I grow, trim, and enjoy my work. I work in a warehouse, indoors, using lights and dirt to grow medical marijuana...




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ohcontraire194 karma

Would you rather smoke 1 tree-sized joint, or 100 joint-sized trees?

BlaisOne237 karma

1 tree sized joint

iamaredditer168 karma

How much of your work do you take home with you?

BlaisOne721 karma

Enough to forget I went to work.

ohcontraire154 karma

This is a great answer.

BlaisOne179 karma

So true though.

iamaredditer126 karma

I guess OP got stoned and forgot they were doing an AMA.

BlaisOne292 karma

Yes. Yes I did.

ohcontraire89 karma

/r/trees would be proud of this statement.

BlaisOne68 karma

Would be a good trees xpost, but i dont know how to du such things lol

ohcontraire109 karma

Do you sell the marijuana directly to customers, or use a middle man? If you do sell it directly, is there anyone you simply would not sell to?

BlaisOne137 karma

Directly. And yes, we deny a lot of people who return to much. If your using it for yourself we know, if your buying for others we also know and wont do it.

TerryTheJanitor71 karma

How do you know if someones buying too much? I know of a medical club that has a quarter pound menu, and that just sounds too obvious.

BlaisOne99 karma

We dont do more then 2 ozs a day, and that rarely twice a week.

ohcontraire106 karma

In light of recent marijuana legalization in other states, do you think it will take long for the rest of the country to follow suit? What is your opinion on current legalization laws?

BlaisOne174 karma

I think we will see it in our lifetime. And it will make a good taxable dollar.

Auggi38979 karma

When am i going to find marijuana in stores around denver??

BlaisOne116 karma

Id say 24 months.

j343465 karma

Hi - I have replaced xanax and valium with marijuana. I use edible cookies or brownies as I hate to smoke and it seems to sty in your system longer when eaten. maybe because you slowly digest the food and it is absorbed ? Anyway - there is a problem when I get too much or too little. i need a consistent dose ... just like a consistent dose is needed with with xanax. Have you heard of any chemists who have made a THC pill available with pharmaceutical accurate doses ? Maybe you can team up with someone and do it. It will make it much more useful as you can start with a low dose and increase slowly to see what works for the individual.

BlaisOne47 karma

I have not looked into pharmaceuticals but if you enjoy edibles you need to find out how much dosage is each batch. I can make a brownie with.5 dose or one with 10 doses and you would never know the difference until you ate it. Dosages should be on all edibles in medical states. For now I don't know how to make it exact enough for a pill...?!?!

j343429 karma

It does not have to be in a pill ... but if I want the same amount of THC each time. A "dose" or ".5 dose" is not the same batch to batch. I'm just saying it would be nice to mix in a tittle science in determining how much you take.

BlaisOne29 karma

We make ours pretty constantly and have them tested. Average 225mg per cookie. 8 doses...

rapid_seamonkey52 karma

Since you work there, do you get any bonuses? Do you catch my drift?

BlaisOne75 karma

We get lower prices through the storefront. But everything is legal and on paper...

rapid_seamonkey43 karma

Fantastic job, I'm envious of you.

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LordAnon570351 karma

Is this really "medical" marijuana or more like "my back hurts, give me weed" marijuana?

BlaisOne98 karma

If your back hurts and you smoke rather then take aspirin. Yes.

LordAnon570356 karma

I should rephrase. Is this "my back hurts nudge, nudge, wink, wink" marijuana?

BlaisOne74 karma

My buddy went to the dr, he had a valid reason, the dr said to him "So... it hurts when you walk?" he thought about it a second and said "yes" so his medical reason is it hurts when he walks. So yes there is some people who take advantage of the system, but at least they just want to do what they do legally.

ppsh4150 karma

Are you worried about the DEA/FBI/Insert Federal Law Enforcement agency here because Marijuana is illegal under federal law? How does that legal grey area work?

BlaisOne64 karma

Im not worried because we stay within the limits under the Colorado Medical Marijuana enforcement division. If you are operating illegally its business as usual for the feds, or local for that matter.

ohcontraire35 karma

Couldn't they theoretically bust you though, if they wanted to expend the resources to do it? Does the CMM protect you in this instance, or are you on your own?

BlaisOne58 karma

The money we pay to grow is supposed to be a protective fund for us. But in reality Im sure the feds could walk in anytime.

WaywardWayfarer24 karma

Though his question is exactly that, business as usual for the Federal government is seeing cannabis as a Schedule I illicit drug and that supersedes state law.

I wish you the best though.

BlaisOne22 karma

Its can only move forward now. Cheers!

ohcontraire50 karma

Did you use to grow illegally before marijuana was legalised on Colorado? If so, did you run into any problems with the law?

BlaisOne83 karma

Yes I did. No I never have.

ultimate_feeling49 karma

Do they still drug test for weed when u apply for a job in colorado?

BlaisOne90 karma

Normal jobs, Yes.

ohcontraire49 karma

How many plants do you grow? What is the legal limit in Colorado?

BlaisOne78 karma

We have over 1,000. Legal is 6 per person / 6 per patient.

ohcontraire42 karma

I am taken aback at how many pro-legalization groups there really are, and so I ask: which are the best to support? Are there any we should avoid?

BlaisOne50 karma

Honestly I dont even follow it. Sad but true.

ohcontraire40 karma

Just waitin' on the world to change, eh?

BlaisOne134 karma

Just making the word around me as medicated as possible.

DaV3eD35 karma

What's your salary?

BlaisOne85 karma

20 an hour. 50-60 hours a week. to stoned to do anymore math lol

supreyes51 karma

1000-1200 a week.

BlaisOne36 karma

Sounds about right.

FavoritePokemon33 karma

Who is your favorite Pokemon?

BlaisOne95 karma

Couldnt name one if my life depended on it.

ohcontraire36 karma

Psst. Just say charizard.

BlaisOne194 karma

Kasey Jones.

ohcontraire31 karma

What do you net from an average plant? Do you have a lot of expenses to take care of?

BlaisOne46 karma

2-8 ozs. There is a huge overhead and a ridiculous power bill.

ohcontraire30 karma

What is the criteria that makes someone eligible for medical marijuana?

BlaisOne66 karma

$75. State resident. No felonies. No taxes owed.

ohcontraire21 karma

Are there any illnesses that you know of that would keep people from being eligible?

BlaisOne27 karma


ohcontraire28 karma

How does the marijuana community decide on names for new strains? Is there any sort of advisory board or something, the way that new elements have to be approved by the IUPAC?

BlaisOne86 karma

They smoke a joint and come up with whats they think is the best fit.

ohcontraire27 karma

Haha, that's pretty great. I can see it now.

"Woooow, that's a 10. Reminds me of that park I hang out in. Let's call it Clover."

Recent study shows clover cannabis to be the fastest-growing nationwide. Users report feeling like they are capering around in a field.

Edit: I don't smoke, so sorry if that's inaccurate.

BlaisOne27 karma

Funny none the less.

ohcontraire28 karma

Do you think if marijuana is legalised in America, other countries will do the same? And, following on, how long do you think it would take before it became legal elsewhere?

BlaisOne30 karma

I think we will see it in our lifetime. And it will make a good taxable dollar, The UN would follow not far behind.

Inflatulated25 karma

Do you deliver?


BlaisOne47 karma

Nope. Dont even drive high anymore. Fully legal.

ohcontraire24 karma

Have you ever grown outside? Did it produce better-quality plants?

BlaisOne42 karma

Negative. I have always found that to be very easily found...

antoniusmagnus24 karma

How do I get your job? Seriously.

BlaisOne42 karma

Get a badge from the state and apply... Its not hard.

ohcontraire21 karma

Are there routine inspections of your crop, or are you mostly left to your own devices?

BlaisOne25 karma

One walk through in the beginning is standard...

ohcontraire20 karma

What is the cost of an ounce of marijuana in your area? Do you think that's reasonable, from the standpoint of a buyer?

BlaisOne26 karma

around $200 for quality. $100 for less then quality but still probably better then half the country. I think its cheap.

ohcontraire19 karma

If someone in a legalized state wanted to (theoretically, of course) start growing their own marijuana, what would be a good way to start doing so? Do you have any tips for first-time growers?

BlaisOne41 karma

But a 1,000 watt light, grow 6 plants under it. Grow in dirt. Have good ventilation.

xVirtualNinjax19 karma

Have you ever been looked down upon/been looked up too for your job?

BlaisOne97 karma

Get funny looks everywhere I go. I have a long beard and long hair and smell like a potent garden after I leave work. Its funny when you go to Morton steak house or somewhere fancy in a hoody and jeans reeking like dope. Half the people look down at you, but all the waitresses smile and say how nice you smell. They always take a joint for a tip to. Alot of poeple may be jealous of it but its just work. Clock in hours everyday. At least I have a passion for what I do and enjoy every minute of it.

The1RGood50 karma

At least I have a passion for what I do and enjoy every minute of it.

Good on you! Screw people that judge. Be happy and give no fucks!

BlaisOne56 karma

No fucks given!

burgeoning_philosoph16 karma

At least before legalization in CO, couldn't the waiters/waitresses have been fired for accepting drugs on the job?

BlaisOne22 karma

Im sure they still could, I imagine the nicer places drug test.

BenZonaa12940 karma

Speaking from years in the restaurant industry. They don't. Almost every waiter/cook/bartender/restaurenteur gets fucked up some way or another

BlaisOne24 karma

Yes. Yes they do. The cooks even more.

personalstache12 karma

im a cook moving out to colorado in hopes of doing what you do, wish me luck

BlaisOne29 karma

Good luck sir. Go to boulder. Not denver.

anotherbh19 karma

Favorite strain? To work with and to get you stoned?

BlaisOne38 karma

Love working with OGKush/ and smoking!lol

ohcontraire19 karma

What additional nutrients do you use on your plants, if any?

BlaisOne25 karma

Fish meal.

ohcontraire17 karma

Do you plan on answering any questions? Edit: Yay, he's finally answering! I hope I didn't have any repeat questions.

BlaisOne81 karma

Sorry. I was medicating.

MaximumParsimony15 karma

Hi there, thanks for the AMA!

Now I'm not sure if you're involved in the biz at the level of budgeting / balance sheets, etc, but I'm interested in the economics of the whole thing. A friend of mine needs MM to fend off chronic nerve pain, and I it is sad to see how much MJ costs.

1] What do you think the actual costs of production of MM is, ballpark? I mean if you could factor out all the expenses involved in being illegal? [and I guess you guys are pretty much not needing to be worried about anything other than having a sanitary, secure growing facility now in CO?]

2] Will people be able to grow outside in CO? How does this effect the costs of production?

3]Will MM ever get down into the <$50/oz range, or is there so much work involved with keeping everything trimmed that it will always be expensive?


BlaisOne12 karma

1- depends on the size, much like anything. You cant grow enough to support yourself so your always going to look for more. (most cant) 2. People have been growing forever. Everywhere. Nothing has changed in the cost of legal or illegal dope. 3. Yes. When rjreynolds steps in and the government ...oh wait. No it wont.

MittyMandi15 karma

Say someone was interested in becoming a baker/confectioner for a dispensary. What would be the best way to go about doing this?

BlaisOne22 karma

In Colorado you need a MIP ( marijuana infused product) license and a state certified kitchen. Then you can sell to dispensaries. If you just wanna cook then you can probably find someone with a MIP license looking for help.

ohcontraire14 karma

What are your favorite strains of marijuana? Have you made any new strains yourself?

BlaisOne20 karma

Kush and Blue Dream are a few of the top for me. A well done diesel is always good. We have a few crosses but none Im proud of yet.

zabelboots7 karma

I just picked up a bit of blue dream the other day. Must say it is one of the best things I've toked.

BlaisOne7 karma

That what I thought the first time I tried it a few years back, Started growing it immediately. lol.

ohcontraire13 karma

How does one go about getting a growing license in Colorado?

BlaisOne26 karma

Currently anyone can grow up to 6 plants. Just have to be a resident.

ohcontraire13 karma

How much did you invest in equipment when you first started?

BlaisOne14 karma

Was three houses blended into one. 30k?!?

ohcontraire12 karma

How much do you make per growing season? (this doesn't have to be exact, but a ballpark estimate would be nice)

BlaisOne15 karma

Well... a season for us ends every week. We pull down 70 plants per week.

ohcontraire11 karma

Can you grow year-round then, since you grow inside?

BlaisOne13 karma

Yes. We grow year round.

ohcontraire11 karma

Since you say you work with marijuana, does that mean you sell to outside dispensaries/vendors, or do you market it yourself? If you do sell to other vendors, how many do you sell to?

BlaisOne14 karma

We make and sell everything in house.

ohcontraire10 karma

How did you get into the business of growing marijuana?

BlaisOne20 karma

Started smoking when I was 11 and growing at 14... Kinda turned its course now that its legal.

ohcontraire17 karma

Wow, so you've been at it for a long time. How long did it take to get your license?

BlaisOne49 karma

An hour, and I didnt even have a proper appointment.

ohcontraire10 karma

Do you find cultivation of cannabis for the purpose of making hash economically feasible, to the same degree as bud?

BlaisOne19 karma

Yes. Make your hash from your trimming and keep your nugs for your jar.

ohcontraire10 karma

How long does it usually take a plant to grow? Also, how long is the growing season/when is it?

BlaisOne12 karma

5 months. We grow indoor and constantly. We have no season.

andicotsteel9 karma

Where are the business opportunities now that it's becoming legalized? I mean outside of growing and selling it any ideas on businesses serving the demand that still need to be created?

BlaisOne19 karma

There a fair amount of head shops and whatnot here. If you were a smart person and could figure out how to turn all out waste product in to paper or similar and make money from it I think you would be on the right track. We have alot of waste.

ohcontraire8 karma

Have you ever had a problem with people trying to break onto your property and steal your crops? If so, how do you protect them?

BlaisOne13 karma

No one had tried to come inside. But we have had several dumpster breakins, though we leave nothing useable in them.

ohcontraire8 karma

Is there an annual licensing fee to grow in Colorado?

BlaisOne10 karma

Only for the larger scale growers with dispensaries.

ohcontraire8 karma

How big is the average plant you grow? How many ounces do you harvest from an average plant?

BlaisOne24 karma

We used to go about 6 foot but we found turnover and yield works better when beginning to flower around 4 ft. Usually we get 2-8 ozs per plant.

ohcontraire8 karma

How can marijuana legalization be better advertised to the public going forward? Is there anything you notice right now that is slowing the legalization process?

BlaisOne12 karma

Its all got to do with federal law. But this is making the gov and the UN re look marijuana as a whole.

Sneaky_Couch7 karma

How did you get involved in this business? Did you just know enough people and have the experience to be able to become what you are today?

BlaisOne9 karma

I have always been involved, it just became legal. I was at the right place at the right time.

vivepopo7 karma

What's been one if your customers weirdest request when buying weed

BlaisOne16 karma

Alot of guys ask for things that girls will like... You just look at them like "dumbs, your supposed to be buying it for your personal medical use..." Not so much weird stuff though.

FallingDominos9 karma


BlaisOne9 karma

Well, they like edibles at the end of the month. wink wink.

TheFuckinMandrew7 karma

What is the most high grade marijuana you've grown?

How do auto plants compare to standard growing methods?

BlaisOne17 karma

NYCD came in at 28% the. Auto plants are good for the small closet home grower, but not for a larger scale operation.

MikefromPrison7 karma


BlaisOne14 karma


mitt20127 karma

How will Amendment 64 affect your business now that anyone over 21 can grow 6 plants legally?

BlaisOne8 karma

For a while it wont. We all still follow the medical rules until the new rules are clear. Most people cant grow well so its wont be a problem.

IhaveSomeQuestions567 karma


BlaisOne16 karma

In colorado get a support card and look on craigslist.

Kunt_Thunda6 karma

Even though it is legal now, do you ever feel paranoid or worried at all you can get busted?

BlaisOne16 karma

That feeling has not left yet. But its something you dont worry about. Just have your lawyer ready.

Kunt_Thunda8 karma

True. Congrats on the dream job.

BlaisOne16 karma


Waterrat4 karma

How did you get this job and what is the annual salary? Also are certain strains specific for treating say glaucoma?

BlaisOne3 karma

I applied to a craigs list ad. I make $20 an hour and work 50-60 hr weeks. I dont know about strains specifically for that.

___on___on___3 karma

So will your club stay a MMJ club or will everyone just open their doors to the public once the legalization goes through?

BlaisOne4 karma

MMJ until federal changes.