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Have you ever caught anyone cheating? Ever see someone cheating and not report it?

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How can you call card counting cheating?

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I am not a professional card counter just good at math, what are the specific rules that you keep the deck even?

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I meant to say "When dealing what are the house rules regarding the dealer keeping the deck even"?

Really do not gamble that much, was in a casino this weekend, watched single and double deck BJ regardless of how many players or how many hands had been dealt the dealer keep the deck even the entire evening.

Shouldn't it be reversed 10, J, Q, K, A +1

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Face cards are a negative count. 2-6 cards are a positive count. You don't want to see face cards in the beginning...you want to see small cards.

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What are the best casinos and hotels in Las Vegas? As in the top 5 casino/hotels? What is your favorite and why?

Oh and why are there hundreds of Mexican people handing out those cards for prostitutes on the street and allowed to just litter the whole strip with them?

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Thanks for the answer. I was in vegas for about 3 days staying at circus circus (don't laugh) and the first night we walked the whole strip (i had no idea it would take that long) and it really annoyed me to see the streets just littered with the prostitute cards.

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This might be a longshot, but one time I was there, there was this older black guy in a motorized chair that had this little speaker/mic/beatbox thing and would freestyle about you and your group (for a tip) and he was phenominal. It was a hightlight of the trip. I've been back a couple of times and always look for him but never find him. Do you know if he's still around/popular?

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Nope. Never seen the guy.

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They make a huge mistake

Like what?

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So if you make a wrong payout in the player's favor, would the player get to keep that, or what happens?

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If the player doesn't say anything, then yes. If the dealer notices after the fact, I highly doubt they would ask you to give them the money back.

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I've made mistakes in the past. When I realize it, I just tell the player "take the money now before I ask for it back"

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Playing blackjack 2 weeks ago in AC at Bally's, I ended up splitting 8s twice in one hand. I had about $100 in play. Dealer hit a 19 while I had a 19, an 18, and a 17. I was paid for all 3 hands. I had no idea what to do so I scooped up my chips very slowly in case the dealer noticed. He didn't, but I did and my friend standing behind me did too. No other players at the table. Bank error in your favor, collect $200!

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You made the right move to collect before anyone noticed. I would have done the exact same thing.

What'd you do with the "winnings"?

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1) Planning a Bachelor Party this spring, where should we stay?
2) I can never seem to get a hang of craps, read about it, try to play with dealer help etc. Dice never roll right for me. Any tips?
3) Best gentlemen's club?
4) How big a dick is A-Rod?
5) Best Steak?
6) How does baccarat work? Tried figuring it via James Bond and wikipedia.


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The real question before I can answer any of your questions is...

What's your budget?

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Are your hands all calloused from shuffleing cards?

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They are not thankfully.

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Does security ever take a player cheating/ causing a problem to an underground room and beat the shit outta them because they can?

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Never. They just call Gaming Commission and they'll arrest them plus send them to jail.

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Maybe I watch too many movies, but have you ever been asked to help cheat the system?

Or do you know any dealers that have gotten caught/punished for helping players cheat?

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I've been asked many times, but I'll never do it. My family is in the business so it would make them look bad and you always end up going to jail for collusion.

Dealers get caught all the time cheating, stealing or trying to help players. They lose their job, lose their gaming license and can never work for the casino again.

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In your experience, are people more prone to cheat at a lower limit table, or a higher limit? I'm talking about card counting in particular, not moving bets and stuff like that.

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Lower limit for sure. Surveillance watches every single high limit game that's in action. Sometimes they'll even remind the tape back and rewatch high limit games just go make sure everything was done right.

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Heyo! Dealer from up in Canada Eh. I've been dealing poker since I turned 19 and I'm about to turn 21, any suggestions if I want to move to vegas and start dealing there? I also deal all the other table games excluding Doubledeck, Roulette, and crapes.

Cool story from up here in good old Canada! One guy was playing high limit baccarat and after passing him his draw card he realized he was going to lose so he ate the card. Like full shoved the card in his mouth and chewed like it was the worst piece of taffy he had ever eaten. No one really knew what to do so my floor just called it a misdeal and pushed all the bets back. Table max was only 10k though so it's nowhere near as high as the shit you probably see in Vegas. Keep up the good work man!

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Learn craps. Most casinos in Vegas now require that you're strong at baccarat or craps. Double Deck blackjack would be good too since a lot of casinos especially in high limit have double deck games.

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Honestly, is there anything special about the shoe, (i.e you can deal certain cards on call when you want)?

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Less shuffling, more gambling. A 6-deck shoe isn't that far off from playing a double deck. Just stay away from the 8-deck shoe...

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Do you have to share tips with management now ? i remember reading something a while back that wynn was trying to implement tip sharing with floor managers or something ?

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At Wynn we still do until the case goes to the Nevada Supreme Court.

No other casinos shares tips with management.

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Biggest tip you've ever gotten?

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Did jimmy floyd hasselbaink gamble much, and any funny/interesting stories celebrity??

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I see him in Vegas once a year it seems like give or take. The guy is kind of a prick. Doesn't like interacting with fans.

What kind of celebrity stories do you want to hear?

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Best celebrity interaction and worst celebrity interaction?

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Coolest would easily be Matt Schaub. 99% of athletes are douchebags, but he's super nice and super cool. Awesome tipper too. Down to earth and extremely humble.

Ironically the worst would be Will Farrell. The guy is a huge asshole when he's gambling and the camera's off. Huge prick.
Runners up goes to Chris Evans. Captain America can't handle his alcohol and is an arrogant prick too. "Do you know who the fuck I am?" was probably his most overheard line while I was dealing to him.
2nd runners up goes to Chef Tim Love. He's a stiff and a cry baby. Constantly boasts about all the $10,000 bottles of wine he drinks.

TongueDartTheFartBox4 karma

Will Farrell? Didn't see that coming...

dudeitspanda3 karma

I like his movies but just don't like the guy personally.

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I heard rondo was a total ass in person. True?

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Seemed okay to me. Then again he was here during the NBA Summer League when all the players hang out together.

What have you heard?