This is what happens when you graduate with a creative writing degree and don't have enough motivation to write for yourself.

Ive been working in porn for almost 4 years now. I've written press releases, parodies, and blogs, etc. I also run social marketing campaigns and am in charge of social media, merch and yadda yadda.

Proof: is my blog site.

EDIT: 6:30pm ET *Keep posting questions if you want, I'll answer them tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

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this_is_bananas31 karma

How does the porn industry still earn money? Are people actually purchasing dvds when there is an endless world of free porn online?

rexy_unchained52 karma

The porn business has been hemorrhaging money for years. The golden age is over. It was back in 2006 when tubes came out that spelled the demise. Countless studios have closed up shop due to pornhub, tube8, spankwire, youporn, and the like, which are all ironically owned by the biggest paysite out there "Brazzers."

The porn industry survives by using internet traffic to all these popular tube sites and makes money off of advertisers (those big dick pills, fuckbook ads, pop-ups and pop-unders.)

Other industry pros like say, Joanna Angel survive because of their extremely loyal fan base that's willing to support anything she does because she's fought for complete control of her brand and company.

But yeah, it's basically this: 1999 - guys made billions with movie, picture, gallery stuff. Then, came the affiliate model which spawned tons of webmasters who get a big percentage every time they get a customer to join.

Then, that all started to die in 2006 when tubes exploded on the scene. Many companies are branching out into other cash avenues like Larry Flynt delving into clothing lines i.e hocking Hustler t-shirts that are worn by vapid celebs.

But yeah, tubes are killing porn. Gay stuff is still doing pretty well. And the weird stuff i.e trannies are still doing well pay-site-wise since it's kinda niche content and there's not a whole lot of it on tubes as they is straight/mainstream porn.

But there's a new facet emerging that is impervious to piracy and that are livecam shows.

wilberfan15 karma

Fascinating. Your descriptions of how porn is changing reminds me so much of the film "Boogie Nights", where things started to go downhill as 1979 became 1980...(and video was coming on the scene).

rexy_unchained10 karma

I love that movie. You'll love this article by CNBC

Chamboo9 karma

Damn you, you just ruined my dreams. I wanted to make a tube site, but it appears that I would get the shit sued out of me. Had no idea that Brazzers owned all that shit. :(

rexy_unchained11 karma buddy

turminderxuss2 karma

Aren't many of the tube sites secretly owned by studios? I swear I read an article that said this.

Also, why do you think gay porn is still doing well? It seems there are plenty of tubes for gay porn as well.

rexy_unchained2 karma

1.) Ironically, the biggest pay-site Brazzers owns all of the major tube sites. i.e pornhub, spankwire, youporn, youjizz, etc

2.) Although there are lots of gay tubes, they pale in comparison to all the straight content out there, so fans of gay are more apt to sign up for higher quality content.

sufjanfan25 karma

  1. What do you think of the anti-porn movement?

  2. Do you think the porn industry deserves credit like this?

  3. What are your favourite and least favourite things about the industry and/or your job?

rexy_unchained24 karma

Oh, a real question! Lemme finish my lunch, i have a lot to say about this after almost 4 years in the business.

rexy_unchained176 karma

1.) I think an anti-porn movement is just as essential and important to the world as a pro-porn movement.

Let's face it together, you and I. Porn is made by guys for guys. Deep down in your heart of hearts, if you're a straight dude, it is obvious that porn is demeaning to women and distorts views of sex, especially when seen by young impressionable kids. To make matters worse, porn is fucking everywhere on the internet and parents are too stupid to know how to protect, enforce and educate their kids about sex because North American culture has a unique way of conveying sex as both taboo and titillating.

I wish my best to the anti-porn movement, but at the end of the day, porn is immortal. Could it be expanded to include more female-friendly erotica? YES.

On the flip side, I completely believe in the freedom of expression and so, to a certain extent, I'm totally cool with porn. Porn is not real. Porn is fantasy. It's a healthy way of releasing sexual urges, but like anything, moderation is the key. But I fucking hate it at the same time because I know porn is slowly or rapidly screwing up the next generation of people and warping minds into dogshit.

2.) I agree that innovations have been kick-started by porn. But not anymore. Porn is limping along and I don't really see any new innovations being ushered in anytime soon. Porn has effectively fucked itself by being too goddamn greedy, i.e tube traffic killing the industry in a couple years. I'm looking at you Brazzers.

3.) My favorite thing about my job is that I get to write funny porn scripts and do live readings with my marketing team. Even though the end product will look like re-fried shit because because porn producers are basically chucks-with-a-truck, fly by night lazy dumb-asses with zero work ethic, it's still a fun process to write, read and laugh with my crew.

I also enjoy writing blogs. Drumming up marketing ideas. Thinking up new slogans for our merch. Being active on twitter, instagram, Tumblr, etc. It's fun. Time flies. I learn more about social media. Ya know, just creative stuff in general.

I dislike writing mundane descriptions for scenes, although it starts out fun and then everything just sort of bleeds together in one disgusting pile of urban dictionary obscenities.

Anything else?

Mellyrox20 karma


o0Bex0o8 karma


rexy_unchained4 karma

My senses exactly.

rexy_unchained7 karma

Rawr. Okay. Reading that was kinda hot. Especially in the morning when my dick feels like a raging demon engine from hell. Yes, I think you are part of the minority or maybe you are just really honest about what really gets you sopping wet. To each, her own, ya know.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with getting some rough monster truck fucking. You should get your boyfriend into some BDSM stuff, I think it's an inevitability. And just how many dick pictures did you receive after writing that salacious confession? I just HAVE to know.

Mellyrox4 karma


rexy_unchained2 karma

Baby steps, baby steps. I sense his trepidation but like feeding a tiger, you gotta throw some bread over the fence initially and then gradually, he'll get comfortable and eat out of your hand. Weird analogy, I know. But it's all about making him feel absolutely comfortable while having fun!

Step 1.) Spanking perhaps?

Soldhissoulforthis8 karma

How is Playboy still going strong after all these years?

rexy_unchained5 karma

I have no idea how that antiquated publication is still even alive. But I do know that Hefner bought out all minor shareholders since his stock and cock haven't seen a rise in almost two decades. Jesus, do they still print on pulp? But I did hear that their Lindsay Lohan-whoring-out-as-Marilyn Monroe issue did better than estimated - which is fucking baffling to me.

Being 31, maybe I'm missing something here. Do any of you in the younger demographic think that Lindsay Hohan is attractive??

DildoChrist6 karma

Before? Absolutely.

Post-crack? I don't know if I really even need to answer that but hell naw

rexy_unchained11 karma

CHRIST ON A BIKE, hohan looks like she just got out of a 15 year bath salts-inspired gangbang

SkullyKitt4 karma

It could be that there's a significant subscriber base that actually, really, sincerely reads Playboy for the articles. They pull in interviews and written pieces with/by a lot of different people, as well as stories, etc. It's not just straight-up porn, it's a periodical that happens to have some nude pics in it.

rexy_unchained2 karma

You're right about Playboy's articles being a cut above the rest. Awhile back, I remember reading an interview/article (forget which) that featured Stephen King and my impression was "Hot Damn! This is like 'Variety' caliber stuff."

SkullyKitt3 karma

If I'm not terribly mistaken, when Stephen King was just starting out he used to submit stories to Playboy and other 'skin mags.' I know people who collect Playboys and display them proudly on shelves - which, to me, seems entirely justified. It's good reading.

rexy_unchained3 karma

Totally agree. Playboy did the impossible: they elevated the idea of a spank mag into a truly classy, distinguished publication so disarmingly charming that mainstream audiences accepted with open arms and eyes.

Playboy is a vintage piece of Americana pie. Talking about this makes me yearn for the old smoking jacket days where erotica was coy and sexy instead of vile and extreme.

Vladimir_Putins_Cock8 karma

How much longer do you see yourself working in this industry?

rexy_unchained34 karma

I really don't know. But thanks for making me think about it now.

sli825 karma

Can you please talk to someone about ending the horrible practice of filming from behind so all you see is dude ass and swinging balls?(in straight porn at least, it might ok in gay porn but I'm not sure)

rexy_unchained26 karma

Yeah, no I see where you're coming from. You can chalk it up to industry people (myself included) being completely desensitized to porn. I'll put it in the suggestion box.

webmastervallak17 karma

I have mixed feelings about AMA's like yours, don't get me wrong I love that you stand out and answer honestly to every question, but due to the fact that it always kills some of the great things in porn, i.e the comment about filled up water cunt and squirting, that ruined that for me. So my question is to you:

What parts of pornos has bee ruined by being a professional in the porn industry?

rexy_unchained9 karma

1.) Okay, so you've seen those crazy facial scenes with a girl who looks like she just got spunked on by King Kong right? I mean, I'm talking about obscene amounts of dude juice that makes it look like she just climbed out of a jizz swamp.

Producers like to cheat and pour on Cetaphil lotion because it looks exactly like bonafide dick spit. Okay, one more synonym for jizz and I'm done - nut butter.

2.) Not really a mythbuster here, but porn is kinda racist. We have this series called "Undercover Brother" where a black guy convinces a white girl into sex by telling her he's really white, but due to some skin infection, lightning bolt and other inane reasons why his skin turned black.

3.) I also learned that some female performers (calling them actresses is a joke) will not fuck black studs because it will taint their "brand" and devalue their asking price.

I'll try to remember some more myths.

hillarysbeenshot13 karma

Would you agree that puns are as vital to the porn industry as they are to the pet shop industry and child hair salon industry?

rexy_unchained67 karma


PhoenixMask13 karma

Why do lesbians in porn always have long fake nails? I cannot imagine those feel good.

rexy_unchained30 karma

I watch porn every day whether I want to or not. 9am? How's a nice tight butthole to kickstart the day?

Most of all the lesbian porn I've seen in the last four years feature real girls with short nails. I haven't seen these taloned lesbians that you speak of except for that time when I had to sort through our retro pile of porn (1970's, 80's, 90's erotica).

Sure, I've seen on occassion some bolted-on fake titty woman twiddling her buddy's twat with Lady Deathstrike nails but not really all that often. But yeah, imagining long nails stabbing a 'gina is macabre.

MRLINDAN13 karma

how is it that more women orgasm (for real) off camera?

rexy_unchained21 karma

Because women screw with their minds. Intellectual intercourse, if you will. Sex for women (and for me) feels fucking magical with someone when you share a mutual, genuine connection. And your typical dullard-minded "Bros" just need a hole.

MRLINDAN14 karma

we need more women cumming on film

rexy_unchained10 karma

You mean like squirting and the like?

rexy_unchained35 karma

Curious factoid: sometimes what porn producers will do is fill out a cunt full of water, pick back up on filming and that's how 60 percent of massively exaggerated squirting videos are done, with the exception of real, genuine squirt queens like Cytherea. She's a damn firehose.

rexy_unchained22 karma

*fill up a cunt

MRLINDAN28 karma

musle spasms moaning and sweat

rexy_unchained24 karma

Duly noted.

sglansberg311 karma

who is your favorite woman porn star?

rexy_unchained40 karma

Faye Reagan. I fucking love redheads. I loathe fake tits. Liz Vicious. Andi San Dimas. Katsuni (pre-boob job), Tia Tanaka, Roxy Jezel. Arial Rose. I have a terrible affliction with half-asian women. Tori Black. Proxy Paige. April O Neil. Brittany Banxxx. Joanna Angel. and random hot Japanese girls. I am forgetting a ton.

malison12 karma

I hate fake tits too. The way they stick up in the air when the woman lies down just looks so unnatural. And they don't jiggle!!! :(

rexy_unchained7 karma

What bothers me the most about pornstars getting fake tits is that some of them already had perfectly supple, small to medium or whatever gumdrop titties to begin with and they fucked it all up just because big tits (fake or otherwise) are in such high demand.

I've just seen so many nasty, lingering post-surgery scars and massacred nipples that look like they were bit off by a wild kodiak bear and then put back on upside down in pieces that the whole very idea of fake tits is the most unsexy thing ever to me. But when I'm blind drunk at a strip club, that shit doesn't really seem to matter. Slimy reptilian brain takes over and it's dollar, dollar bills yo.

Maybe, on a different, more sympathetic level, fake tits irk me because to know that some gorgeous girl sliced and diced and ruined her beautiful body for the uncaring, fleeting whims of people they call their "fans" makes my heart feel a little ill.

malison2 karma

Out of curiosity, have you ever touched a pair of fake tits before?

rexy_unchained2 karma

Plenty. Hasn't everyone?

malison2 karma

What do they feel like?

rexy_unchained2 karma

Like a bag of sand lol

sglansberg36 karma

how about Ava Devine?

rexy_unchained14 karma

Her frankenstein tits scare the shit out of me to be completely honest

mewrtar3 karma

How bout Nikki Rhodes?

rexy_unchained2 karma

Nikki Rhodes is a fucking bonafide, dyed-in-the-wool ginger GODDESS!

C_M_Burns3 karma

Charmane Star?

rexy_unchained3 karma

C_M_Burns3 karma

Aww man, is that considered old school now? :(

In that case gimme Kobe Tai, too!

rexy_unchained3 karma

Oh man, what a perfect fucking body

frankin28711 karma

OP, I just gotta ask. How often do you choke the chicken?

Like drop some knowledge on us, I feel like you are an authority on the subject.

rexy_unchained22 karma

My first year in the biz, I had to jerk it every morning before work or else I'd feel like a loaded gun at work after looking at pussy all day, 3.5 years later, it's not nearly as chronic. Ah, I feel better now.

stophanded10 karma

How is your own sex life?

rexy_unchained30 karma

Now being an Asian male in my thirties, I can say my sex life was a helluva lot more fun when I was in college. Get it while it's good. School is such a great, cool place to meet smart, pretty girls.

Dellcake9 karma


rexy_unchained27 karma

My parents have no idea what I do for a living.

rexy_unchained27 karma

I just can't bring myself to tell them, just like the feeling of I can never ever smoke in front of my family, even though they know I smoke. It's an Asian shame thing I guess. I wish I had cooler, liberal, non-religious parents but hey.

Dellcake8 karma


rexy_unchained47 karma

I make up some malarkey about working at an internet firm and toss some verbage to them that I know they won't understand. "Search engine optimization? Oh, that's great son!" more guilt compounds

bomji7 karma

Do you say the same thing to anyone else who asks what you do for work? Friends, significant others, curious kids, etc.

rexy_unchained3 karma

Everyone outside of my mum and dad know what I do. Yeah, I'm waiting for that balloon to pop anytime now.

aparabola3 karma

Wow, good for you for keeping the respect. Must be trying.

rexy_unchained3 karma

I love my parents. But we're from two different worlds, they come from hardscrabble lives in Vietnam and China and me, I'm the 1st gen kid reaping the benefits of their blood, sweat and tears. Sometimes I wish I followed in my dad's engineering footsteps but it's my life, so it's my rules.

I have no other option than to embrace my traditional/western duality.

aparabola3 karma

Can be quite a juggle I am sure. Not to sound too thick, but you're intelligence shines.

rexy_unchained3 karma

You're a fucking nice person! Thank you! =)

dol-fin9 karma

How much did your company pay for that domain name?

rexy_unchained34 karma

My boss had the foresight to scoop up all of the top domains in the late 90's.,,,,, and the big daddy,

He did not tell me how much he paid for it at the time, but somewhere in the range between fuckton and shitload.

dol-fin15 karma

Haha, smart man.

rexy_unchained16 karma


ScarySpencer7 karma

Have you ever been asked to participate in a shoot?

Do you get DVDs for free?

rexy_unchained10 karma

No, I've never stepped foot on a set. I just oversee the cutting of footage when L.A ships it to us and then, I start staging a marketing campaign to get eyeballs on whatever it is (i.e christmas special, home alone parody, etc)

About the DVDs, we have literally hundreds of thousands of DVDs that we buy en masse, rip and upload to our site. I mean, I guess I could get free DVDs but everything is online now.

hamtardo7 karma

I love reading information like this. I have been on and off spinning niche blogs / youtube videos for ad revenue but I can never keep motivated enough to make it my full time job. I prefer to write / create content rather than spin but we both know that wont keep up with the blackhats. Wish I could though.

Anyway outside of that, what's the deal with porn 'out in public' where you can clearly see trains / buses with passengers driving by. Is it just a 'find someplace less traveled by and film' or do these places actually get permissions? I know I've seen a few made by reputable sources so it always made me wonder.

rexy_unchained16 karma

This is hilarious because one of our scenes (a Halloween one) was supposed to feature a busty blonde dressed as Red Riding Hood. And she's running through the woods, getting cut, falling down, scraping her white stockings, and etc. When the producers/directors sent us the footage, it was in a fucking park at 4pm in the afternoon with ducks and kids playing in the distance.

We edited all that crap out. Tweaked it to look like night-time and the whole thing ended up so far from what I wrote. "Riding Little Red" was the title and I thought I was pretty damn clever but it looks like total henshit so...

Yeah, all new porn scenes you see now are done guerrilla-style.

Because that's usually just the short 20 second intro where boy improbably runs into a hot girl and moments later, they are doing the bone dance. So, no permission needed. We had a dad on our footage who laughed his ass off at seeing one of Red Riding Hood's tits pop out.

Other times, like for classroom scenes or whatever, they are actually shot in studios that have multiple rooms and set-ups i.e shitty confessional done up for a gloryhole confessional BJ scene, etc.

The Japanese take it even further. In one fucked-up scene where a girl gets fucked on a moving city bus, there are crowds of people. All paid. There is no such thing as "reality" porn or "exgirlfriend" porn since that would endanger the porn companies themselves. Like pro-gun owners who drape themselves in the protection of 2nd amendment, we, the porn industry use 2257 forms to cover our asses too.

2257 form = we keep all the content forever *sandlot voice

gintrux247 karma


rexy_unchained38 karma

Shit, that's like asking me to pick the best time that I ever took a shit.

iKrow14 karma

I can't tell if that's a good thing...

ElmoTheNefarious23 karma

Then you need to take a good shit.

rexy_unchained3 karma


flatmop6 karma

What repurcussions is Measure B causing already?

rexy_unchained10 karma

LOL fucking measure B. Well, I can't speak for other porn companies, but our directors/producers just moved shop out of L.A and into another county (orange, I think) and it's all gravy since it's out of bounds.

flatmop2 karma

I thought Measure B was for the whole of California...

rexy_unchained5 karma

No, the bill flew under the radar and was championed by AIDS watchdog group AIDS Healthcare Foundation while all of the porn players were at a convention. But they did get a lot of people to vote for it. Only applicable in L.A County. As a result, porn may relocate to FL, AZ, NM, and other parts of Cali.




rexy_unchained18 karma

There's been some progress in the virtual sex market

(here's an article I wrote about it last year, I am actually quite proud of this one: but going back to Thrixxx, yeah, I think it could catch on and make some money, but certainly not fleshlight money.

You're absolutely right about new and upcoming forms of virtual sex being invulnerable to piracy, but for all the best rubber dick munchers and pocket pussies, the tech just isn't there.

I need a hard sci-fi geek to give me some insight into when seamless, "Matrix" virtual reality will be invented. Because you know it's just going to be used for porn and that will be the collapse of society as we know it since everyone will be at home fucking holo-sluts in their hive-shaped porn pods.

SpaceEskimo11t6 karma

What do you think of the lemon tree porno?

rexy_unchained3 karma

First off, RIP Hailey Paige.

The lemon tree porn was a fucking riot when we all first saw it a couple years ago.

Here, check this site out, you'll love it.

swagalano985 karma

Do you have extremely high standards of women from viewing so much porn?

rexy_unchained6 karma

Well, my standards haven't really changed. But I notice that I home in on slight imperfections due to years of photo-shopping out cellulite, butt pimples, pot holes, etc. Le Sigh.

trojandan5 karma

  1. Do you do crisis management & all that on the social media end? What's the craziest thing you've had to squander from the public eye?

  2. Without revealing too much about yourself, how exactly did your career progress to the point you are at right now?

[deleted]8 karma


trojandan8 karma

Lets say for example shit gets a little too personal for one of the actresses or actors, and their family/friends find out their identity through social media, etc. Is that kind of shit your problem, or theirs?

rexy_unchained39 karma

Well, most of all pornstars (we're talking female here) all have twitter, instagram and other self-serving, self-promoting accounts. Some of their parents know what they do, some of them don't.

They're all adults. They've made their bed. If dear old dad discovers his precious Lexi Belle pops jizz rockets to the dome for a living, that is totally his fault. And not ours. lol.

In all seriousness though, it's their lives, their rules. We make them sign all these fucking forms anyway so we can shirk all the flak, you know what i mean?

cisyphus23 karma

If dear old dad discovers his precious Lexi Belle pops jizz rockets to the dome for a living, that is totally his fault.

I've never laughed so hard during an AMA

rexy_unchained9 karma


1persiankid5 karma

How often do people get erections at their desks during work? Does it ever get awkward between co workers since you're all watching porn? Do you guys have stricter sexual harassment rules in the workplace compared to other businesses?

rexy_unchained9 karma

Well, it's kind of an unspoken, obvious phenomenon when 80 percent of the office consist of males. But after awhile, you just get detached. The shock factor of a midget banging a BBW in a wrestling ring wears off completely. Even gay porn, which I could never stomach in the past, has become like watching the fuckin' Telly Tubbies or some shit.

I call it the Garbage Man Effect. After awhile, those guys just don't give a shit.

chowdertheclam4 karma

Whats your favorite type of ice cream?

rexy_unchained15 karma

I love ice cream, but it gives me the shits. Cookie dough. It's like an orgasm on my tongue but it sets my o-ring on fucking fire.

drumsonpans3 karma

When do you think we'll see more asian actors in american porn? As a girl, I think there's a severe lack of them =(

rexy_unchained4 karma

I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.

Yeah, there are literally only two Asian guys in the business (not counting one-timers) that I've ever heard of and they are Keni Styles (British-born thai dude) and some other fresh-off-the-boat looking guy whose name escapes me right now. Wait, i got it, Hung Lo? He looks like he has downs though.

Concerning the lack of Asian guys in porn and just in entertainment in general, well, that's a whole other can of worms. "The Slanted Screen" is a good documentary about the desexualization of Asian men in early Hollywood.

I also have another theory why there's none of my brethen in porn and it has everything to do with Japanese porn. 90 percent of all Japanese porn that I've seen features Japanese men with dicks the size of my thumb. Erect. This is fucking embarrassing to normal-sized Asian guys who see this and cringe. And, the worst part is that these stupid, tiny Japanese dicks are all anyone ever gets to see since Japanese porn is rampantly popular. Hence this stupid fucking myth that all Asians have small dicks.

Seriously, it is the worst stereotype EVER. End rant.

[deleted]3 karma

Why are their like buttons on porn sites that allow you to log in to your facebook/ and or somehow post for you if you are logged into Facebook on another tab. WHY DO THOSE EXIST!??!?!??

rexy_unchained2 karma

Porn is trying emulate the whole google + (bad example) social integration shit. Mainstream is doing it and it works. But the reality is, for porn, at least what I think is that people wouldn't want to see their spank bank picks plastered on their Facebook feed/timeline.

Diablo7183 karma

Have you slept with any pornstars?

rexy_unchained2 karma

a resounding hell no.

AwesomeJohn013 karma

Working in the same industry, I love threads like these. Thanks for taking the time to answer all of these questions.

rexy_unchained2 karma

Ah, sweet! What company do you work for?

clls3 karma

how do you think your job has affected the way you look at women? also, did it change the way you have sex?

rexy_unchained2 karma

1.) For me, at least, it's like a gear. I can shift my brain into porn mode whilst at work, but as soon as I leave, it's back to neutral.

2.) Porn does not change the way I have sex because nobody fucks like that. But if you can and your partner enjoys that upside down wheel barrow shit then more power to ya!

Juufro3 karma

  • Any tricks of the trade you learned on lasting longer?
  • Do those jelqing exercises actually work in penis enhancement?

rexy_unchained2 karma

1.) I was uniquely gifted with sexual longevity. Not like tantric or anything, but I make it a fucking personal mission to make her cum first before I do.

2.) Jelling exercises?

ash53 karma

do u use twitter much? do you get much traffic through it?

rexy_unchained6 karma

Well, we would have more traffic from our twitter if some asshat didn't scoop up

ours is - fucking tacky eh

rexy_unchained9 karma

I hate twitter so much. That 140 char limit for tweets is suffocating for a guy who likes to write. But I realize it's essential. It's just a riddle I haven't been able to solve. Brazzers = hundred thousand followers?!

ash53 karma

what about facebook? does use that much at all?

also, what do your bosses/managers/whatever think about pirated content? is it tolerated on do you know if they get many requests to remove them (dmca)?

rexy_unchained7 karma

Facebook hates us solely based on our name, which is total hypocrisy since Brazzers has a page and it is huge. Youtube isn't nearly as gestapo but we still get flagged for "inappropriate" content" so we create multiple channels like this one:

questioncareer3 karma

is the porn industry pretty much only in LA?

rexy_unchained2 karma

The majority of shooting is done in L.A, yes. But the actual site operators and techies that run the real show are based out of various countries and cities. Here's a great article on it:

TurtleSub3 karma

Do you have any good tips on effectively using social media?

rexy_unchained14 karma

Be relentless. But it really depends on who you work for and what you're trying to accomplish. Is this for your company or for your own personal business endeavor?

Each social media platform caters to a different group of people. Here's my take on each:

1.) Instagram caters to those "bro-mentality" douchebags who say "swag" and "yolo" and it's basically become a meat market for lad mag pics. But it's such a good place to spread your company's name to the common lameperson.

2.) Twitter - I loathe this platform the most since it's all about celebrity worship and that goddamn 140 char length forces you to tweet soundbites which just shows just how short everyone's attention really is. But alas, it's still very crucial.

3.) Tumblr - this site is great (for me) because they allow nudity

4.) Reddit - by far the most powerful platform out there. And I'm not brown-nosing here. I don't believe in god. I have a college education. I love cats. And I can't stand reading remedial internet English i.e youtube comments. Reddit is the ultimate thinking man's social media platform because the people who frequent this site, I like to think, are smarter than the average bear. I truly feel that I can be myself on here which is a fucking rarity in the world of marketing.

5.) StumbleUpon - can suck it

6.) Viral Videos - use vimeo, dailymotion, youtube, all that shit.

All of these platforms have their own third-party tools that can aid you in efficiently disseminating all the information coming in.

Instagram has Twitter has tweetdeck, statuspeople

With Reddit, just be yourself. I know this is somewhat vague info but I hope this helped.

[deleted]3 karma

Are you in some way responsible for the awful AMAs done by porn actresses?

rexy_unchained2 karma

Absolutely not.

fuzzyllama13 karma

For your personal pleasure do you pay or use tube sites? Or do you get free access to the good stuff since you work in the industry?

rexy_unchained3 karma

Being employees here, one of our tertiary duties is quality control, so yeah, we have full access to everything.

NinjaDiscoJesus3 karma


rexy_unchained6 karma

Sure, i can provide proof. What would satisfy you?

NinjaDiscoJesus8 karma

Satisfy... giggitty

I mean.. em some proof of you at work with a sign saying high reddit

rexy_unchained8 karma

here is my site that i blog for

read the very top. I'll post a picture too with a sign

NinjaDiscoJesus6 karma

I can't go onto that! My god says it is bad for me!

rexy_unchained8 karma

heh okay. i'll have a picture up in 2 minutes, had my buddy take it. stay tuned dear readers.

Shellin2 karma

How did you end up in this business?

rexy_unchained2 karma

Lost old job during 2008 recession. Found new job completely random whilst searching for jobs online. I started in my late twenties, thought it was awesome and here I am.

mewrtar2 karma

How can I keep myself updated what's happening in the biz? Like when actors/actresses retire and why, drama (like that thing with Raven Alexis and her "cancer") and similar stuff?

rexy_unchained2 karma

Here are some good sources that industry insiders use: - go to blogs

and (shameless plug)

ezemeat2 karma

Quality AMA my man interesting stuff

rexy_unchained2 karma

Thanks dude!

loojit2 karma

Ever met any porn stars in person ?

rexy_unchained3 karma

Oh god no.

_doctorgonzo_2 karma

Does your profession interfere with your dating/relationships? Like for example, if you're out with a girl and she asks what you do, how do you explain without freaking her out? I'd be pretty freaked out if my boyfriend was looking at vajayjays all day...

rexy_unchained4 karma

Yeah, I totally see your point, but your boyfriend will never, ever pass you over for grainy, screaming pixels because in the end, nothing beats the real thing.

Every time, I meet a new chickadee, I come clean straight away. It's 2013 and this isn't feudal Japan. After all, sex is the reason why we're all here, granted porn is an exaggerated, fantasy-infused, wish-fulfillment subset of that.

It's actually a nice icebreaker because you can get that whole sexual tension out of the way by addressing it flatly. Also, by telling them what I do, it roots out the goddamn Christians, conservatives and prudes - girls I wouldn't get along with anyway.

robkhit2 karma

Whats your average day like? Are some days busier than others?

rexy_unchained3 karma

An average day for me is as follows: writing descriptions, blogging, instagramming, tweeting, marketing meetings, brainstorming funny slogans for merch, photoshopping out butt pimples, researching new social platforms, checking out at analytics, bounce rates, exit rates, uniques, etc.

The busy days are when we launch a special for Halloween, Christmas, and other major holidays and oh yeah, when we host free livecam shows.

I really want to get a dwarf for a St. Paddy's day porno.

PuckedFanda2 karma

How often do you see any fluffers?

rexy_unchained7 karma

What's a fluffer?

dagoff6 karma

I have a friend who is an ex-pornstar and was asking this question last month. He said fluffers don't exist anymore and studios just give their male actors viagra. It's cheaper than hiring someone to blow a guy in between takes. Females don't need them either; most of the time they're not actually aroused, so lube does the trick.

rexy_unchained2 karma

I completely concur.

Dinosaurcoloringbook2 karma

How did you get your job?

rexy_unchained2 karma

I lost my old boring civil engineering job during the 2008 recession and found this badboy completely at random on job search sites.

delitefuldespot1 karma

As someone with a proclivity for pithy, pornographic witticisms and writing in general, how does one get into this line of work? I see that you got into it by chance (yes?). Now that you have experience in the field, how would you recommend one "court" a porno company such as yours?

rexy_unchained4 karma

It sounds like you and I were cut from the same cloth. Your best bet is