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Why did you not Karma-whore this one...

IamA Transgender individual..

IamA Airline Pilot...

Iam A ancient windmill operator...

lol. Sorry, just had to break the ice. Tell me about realizing (I know this might be the wrong wording... I apologize if it is) that you were Transgender. When did you realize that you didn't fit as you were? Has your family been supportive of that? Your friends? Are you in a relationship? If so, how has your partner reacted to the situation? Are you happier now than you were before?

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Do you feel like it has been worth your time and effort to change genders? was it something you knew you had to do once you learned about it? I don't mean to offend you with my questions and pardon me for being more interested in this than your other achievements.

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Taking the plunge was certainly worth it for me because i feel much more at ease with this body. To have a soft skin, breasts, hips and no facial or bodyhair feels wonderful to me. But it is not only about that. I also transitioned because I preferred socializing and living as a woman. There are some things that just aren't culturally acceptable for men to do. I knew I wanted to do this when i heard of it, but it took a few years to work up the courage because I was afraid to lose my family and friends.

Don't be afraid to offend me, If i was easily offended I wouldn't have started this AMA anyway.

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Who were those role models?

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There was a show on Dutch television on a couple adolescents in preparing for their final exams. One of them was a MtF who just started transition. I found her so inspirational that she convinced me that it is not only possible to transition, but to also have a normal life.

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I was shocked when I read this! I am from Belgium too, and I didn't know we had still such a mentality...

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I am from The Netherlands, but Belgium probably has exactly the same medical rules as we both are part of the JAA.

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Is the windmill still used to grind grain or is it purely for show?

Sorry if this is asked in an awkward location, but the few folks that asked about the windmill didn't get a response

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Hey a windmill question! In this modern day and age windmills aren't profitable so most remaining mills in The Netherlands are kept as monuments. Instead of turning it into a static museum, we try to keep this mill in working order like it was 100 years ago. We grind grain almost each week for bakers who like to sell 'millbread' and for foreign people (especially from the middle east) who traditionally bake their bread from their own grain. The mill is open for public and free to visit.

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Oh man, that's a wondrous location! Do you have a favorite spot at the Windmill? Like say, an area you just like to flop down and enjoy the scenery?

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Oh, nice question! I love lying down in the grass with the sun on my face listening tho the wooshing sound of the sails passing by. I also love to climb to the top of the windmill and sit near the main axle while looking out over the town.

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are you a man or a woman?

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It depends on how you define gender really... But I go with female.

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Photo of yourself for proof?

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I'm not really comfortable with having my pictures on the web, sorry

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How is anyone gonna believe you then?

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Just think about it. Even If I do post a picture, how am I going to prove it is me? What you are asking is pointless.

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Mods, send proof to them. Maybe the hormones you took, pictures of your airline pilot shit.

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Just for you: Hormones and "pilotshit": http://imageshack.us/a/img217/4303/img3736u.jpg

Transboobies and license NSFW http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/9956/amah.jpg

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In have showed you my license. On it you can see that I am type rated on the Airbus A320 family and Fokker 100. Both of them types of aircraft you only find at airlines