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chowdertheclam3 karma

Whats your favorite type of ice cream?

Link-to-the-Pastiche7 karma

Coffee flavored. Though one gourmet ice cream place even topped that by making "Coffee and donuts" flavored with chunks of glazed donuts in it.

PlasticGirl2 karma

Who makes it?

Link-to-the-Pastiche4 karma

A local mom and pop ice cream place in Boca Raton. Forget their name now.

PlasticGirl3 karma

Lemme know if you can find it or give me some streets please~

Link-to-the-Pastiche5 karma

Found it. It's called Sloans.

PlasticGirl3 karma

Thank you! My dad's parents live in that area and his favorite food ever is coffee ice cream.

Link-to-the-Pastiche3 karma

Its in an area called Mizner Park. All the locals are familiar with it.

LizzieofBoredom1 karma

So... you single?

Link-to-the-Pastiche5 karma


Slimdiesel1 karma

How much have you made over the time or how much have you spent? Do you hack? Last is do you use a normal computer like dell, apple what?

Link-to-the-Pastiche2 karma

I used a regular computer to set things up but we had a separate server and IP that sent the broadcasts. And no I don't hack... except for maybe my PSP.

ig_880 karma

how can i get this job?

Link-to-the-Pastiche2 karma

These days I have no idea.

544nick0 karma

How do you sleep at night?

Link-to-the-Pastiche26 karma

On a very nice bed. My pillow is kind of crappy though. I should buy a new one.

bmwjersey-7 karma

I recently quite my job working for a ESP ( email service provider) and it is not SPAM in any way. There is a laws against spamming ( Can-SPAM Act) that true ESP make sure that themselves and their client abide by other wise charges can be brought against them. Don't try to shame a legitimate marketing channel because you hated your job lil homie.

UndeadHostage6 karma

You are the type of spammers that I hate.

EDIT: You are the type of people that I hate.

EDIT2: After reading your account name, HATE X 2!

Link-to-the-Pastiche8 karma

Are there spammers that you like?

Link-to-the-Pastiche6 karma

I worked in the industry from 2001 to 2004. Can SPAM wasn't put into place until 2002 or 2003, and the first years of it were still limited as to what was in effect. Back then just as long as you had a functional opt-out link you were pretty much covered. Data could still exchange hands from company to company without too much of a hassle.

And I wouldn't get too high and mighty about how law abiding ESPs are today. Can-SPAM is still a relatively weak piece of law, and its not hard to take advantage of. It's not nearly bad as it was while I was in the industry but plenty of companies are still quite shady. I'm well aware of how companies like Datran/NetMargin/PulsePoint or whatever name they go by these days build their lists. Lots of people inadvertently get added to an email network when filling out a form thinking they're just asking for information from a given company all because they accidentally clicked a box without reading the full privacy information.

bmwjersey-4 karma

Not trying to get high and mighty, just hate brushing in broad strokes and calling an industry "spammers" is like putting pharmacist in the same boat as street drug dealers. But you are definitely right, it was extremely shady in the first couple of years.

Link-to-the-Pastiche3 karma

I will agree with you that its nothing like it was. Currently I work on the vendor side of the advertising world and I do use some ESPs in my media mix. I still do my homework on companies I work with, but I'm not nervous like I would have been 10 years ago.

bmwjersey2 karma

I work on the vender side myself now. The grass is a bit greener i must say.

Link-to-the-Pastiche3 karma

God its so much better having your butt kissed rather than having to do it.