I would love to do some more acting, it's honestly one of my true passions. My secret dream is to be on SNL (don't you judge me!)

fannee___doolee29 karma

but until then, I'll be making shorts and hoping to get my foot in the door of DIY filmmaking

aks828210 karma


fannee___doolee8 karma

thanks so much! I wish you the best of luck as well!

howdoyoudothedew9 karma

Were you ever apart of the Ubbi Dubbi Farytale Play?

fannee___doolee16 karma

i don't believe so? it's hard to remember that far back sometimes haha

lolablossom1498 karma

Are you Kristian's sister? The sister of girl I go to school with used to do Zoom.

fannee___doolee16 karma

I am not

lolablossom1498 karma

Ah damn, well you were great and you're so pretty now, I'm jealous! Love the nose ring.

fannee___doolee10 karma

d'aw, shucks. thanks, yo!

ItsChadReddit8 karma

OH MY GOD. I loved ZOOM as a kid! That show was the absolute shit.

My question: How was it like starring on a TV show at such a young age? Did it affect you socially?

fannee___doolee19 karma

It warranted/gave me a huge sense of responsibility, so that was interesting to deal with at 11..but otherwise, no, I was/am just a regular ol' gal

youisjay5 karma

how were the other cast like? are they rude?

fannee___doolee34 karma

no, they were all really awesome. of course, everyone has their days, but i don't think PBS would've hired a grumpy kid haha

omegaaf5 karma

How do you get picked for something like that? is it like right off the street or is there an applicant process? Considering you were 11, Im assuming your parents had something to do with it.

fannee___doolee5 karma

actually, my parents were pretty against it at first...it took a ton of convincing on my part to even get them to be okay with me trying out for the show! but yeah, it was really an open audition, so I just tried out and got lucky

thismachine891 karma

Just reading your replies on this AMA and I can tell your an awesome person already. I loved Zoom as a kid and you just brought a little of my childhood back. Thank you for being so awesome and I hope the best for you.

fannee___doolee1 karma

thanks so much! funny how someone you don't even know can make your whole day..

optimusjaim1 karma

Do you actually celebrate Kwanzaa every year?

fannee___doolee3 karma

not this past year, but yeah every other year

fannee___doolee2 karma

never anything fancy, just food and family and i get a book haha

threekittens-7 karma

There's a good chance I masturbated to you when I was a young lad.

fannee___doolee6 karma