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How much of charlie murphys stories are true?

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So Prince really is that good at basketball?

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I would imagine that Prince is good at just about anything.

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Do you have great....

New York Boobs?

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How did you get involved with the show?

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What was the audition like? What did you have to do?

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It was just a scene from the Wonderful Chest sketch with me, the Casting Director and a camera. I heard later that I was the VERY last audition on the tape and that he picked me personally. Though it could have been my friend in casting just making me feel AWESOME. :)

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Price Is Right Showcase Showdown winner?! What did you win?

Loved the Chappelle stuff you were in. Some of the best!

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How was Vienna? Do any waltzing?

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Vienna was awesome. My only mistake was going with a vegetarian.

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Could you please post a link to this AMA on your website (or provide some other form of proof) so that we know it is you?

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That's great, thank you.

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Sure thing - I hope Neal and Bill do this, too. I think I'm too boring for Reddit.

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I wish Bill would just do an AMA about his rant in Philadelphia. The one where he just insulted Philly for 15 minutes.

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I'll let him know - I'm not really sure he's on Reddit.

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5 MINUTES LEFT! SO amazing.

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I wish there was a better video of that rant. The audio is recorded by the radio show, but his body language is just hilarious, and it's hard to see in the video.

" I'm STILL selling my CD in the lobby after the show"

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Dave Chappelle is the man! What happen to him? The true story.

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He does look like an awesome guy. Like I say "if he didn't want to continue, let the man be". You're lucky to hang out with him.

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I will always be so grateful to have worked on that show.

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Welcome to reddit.

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That's weird. My friends will be so impressed.

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hahaha! Well, nice to meet you!