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you trying to lose your job?

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This doesn't really affect my job at all.

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Why do an AMA? It seems like you could simply present all of the tips you have in an article or blog post or something.

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Well I figured people would have questions to ask, and they did. That's all my logic behind it haha.

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I usually tell them to give me a number to call them back, they never do.

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Haha I just give the companies number, but not my extension(;

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I worked at a call center for some great organizations, non-for-profits, the ASPCA, the NOW, but its the worst job because people really hate telemarketers. Probably the least liked group of people ever to exist numbers wise. I bet telemarketers have a lower approval rating than congressmen, and i used to call on behalf of congressmen to ask people for money. Getting people to even listen to you for more than five seconds as a telemarketer takes a particular kind of sleazeball so most of the people they hire are like the worst people you would find on Craigslist, with no actual skills but a unique ability to not mind being a shit to people. The company tries to tell you that your doing important work, but in reality you are doing probably the least meaningful work that has ever existed on the planet. Guys that shoveled shit in the middle ages were doing more important work than telemareters. I worked for some great orgs. but made dick wagewise. This guy is doing the same job I did but for for-profit companies so you know he and the company he works for have to tell themselves some pretty big lies in order for them to be able to sleep at night. If you really want to help people dont work as a telemarketer for a non-for-profit group. Volunteer your time directly. And dont let them stick you on the phones it just makes you hate people and makes people hate you. Also to the original poster: stop saying "lol" and "haha" all the time it makes you sound like a real dummy.

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Haha okay.

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1) WHERE did you get our number in the first place ? You have to get our number somewhere to call us for the survey..

2) How much is the "activation fee" ?

3) What if I give you a false adress?

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"We" buy it from the survey taking companies that have already conducted the surveys. Where they got it, I have no idea.

No activation fee.

On our surveys that we buy, they match the phone number with the address listed under it. Like landlines etc. If its a cellphone, you could use a false number.

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How much is the monthly monitering fee ? What does it include ? You come check every month ?

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About a dollar a day, it ranges state to state. And the monthly monitoring is what connects you to our central station, 24/7 so we can send help. Without monitoring, the system is basically a loud noise maker.

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How do you get paid? Is it hourly, then a bonus for selling x amount of thingamabobs?

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Hourly. I don't actually sell anything. I tell you the offer, the "catch" , and if you're interested, I transfer you to a closer.

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I use to sell medicom internet services for business as telemarketer. It was same way, first we do a survey to figure out what you had, then we do the sales bit. If people were assholes and asked put on me on do not call list. I would mark them as interested and set up 20 call back times for falling week. However if they were nice, polite, gave me the time of day. I would make sure they were removed from our branch.

What OP said, we were third party and got people numbers from buying them from other people. So if we have their number theres like 3-8 other call centers that also had their number.

TL:DR if you want telemarketers to stop calling you, just act nice to them.

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My man.