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I posted a pic in my initial description. There are a few more pics in that same album. Not sure what other proof you would want, a current shot of the scars? :)

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Scars would be really cool! :D
But not necessary.

Side question, did "I came back from dead after being shot" help get you your new wife?

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Scar pics in this album (among other things): https://picasaweb.google.com/111176530113872437077/Misc

Not sure how I got the new wife, I thought I would never remarry. Maybe I am just a lovable guy. :p

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Just to be clear, what do you think the restrictions on firearms should be? I picked up the drug test one, but anything else?

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I don't know how to say it any clearer than I already did.

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How long did it take to fully recover?

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You don't ever really recover from an injury like mine. It took 18 months before the doctors said "you won't get any better than you are today". I still have all sorts of medical problems from this but I have gotten used to it for the most part.

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Could you explain in detail what it felt like to be shot?

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See one of the replies I made elsewhere on this page.

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Have you noticed a significant difference in the way you are treated since your paralysis? Do you date or are you in a relationship?

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Yes. My first wife grew tired of the things I was not able to do and she eventually left me. My current wife is the definition of awesome and amazing. The general public is nice about it although non-crippled people love to park in the handicap parking spots. Grrrr.

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Hello...i have little question,i know maybe will be strange but...when you was dead,you saw something?Like..God..or..i dont know..something like this? (sry for bad english)

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I did not see anything because I wasn't really dead, my heart just stopped. I did not know my heart had stopped until I read the surgery transcripts.

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Tupac, is that you?

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So what's your view on the whole Lance Armstrong thing?

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I have no opinion on that. I have no interest in it and as such I have extremely limited knowledge of it, only what I see in a passing headline.

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I am a Christian but I am not interested in arguments about beliefs.

Uh, why even bring this up? Pretty bizarre.

Parallel example: "I eat rats every morning for breakfast but I am not interested in arguments about breakfast food."

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Reddit is known for being anti-religion. I am not ashamed of my faith and will talk about it with anyone who wants to, but in a civilized manner. I knew that in the course of my responses that it would become obvious that I am a Christian, so I stated that I would not be interested in arguing about it but I am fine with discussing it.