So I'm currently waiting to board my flight from Detroit to the Caribbean. I decided to dress in a full Santa suit (no beard) to surprise my parents on Christmas morning. I have a 10 hour layover in Miami and I get in at midnight. So far quite a few women have been approaching me to take my picture. AMA about this adventure.

Update: One of the gate attendants came up to me, smiling, and wanted to know where I was headed. I told her and she said to let her see my ticket. She came back about a minute later and said that she just upgraded me to first class.

Update 2: Five hours to go and I'm chilling at the terminal: Random woman comes up to me and buys me drinks. I think I chose the most appropriate drink.

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nburghmatt25 karma

jaleel white dressed as santa claus? you're gonna bag some ladies on this trip, my dude.

SwaggerBoisterously21 karma

Ha ha. That's the plan. Apparently the most confident women are the ones who approach me or smile from across the room. And they happen to be quite sexy... I'm trying not to be creepy but I have a few hours and if one of these ladies were to sit on my lap that would make my day.

AlphaLima2 karma


SwaggerBoisterously3 karma

Nah.. I think I am a few inches taller than him.

AlphaLima1 karma

Ah, so you just look amazingly like my friend.

SwaggerBoisterously5 karma

I get that a lot especially if your friend is Urkel.

mynameisalso28 karma

Would you rather fly with one reindeer sized duck or 100 duck sized reindeer?

SwaggerBoisterously23 karma

Got to go with the reindeer. Santa cannot be Santa without them.

mynameisalso16 karma

Why no beard? Kinda seems like with no beard you're phoning it in. Not to be rude.

SwaggerBoisterously29 karma

I chickened out since I thought immigration may not allow me to wear it. That and it was quite itchy.

nickcan6 karma

What are you talking about? The man has his own beard.

philotamus6 karma

And a mighty fine one at that.

SwaggerBoisterously25 karma

Why thank you. And to the nice list you go!

atarifundotcom16 karma


SwaggerBoisterously25 karma

Ha. Nice! I'd watch that shit all day with my homies. Rudolph be straight pimpin' son.

NarfArf11 karma

Do you feel like you're helping spread the holiday cheer? Heartwarming examples would be lovely.

SwaggerBoisterously44 karma

Most definitely. Even the TSA were having fun with me. They told me I could even wear the suit through the scanner as long as I put them on the nice list. A little kid just came up and hugged me!

NarfArf9 karma

Awh, that's always nice to hear. Merry christmas to you.

SwaggerBoisterously16 karma

Thanks and a Merry Christmas to you too!

philotamus11 karma

How many times have to had to say "ho-ho-ho"?

SwaggerBoisterously20 karma

So far, I have said it 23 times.

pizej9 karma

i hope you did not forget my maserati.

SwaggerBoisterously11 karma

It's already under the tree.

BridgetteBane7 karma

Are you being particularly creepy and asking those women "What can I give you for Christmas this year?"

SwaggerBoisterously44 karma

I just asked this woman if she was nice this year and she said "Santa you already know that I have been naughty but in a nice way".

amatrini7 karma

Which Caribbean island are you going to if you don't mind me asking?

SwaggerBoisterously17 karma

I'm Trini and I'm heading home.

amatrini4 karma

Fellow trini here. Hope you have sorrel and black cake waiting for you! Enjoy the holiday

SwaggerBoisterously8 karma

You have no idea how much I have missed some callaloo. Pastels and sorrel aside, I haven't been home in so long and the food is one of the biggest things I missed.

drillah2 karma

Hope you get to enjoy some doubles along with everything else.

SwaggerBoisterously1 karma

Mmmm. Doubles...

lexilolita6 karma

I've been a very naughty girl this year. Do I still get coal or does Black Santa give something else? ;)

SwaggerBoisterously36 karma

Naughty ladies get spankings from Santa.

Jmk4205 karma

Oh my, Santa is black?

SwaggerBoisterously21 karma

The sun in Miami can do that to you! SPF 50 for me next time.

OttStew5 karma

How many times have the TSA groped you today?

SwaggerBoisterously42 karma

Just twice. Once for security and the other time for fun.

TheBananaQuestion5 karma

When you eat a banana do you move your mouth to the banana or the banana to your mouth?

SwaggerBoisterously25 karma

Black Santa does not usually eat bananas my friend.

iadtyjwu3 karma

how many cookies have you eaten today?

SwaggerBoisterously9 karma

None. I haven't eaten anything yet. Saving room for later.

Crumbford3 karma

What is your favourite manoeuvre for descending chimneys?

SwaggerBoisterously13 karma

I fall very gracefully.

redbedhaed3 karma

This has to be the best way to spend a 10 hour layover! How else would you have it?

SwaggerBoisterously12 karma

7 hours to go and I just got a serenade from the people at the airport bar! Great times! Definitely worth it.

Frub83 karma

Bacon popcorn or Baconnaise?

SwaggerBoisterously23 karma

I actually had bacon popcorn. Quite tasty! I'm up for tasting baconnaise though. There is never a bad choice for bacon. Unless it's no bacon.

PlsDontBraidMyBeard3 karma

Thai food or Indian food or Chinese Food?

SwaggerBoisterously11 karma

Easy .....Thai food.

KingJohnIII2 karma

There are some fucking idiots around here.

I think this is great, one of the best AMA's I've seen.

Merry Christmas to you sir, have a good one!

SwaggerBoisterously1 karma

Merry Christmas to you too my Internet friend.

team_magma1 karma

What part of the Caribbean ?

SwaggerBoisterously3 karma

I'm from Trinidad and Tobago..

ATxBASE1 karma

I don't mean to be racist, but have any kids been aw-struck because you're black?

SwaggerBoisterously9 karma

Actually not at all. I don't think little kids interpret race the same way adults do. They see Santa and immediately their eyes light up. It's incredible.

nehm551 karma

east or west side?

SwaggerBoisterously1 karma

Of Trinidad? West side.

nehm55-5 karma

no detroit

SwaggerBoisterously7 karma

Oh sorry. I'm not from Detroit. I'm a researcher at UofM in Ann Arbor.

vaporeon46-19 karma

This is the least interesting AMA I've ever seen.

SwaggerBoisterously24 karma

And..... Naughty list for you. Just kidding. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you.

SwaggerBoisterously6 karma