I am a hometown kid and attended Howard D. Woodson HS in Washington, D.C. before going on to attend Virginia Tech University. While at Virginia Tech, I posted 122 receptions for 1,817 yards, finishing 2nd in school history with 122 receptions (WR Ernest Wilford - 126 receptions). The San Francisco 49ers drafted me in the sixth round (No. 174 overall) of the 2008 NFL Draft and I signed with the Redskins as a free agent in March of 2012.

I wouldn’t be the man I am today without my godparents, Patrick Gaither, who was my AAU basketball coach, and Sonja Strickland-Gaither. They had such a big influence on me growing up. As a child, I dedicated a lot of my time to writing poems and, when football is all said and done, I want to write books, including a book of poetry and autobiography. I feel that it is important to give back to the city that raised me so I volunteer with the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation at various community events around the D.C. Metropolitan-area. I've only got 15 minutes because we have a big game coming up vs. Dallas, but ask me anything about the team, my family, or my work in the community.

I’ve tweeted my verification (@Redskins)

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wtfrainbow610 karma

Mila Kunis or Kate Upton?

Redskinsdotcom1374 karma

Mila Kunis.

Redskinsdotcom498 karma

Alright I gotta get back to meetings to prepare for Dallas but thanks everyone for your questions. We need you loud Sunday! HTTR

cunt_stamp370 karma

Would you rather fight 1 Mike Shanahan-sized duck or 100 duck-sized Mike Shanahans?

Redskinsdotcom649 karma

100 duck-sized Mike Shanahans

bashar_al_assad360 karma

What's the hardest part of being a receiver that nobody knows about?

Redskinsdotcom1175 karma

How much you run and not knowing whether you're going to get the ball. It's devastating.

GayZ289 karma

Big fan Josh!! I love your playing style. In week 13 against the Giants with the infamous RG3 fumble the original play looked like a triple option and if Robert was in any trouble he would pitch it to you. Nearing the end zone the ball indeed did pop out.

The way you reacted catching the ball was it because the designed play was an option toss and that is why you stayed near him or was it really you being there at the right time and being able to score?

Redskinsdotcom525 karma

It was a designed toss and I was screaming pitch it the whole time. He fumbled, but the way I look at it is that he finally pitched it. But yeah it was an option.

Squalor_Victoria248 karma

As someone who was teammates with both, what are your thoughts on what happened with Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick?

Redskinsdotcom367 karma

I know the 49ers have always been high on Kaep, but I'm sure it's tough on Alex because he's a competitor. But I know Coach Harbaugh always goes with his gut. But it's never easy to lose your job.

timdicator225 karma

When you go in motion, I always see receivers point toward the sideline after getting set. What are you doing?

Also, HTTR! Beat Dallas!

Redskinsdotcom653 karma

To ask the referee if we're onsides.

hmcbabe164 karma

Hello Josh, thank you for doing this!

What is your diet on game day, before and after (and possibly during) the game? HTTR!

Redskinsdotcom485 karma

I usually keep it to pasta before the game and Hong Kong carryout after the game.

thatdude6566161 karma

Joshua! Die-hard Skins fan here. What's it like to work with RG3? How has your life been changed by playing in the NFL? Any thoughts on this Sunday's game? HTTR!

Also, I once heard FOX commentators debating your name. Do you go by Josh or Joshua?

Redskinsdotcom267 karma

It's a lot of fun to play with RGIII, it's like playing with your little brother and having him throw you the football. But it's definitely a learning process because he's still a rookie.

I have a good circle around me so playing in the NFL hasn't really changed my life too much. The tough thing is to get used to all of the traveling we have to do. I go by Josh or Joshua. It doesn't matter.

PeenTang123 karma

Hey Josh, lifetime Skins fan here. I've been looking forward to Sunday night all week and wish you and the team all the best of luck. You've been a pleasure to watch all season.

My question(s): Can you describe the atmosphere around Ashburn as you guys prepare for Dallas week? Can you feel that this week is different than the other weeks considering the magnitude of this particular game? Can you predict the score?


Redskinsdotcom213 karma

Yeah, most definitely. The excitement around here is like we're getting ready for the Super Bowl. Playoffs are on the line and we can feel it. Everybody's feeling it around the facility.

bashar_al_assad122 karma

Which game so far this season have you enjoyed the most?

Redskinsdotcom535 karma

Thanksgiving Day beating the Cowboys.

Nubboi100 karma

Who is your favorite Virginia Tech football player of all time? Favorite Redskins player of all time?

Redskinsdotcom218 karma

Art Monk and MIchael Vick.

candypaint91 karma

Joshua, thank you for the time to do this. Keep up the great community work and show off your outstanding character.

If you weren't a NFL star, how would you pursue a writing career?

Redskinsdotcom155 karma

Well, I like to think I would have played in the NBA. But same as sports, I would have tried to find the best publisher out there that would take my work.

bashar_al_assad90 karma

Did you always dream of being a receiver? Or did you originally try to play a different position?

Redskinsdotcom217 karma

I always wanted to be a receiver. Starting out everybody and my coaches told me I needed to be a receiver after they saw me on the basketball court. Then I saw Randy Moss and Jerry Rice play and there was no question in my mind that I wanted to play receiver.

Nubboi90 karma

What was your favorite place to eat in Blacksburg? What is your favorite place to eat in the Washington DC area?

Redskinsdotcom202 karma

Buffalo Wild Wings every Tuesday in Blacksburg. Then Oos and Ahhs in DC is definitely my favorite spot.

SlimReynolds77 karma

Congratulations on finding a comfortable spot in your home town. All of us Skins fans are glad to have you back. Do you think that playing in a more Beamer-esque offense during the Tyrod Taylor years is helping you perform better on the Skins, or are your skills an attestation to your ability to adapt to whatever playbook is thrown your way?

Redskinsdotcom117 karma

Playing in a Beamer coached offense definitely helped prepare me for playing with an athletic quarterback like RGIII. So yeah, it's definitely helped.

roflcopter6872 karma

What's your favorite music to listen to before a game?

Redskinsdotcom234 karma

Jay Z and Wale.

BitchesLove50 karma


Redskinsdotcom108 karma

It's still something I look forward to doing each week. It is a job and you put a lot of time into it but it's all worth it on Sunday's.

bashar_al_assad46 karma

How have you seen the quarterbacking and receiving corps develop throughout the season?

Redskinsdotcom77 karma

I think we just got more comfortable with each other and just understanding the offense. A lot of us were new to Kyle Shanahan's offense so I think most of us just got comfortable with the offense.