I got nothing to do but get better than get better at creating fantastic new worlds, so be creative.

Here is my work if you want to see what I'm capable of http://kmish213.deviantart.com/gallery/

I'm 22, I recently quit my job and art school because they have been quite a drag and slowing down my artistic progression. I'm going to be studying with more prestigious artists in Europe. Artists associated with Alex Grey, H R Giger, Salvador Dali, and other incredible visionaries. We do our best to pass down the techniques of the old masters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and learn from the Imagination and imagery of artists such as Heironymous Bosch, Giuseppe Archimboldo, who were surreal and fantastical Hundreds of years before Dali.

I work primarily in mechanical pencil, markers, pen and ink, acrylic paint, and sculpture, but I will be using a tablet and photoshop for efficiency online :)

Edit: I'll draw you something quick if you ASK ME A QUESTION, I really would like to spend my time drawing thinking about the answers to your thought provoking questions :) the more interesting, the more I'd want to draw for you.

It's 5 am and I spent a lot of time not sleeping. I'll get back to this soon. I'll keep it alive, and I look forward to responding to interesting questions, not just requests!

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thirdrail6919 karma

A walrus addicted to dill pickles now destitute and living on the streets. He dreams of his old life training kittens to be seeing eye cats.

MemoriesOfWonderland5 karma

Has the OP drawn this for you yet? If not, then I will :) EDIT: I drew this anyways is anyone interested in seeing it?

Mozartist2 karma

If you could help me draw the requests that have no questions for me , you'd be quite the fellow artist.

hudabelle11 karma

My daughter has a link to your "red tree", I noticed it right away. She loves it. She is 15 and so looking forward to art school.

Mozartist4 karma

Thanks for that :)

I recommend she learn to teach herself along the way , maybe she'll catch up to what they have to offer and just surpass them. Soon I'll have youtube videos and I'll make time lapse videos and record my process :)

I hope to teach people privately and through my videos.

Weird_and_Ugly8 karma

Great work! I am a fan of surrealism and realism artwork and draw some of my own, but I am nowhere near is good as you.

Mozartist4 karma

We all gotta start somewhere :)

The manager of H R Giger, said to me "before you go on creating new worlds, you should master on canvas or paper, the real world first"

And It's very true, I always knew this but it was quite amazing to hear other, accomplished people say so as well. :)

DarkestSin6 karma

Pfft. Calling yourself a fantastic realist artist is a little cocky, isn't it? :p

How did you decide that this was the genre for you?

Mozartist6 karma

I said I was going to be studying with fantastic realists, you can find me "kamal Mishmish" here


if you look at the bar to the left, you can find the Hall of fame, the museum, and the people I'll be studying with, that have labeled me as a fantastic realist and surrealist, and visionary. I didn't chose it, in fact I think I can do more than that. They are new to the internet so they just recently starting recruiting people from around the world, as opposed to just Europe.

Ashenspire3 karma

Glad someone else thought it. At least the first part of your comment, that is.

Mozartist5 karma

I said I was going to be studying with fantastic realists, you can find me "kamal Mishmish" here


if you look at the bar to the left, you can find the Hall of fame, the museum, and the people I'll be studying with, that have labeled me as a fantastic realist and surrealist, and visionary. I didn't chose it, in fact I think I can do more than that.

edit=I know i can do more than that.

Ohlawducantbeserious3 karma

Knee dicks.

One dick on each knee. And the only way to walk is to jerk them off while moving your legs.

Mozartist6 karma

Not safe for anything lol! http://imgur.com/E8tbe

I prefer you asking a question too but that was funny as a request, and I love some humor. It sounds like something Louis CK would say.

cloaked_rhombus3 karma


Mozartist14 karma

I actually already have http://kmish213.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d57sejj

But here is a quick one for you http://imgur.com/eJsyC :)

It definitely is a learned skill, I remember when I was younger and I struggled with a lot of concepts, but I look back at history and all the different ways people absorb knowledge, and found my own process of learning. I copied lots of my favorite characters growing up, like Looney tunes cartoons, pokemon, especially video game Characters. My heroes however are the ones I mention, the old masters, because they captured the real world before cameras, just with their eyes and hands. I copied a lot of their work and benefited a lot from their knowledge of perspective and anatomy.

I love Valve's creativity and dedication to doing the best they can do, it's people like that that inspire me to become a better artist.

The more I learn about the world, the more skills I gain, the more interesting my art becomes.


hmmmyep3 karma

Can you expound upon why you feel the art school atmosphere was a hindrance to you? Do you feel like it holds back all students, or did you not find it to your progress, personally? How so?

And I'm down to see anything to do with creating a world existing in/from a/within a... tree in bloom that you can manage to dream up.

Mozartist8 karma


Most schools Around America Don't care about the self made person. I taught myself most of the things I know.

When I went to art school, for years on end I was dealing with a process I never really did before. I always made artwork alone in my room, with music playing, or audio books and lectures. When I'm at school I'm in this big studio with a bunch of people, and I can't really focus on myself. I also don't like rigid schedules, learning through text books (which I was forced to buy for every class yet never really used) and I didn't like how everyone had to make the same thing, and then critique each other. I for one know my problems in my art and I don't really want anyone's opinions on what I could do better unless I ask, otherwise I'm losing out on the challenge of learning it on my own, which is a very great feeling for me. I don't really like authority, my art is my vision and the teachers there were trying to get me to conform and utilize a process that is far slower and not fulfilling compared to my own.

It's my dream to be a music and art teacher, but schools don't care about working on your own. In fact I quit school when I asked for credit in my color theory class for this piece http://kmish213.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d4zwfg8 The teacher said "sorry you have to be in class and it's policy that you have to be here so we can see you work"

I don't get it... aren't schools supposed to support this kind of behavior. I don't know how other people think so I'm sure this just isn't the type of education process for me.

there is a lot more I have to say, But I've already said a ton. I can tell you more if you pm me.

hmmmyep3 karma

That's really baffling to me. Creative types typically don't learn similarly -- why on earth would the classes be so incredibly rigid? I mean, the attendance crap I get. They have to have some kind of plausible deniability in case someone fails -- but damn.

I'm in creative classes as well, but the things I create are, to a degree, more definite in nature. Our intro, intermediate AND advanced workshops are -- on a base level that shouldn't even need to be covered -- about mechanics. To me, that's like taking a painting workshop in a MFA school and starting from square one of color theory. Luckily, the gems of teachers still exist. It's my final semester and I'm getting a chance to take the Holy Grail of professors this semester -- it's a "new media" writing course (whatever that means; he's been keeping it a secret) and while it is a writing course, it's also a physical art course. My fellow creative writing classmates and I have no idea what to expect, but we know it'll be amazing. THOSE are the kinds of classes creative types should be exposed to; the kinds that assume you have the required knowledge to enroll, the necessary creativity to succeed, and the wherewithal to want to do more than fulfill a degree requirement credit slot.

Screw this system. Have you ever seen Sir Ken Robinson's TEDTalk on how schools are killing creativity? We're being eradicated. On purpose.


EDIT: DAT FISHpersontreebird. That's super neat. Thank you!

Mozartist1 karma

Yeah I did watch that lecture. in fact that's one lecture that inspired me to start thinking for myself. Also a lot of George Carlin Stand up Routines.

I love school... I just hate how it became such a business, I shouldn't have to spend a majority of my time dealing with finances, commuting, when I could sit at home draw whenever the thought comes, and read when ever I need more ideas.

I mean TED talks itself fulfills a lot of the things school does in a much more convenient fashion from my home...

megacowdung3 karma

Could you draw me a giraffe in a suit floating around in space with a jet pack on? I'd love you forever if you did.

Mozartist4 karma


Sorry it isn't perfect, you kind of struck a sensitive nerve with me... I actually have been in the big city (phoenix) for the past 17 years, and I've never really seen the stars at night because of all the light pollution. I've grown up never experiencing nature, except through movies and books. I've never really gotten out of the city because It's hard to find work and get out.

Anyways thinking of the stars outside makes me really stressed out because I don't see anything except a pale, vomity yellow haze, covering the vastness of space.

So yeah, the giraffe is flying through what I think of Phoenix's night sky... blank and lame

hjwoolwine2 karma

i look through a magazine when ever i go to barnes and noble called hi-fructose, i could really only describe it as kind of a trippy magazine with crazy pictures. If you've ever heard of the magazine is the realist art you apart of that kind of art style or is it just trippy... surreal art? soooooooo, i work at a school and ask kids to draw all the time. i always ask them to draw pretty much the same thing...so if you could you should draw a cat riding a space jellyfish...in space...that would be pretty dope

Mozartist2 karma

I have heard of them, and Juxtapoz, they are definitely influential to me, but a lot of the artists in the magazine adhere to one vision, like one person would only draw trees or portraits or something. Really good stuff but they usually need to be more versatile with their imagery.

Some of them are quite talented and would definitely be considered visionaries, if only they remind you of the old masters in terms of their anatomy and composition. It's not enough to just have style, you got to expand upon the techniques of greeks and renaissance artists. So in a way it's kind of like Surrealism and fantastic realism is a dynasty, or a tribe of descendents, unrelated racially but related by the same kinds of thought.

And I made a previous post earlier how I will not draw space because I'm still living in a big polluted city and I've never experience the stars really, so I'm sad to think about drawing them... http://i.imgur.com/byHTv.jpg

NunyaBisnus2 karma

Can you just have a field day with a picture I took a while ago of my dad and my niece. I feel like you could do some awesome things with this.

Feel free to flip it right side up if you want.

Mozartist4 karma


it's nightmarish in a way because drawing people's photos brings back bad memories of people wanting me to draw from their cell phone pics or something blurry...

If i'm gonna draw from a photograph, it needs to be of a composition I want. Also, people sometimes give me very small photographs of people, and I usually like a lot of detail.

I like your picture a lot, it's just the memories that inspired the drawing :)

swimmingninja2 karma

In what ways has working with surreality changed your perceptions of reality? Also, how's this for a drawing idea; the inherent darkness of humanity emanating from a child's mind?

Mozartist2 karma

Art has been a good way of meditating and really helped me make sense of why people behave the way they do.

I see reality as more horrific and surreal than anything surrealism or artists could do.

I find it hilarious that I've been accused of being crazy, or depressed and a surreal killer because of my darker imagery. Even people like H R giger are kind of scary and mysterious to some people.

But I don't think passionate artists are the crazy ones, if anything I feel everyone else is crazy for thinking such a thing of people who would rather spend their time thinking than killing people...

I see lots of disturbing things in history, and it disturbs me further that some people don't think about it. It's what we came from... its who are, what's the point of going around asking about the meanings to life and wondering about what's going on in the world if people don't think about their history.

Everything in Urbanized America scares me. Everyone in Suburbia is growing old sick and ignorant of what is happening in the world and I can see the destruction of important resources, cultures, even things like landscapes that really can inspire the artists and musicians to create even more beautiful contributions.

When you create a landscape of just cars, asphalt, and as George Carlin said "mile after mile of mall after mall" you start hearing the same music everywhere, seeing the same movies, read the same books. It's baffling, there are millions and billions of people out there yet people seem to be focus on a select few.

MY view of reality is, a potential for such incredible contributions from a species of Ape is being squandered by ignorance and fear of the human condition. We either start seeing ourselves as a part of the world and one with our fellow human beings, plants and animals, earth and stars. If people think this is fruity or pointless, then art becomes stale and uninteresting, because the world starts looking like this place

here is my pre made drawing of the darkness of humans affecting children http://kmish213.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d5a1xfl

if you have another request I want to try something different? :)

DaEbLe2 karma

That's impressive. I have some prints in my house from a guy I can't remember his name and the frames cover his signature.. I think his name starts with an S. Anyway he does like the painting of a mountain with scaffolding behind it.. or a city in a cave on the edge of a waterfall. I think your paintings are just as good if not better. Don't quit. I think you could make real money in that. Edit: spelling

Mozartist2 karma

Thank you very much :) I'm just starting out, it's been kind of rough here where I live. But I've been getting a lot more attention online. It's starting to come together nicely.

I'd like to see the artist you are talking about, I know many.

Mozartist2 karma

DO you mean Jacek Yerka?

Because I don't think I'm as good as him yet... https://www.google.com/search?q=jacek+yerka&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&authuser=0&ei=egXoUOnSM-TWiALY-4DIDg&biw=1751&bih=762&sei=fQXoUImZB6iMiAKImoGIBA

He has two paintings like the ones you described in there. He is one of my heroes, I can do what he does, I just haven't painted as big as him because i don't have money for that amount of material or the space in my tiny room...

Portgas2 karma

Why this genre of art, and not other?

Mozartist1 karma

Because it encapsulates the world, so it's a fusion of all genres

http://kmish213.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d5a1xqi in that drawing, I have a portrait, I have some cartoon characters, abstract textures, even a cave painting.

I love prehistoric art, and lots of genres I can't decide what to focus on, so I don't like to stick to one Idea.

Fantastic realism and Surrealism aren't really genres of art, but ways of thinking. You can see the world realism in both of them, so we have to be interested in what is real and we are always taught through masters who never created anything surreal or fantastical. Eh... I guess I just don't like trying to put into words such an amazing process in our minds, so genre is a word that throws me off.

The surreal and Fantasy to me are the most interesting and colorful of human imagination, they are always different to me, and are inspired by the most mysterious.

It's great because I use the ideas of what people already know to create illusions and make them laugh, or scare them. It's all about understanding how your brain works, and eventually I realized it's how everyone's brain works.

Portgas1 karma

Great art. Seems like a process of capturing obscure dreams in drawings to me. Can you draw me a pirate in a straw hat riding on a narwhal? Thanks for answer :)

FuriousLamb32 karma

Your works are absolutely fantastic! If it is not too much trouble, could you please draw me a mouse flying on the back of a small bird?

Mozartist10 karma


no one is really asking me any questions...

NGU-Ben2 karma

Draw me, like one of your French girls

Mozartist14 karma

My french girls are prettier, but I tried http://imgur.com/EHLFI

awkwardturtlegirl1 karma

Are we living or are we dying?

Mozartist2 karma

Even when we die we still have affect on people in the future, for example I feel that van goh is more alive in this time than in his own.

We are dying to live.

rekshi1 karma

Hmmm. I don't know how interesting this would be, but how about a girl who feels like she has no home, always imagining her life to be like fantasy?

Or maybe something more dark, like somebody struggling with a personality disorder such as Borderline Personality Disorder or Schizophrenia?

Or maybe life through a cat or mouse's eyes?

I am not sure which is more your style, but I am curious to see you make any of these surreal or real!

Mozartist6 karma

Mozartist2 karma

I actually have many works dedicated to personality disorders and stuff like feeling alone

check these out http://kmish213.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d5onvu7


this one is about my fear of driving and living in a city dominated by cars...http://kmish213.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d5f6yve

This one I made about thinking a lot http://kmish213.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d5ojm9m

Red and black is a combination I use for pain and stress , and i feel the pain in a lot of the people I meet in my life... I don't suffer from any personality disorder, but I do have a deep connection to all animals, nature, and especially my species. I also have chronic pain and have always been a sickly person growing up... but it's never been too serious.

http://kmish213.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d5oh4r7 my Best friend killed himself because of bi polar disorder... He was an incredible person and a genius. It's affected me greatly because I see such talent and skill get wiped away but such abstract and serious mental problems...

give me a minute and I'll make one for you

justacollegeguy1 karma

If you had to pick just one, what would your favorite painting be? Also, I challenge you to draw, a unicorn flying a robotic pterodactyl with laser eyes flying through space while in an epic battle against the Empire with an extra ridiculous twist.

Mozartist7 karma

How about a Robot pterodactyl Unicorn with ridiculously twisted hair? http://i.imgur.com/st42b.jpg

I don't like picking favorites, I'm inspired by so much.

However I'll say one of the biggest influences to me and all of my other favorite artists is the painting "The Garden of Earthly delights" by Heironymous Bosch

it is a triptych depicting the garden of eden and hell. The Hell triptych is the most interesting to me and other surrealists and fantasy artists you can see details here!

I'm obsessed with the "tree man"

In a time of such fascinating techniques in painting and sculpture, most artists only created religious imagery of jesus and other biblical stories. They all looked pretty samey and only the most talented stood out, however Bosch was one of the few that created such incredibly surreal, fantastic, frightening, imagery hundreds of years before the surrealist movement. Although, to Bosch his imagery was based on what he felt was truly real.

Lots of people think Dali when they think surrealism, but even he credits a lot of his inspiration to Bosch.

GGStokes1 karma

What about drawing speculation about the real world in surrealist/fantasy style?

It was recently announced that we have at least 100 billion planets in our galaxy! link Let's say just five of them had some form of sentient life. Why not draw a representation of one on each planet in your own way? In my mind would be something that shows them trying to reach out beyond their little piece of the cosmos but finding barriers/constraints (which is essentially the speed of light at the end of the day, but anywho...), but I'm no artist.

Mozartist6 karma

lol, I feel like my art work is inspired a lot by the possibilities of what could exist out there.

http://imgur.com/QnS7u spelling error "our" I dont want to draw words right now!

I've actually tried to initiate conversations of incredible achievements we as humans can accomplish, everything from new technologies, efficiency, discovering new things about our planet and others. But I always notice one of the biggest obstacles we face is that some people really just don't give a shit about what is interesting out there in the world.

My mind gets blown away and I come up with such amazing Ideas if you just describe to me how a guitar is made or how Languages relate, history. Stuff that bores the hell out of some people to the point they really don't want to talk to you.

So the little aliens in this drawing are kind of just dealing with the obstacle of disinterest.

ichbinnichttoll1 karma

can you draw a bunch of people turning into unicorns and other mystical creatures who are melting in the desert

Mozartist12 karma