Of course, it says "anything" but I'm guessing you'll ask about that night.

Here's the only proof I have: my faded ticket stub and a glimpse of my address. I use to get letters from attornies that wanted me to contribute something to their cases but I threw them all out.


EDIT: The shooting...

Thanks everyone for the questions I think I may have said all that I could. If I didn't get to you then it's because I answered similar questions already. But thanks a lot everyone, it's nice to talk about it. If any unique questions come up, I'll be sure to get to them. Oh and thanks for the fricken reddit gold!

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PhilGarber6 karma

Are you a person who stutters? We may know each other.

Mecha_Sheva14 karma

No, I don't think I have stuttering issues...

repaxton1 karma

What happened to you, your town, and community was an emense tragedy. I never thought about how the aftermath could still be such a struggle. I appreciate the information you shared, this took guts. Have u ever heard of EMDR? This is a type of treatment for people with PTSD. I've been recieving EMDR for almost a year now, it takes time but I've seen great results.

Mecha_Sheva3 karma

I just looked it up, it seems really interesting and progressive. I'll ask my doctor. Do you mind me asking why you receive it?

repaxton3 karma

I was in a car accident with a semi 3 yrs ago. I was lucky enough walk away from it with minor injuries. But the nightmares went on for awhile. Don't forget how lucky you are, maybe there's a reason u werent in that room.

Mecha_Sheva3 karma

Thank you.

justaregulargirl0 karma

Did anyone tell you to not talk about anything you saw? Or did you see anything different then what the MM (MainstreamMedia) is telling us?

Mecha_Sheva16 karma

No not really. The FBI agent specifically told me "you're going to see this everywhere for the next few weeks, stay away from the media circus and talk to your friends and family about it" not verbatim but that was his advice.

Archer7-23 karma

How much tang has this gotten you?

Mecha_Sheva12 karma

Probably the opposite. Anxiety is debilitating.

Afghan_Kegstand-31 karma

Diagnosed PTSD? I hate when people self diagnose their PTSD, OCD, "ass-burgers", and celiac disease. Hopefully you are receiving professional help and my rant was unwarranted. User name is relevant.

Mecha_Sheva7 karma

Yeah I was diagnosed. I take citalopram fro anxiety. Want a picture of my medication?

distortednet-64 karma

Mecha_Sheva25 karma

Fucked up.