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horriblepeopleagree-1 karma

How difficult was it to not... inappropriately... contact... the children? I mean being male and all.

trc1214 karma

I'm assuming you're asking this because of bathtime right? Elaborate.

waiting_for_rain1 karma

Was there parental oversight or anything?

trc1212 karma

Not sure what you're asking. Were the parents involved in the kids' lives? Yeah, daily. The father was great. Mom was kind of a cunt.

In regards to parental oversight on my duties, no. I'm an adult. They want to know that their kids are in capable hands. My main concerns were to help the parents in any way that I could and to keep the children alive.

waiting_for_rain1 karma

I'm not sure either, I was trying to help horriblepeopleagree's question. I think he's insinuating what protection was there against inappropiate situations with the children.

trc1216 karma

No protection, really. The only times this would be an issue would be the little boy's bathtime. He was old enough to wash himself so I'd let him play for 10-15 minutes before we did "la danse baignoire" (the bathtub dance.) I'd play some music from my phone and I'd stand outside the tub and pretend to scrub my face and he'd do the same, then just move down the body with the song until he was all clean.

Once we walked past a sex shop in Le Marais and there was a HUGE dildo in the window. He asked what it was. I told him it was for sore muscles. The parents thought that was HILARIOUS. That's about as inappropriate as it got.

shiv4m-6 karma

I'm getting tired of this.

How much did your family make?

What did the family do? Old money? New money?

What are you doing with your life now?

What are the perks?

What kind of cars did the family drive?

trc1219 karma

  • I don't know how much they made. Considering his profession, I imagine his annual take-home was in the multi-millions.
  • Mostly old money - the father's side of the family were nobility way back when and are still playing those same societal roles today.
  • I'm the marketing director for a medical company.
  • Free food, free housing in one of the most beautiful homes I've ever been in, I got to travel a good bit with the family, got free use of their home in L'Ile de Re, free transportation, free... everything. The only thing I paid for myself were some clothing, solo vacations, bars, etc.
  • Family had 4 cars: Bentley Continental, Citroen C6, Audi R8 and a Citroen van used for hauling stuff.

shiv4m4 karma

Did you ever ask him if you could take the R8 out for the weekend or a date?

What is his profession?

trc1215 karma

No I never asked. Parisian driving is terrifying - I would have shit myself if something had happened to that car. He and I drove it to the beach once, that was pretty sick.

He is upper-level at a major French communications provider, much like AT&T in the US.