This is my second AMA! I've got a few moments to chat with fans!

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Whakahoa138 karma

Any thoughts on making a spin-off game where we follow Three Dog as he travels the wastelands of the US to find the last remaining records?

ETDellums310 karma

I want all my Wastelanders to contact Bethesda Softworks and demand Three Dog's return to more games!

ETDellums24 karma

I moving this AMA to the Fallout site. Catch me there.

Grungemaster55 karma

Can you explain the mysterious codes that you read followed by Morse code? Is this more than a theory or a joke?

ETDellums67 karma

I can't reveal them either because I truly don't know, or the people at Bethesda Softworks would kill me!

Jamal_the_narwhal39 karma

Three Dog is a great character and you're hilarious. Any chance you could do voice acting in more games?

ETDellums46 karma

There will be more fun stuff coming this year! I'll keep everyone posted. Follow me on Twitter@ETDellums

Jamal_the_narwhal16 karma

I also got my friends who play fallout to follow you too.

ETDellums27 karma

Cool! Much love, brother!

Jamal_the_narwhal9 karma

I already do!

ETDellums17 karma

What's up?

nostalgicBadger31 karma

Would you rather fight one yao guai sized mirelurk or one hundred mirelurk sized yao guai?

ETDellums39 karma

I always to better fight one at a time!

MrRonGalvan27 karma

Honestly one of my favorite characters from gaming. When I heard I could kill off your character I avoided it like the plague, but I can see how jarring it would be if you heard yourself while playing the game. Did you play Fallout 3 much? And if you did, did you kill yourself off?

ETDellums67 karma

Thanks for not killing me bro. I could never kill of the Three Dog! AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

ONXwat24 karma

I love you, three dog. I really do. But i gotta admit, i put down tons of mines and blasted your ass to high heaven. I'm so sorry.

ETDellums8 karma

Man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

ONXwat4 karma

Holy shit, three dog responded to me. Also, three dog in the next fallout? i like this idea.

ETDellums6 karma

I love the idea!

ETDellums17 karma

I'm moving this AMA to the Fallout site. Catch me there in a minute.

Skittle_power18 karma

Just wanna say I didn't have the heart to kill your character off but I sure as hell stole ALOT of your stuff lol that's what ya get for sending me to the top of that building lol ;)

ETDellums26 karma

You can't kill the Three Dog!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

Skittle_power12 karma

Fallout is my fav game and 3 Dog is my favorite character it's so fucking cool to actually be talking with you! Thanks for responding you made my night :)

ETDellums30 karma

AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW! Fight the good fight!

CkeehnerPA16 karma

Hey Three Dog! I was hoping you would return! How was your New Years?

ETDellums18 karma

New Years was great! Happy to be back!

Roonster68815 karma

Pleasure to talk with you three dog! What city or town do you currently live in? And where did you grow up?

ETDellums22 karma

I grew up in Berkeley California and Washington, DC

ETDellums13 karma

I live in DC. I orginally from California.

Roonster68842 karma

Sweet! Thanks for always giving us the truth, no matter how bad it hurt

ETDellums16 karma

You're welcome brother!

jrriojase4 karma

Are you the Enclave?

ETDellums3 karma

Wish I could comment.

TonyTwoFingers11 karma

No question, just wanted to say that I'm a big fan, and that you added a lot to the atmosphere of a terrific game. Kudos, and thank you!

ETDellums16 karma

TonyTwoFingers, thank you!

shethran10 karma

How cool was it working with Bethesda Softworks?

ETDellums13 karma

Love it!

shethran7 karma

Would you do it again?

ETDellums14 karma

In a heartbeat!

thedukeofdukes2 karma

i know you probably get asked this a lot, but i need to know. the numbers station. does it actually exist?

also, what was your favorite line to record in the recording studio?

ETDellums2 karma

I don't know if the station number actually exists. I have so many favorite lines. "What did somebody fart?" "It's my baby, I bathe it!" So many! Can't wait to do more...

Oznog991 karma

Did you provide any of the motion cap for Three Dog, or did they script that elsewhere?

ETDellums2 karma

I didn't. But I will say I've been invited to next time. Oops, did I say, next time...

Depresso-The-Clown1 karma

I killed you because you kept calling me a heartless bitch...just because I killed everyone I met :(

ETDellums2 karma

You killed everyone? Heartless...