I used to teach high school and currently make a living creating video content on YouTube and selling a cooking set! My new show is called Epic Chef and I make Gordon Ramsey look like a nice guy in comparison -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2Um-uS2ytU Ask Me Anything and at 4pmEST onwards, the rest of EpicMealTime cast will be here to answer specific questions towards them!! PROOF: http://instagram.com/p/TWYDAdOxgx/ [EDIT] THANKS SO MUCH!! Front Page status all day was awesome!! I posted all our social networks if you want to continue cyber-sexing us!! Thanks again!

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253fersure1526 karma

Can I be the sauce boss for a day?

HarleyMore2602 karma

You can be the sauce boss from now....

HarleyMore2711 karma

....until now. How was it?

Purpl3Surreal1336 karma

How have you not died of alcohol poisoning?

HarleyMore2806 karma

I ain't no bitch.

SpecialAgent1248 karma

What was teaching highschool like? Were you the fun teacher? What'd you teach?

HarleyMore2942 karma

I used to enjoy trolling the kids. Sometimes I would have a tv set up at the front of the class so when the kids came in they were all like "yessss! We're watching a movie!" and then after taking attendance I'd be like "Oh! This TV is from the earlier class....weird.....take out your textbooks and turn to page.."

ChewbaccasCousinDick1171 karma

Seriously dude. Tell it to us straight, are you drowning in copious amounts of vagina thanks to Epic Meal Time? How much are we talking here? What's the craziest offer you've had random ladies throw at you?

HarleyMore2471 karma

I had a guy offer me his girlfriend for a night after a live show once. She was down. They were both begging. I felt weird inside. There are lots more opportunities with the opposite sex for me now, but there must be a balance. Being with too many partners will certainly make you feel gross. I'm a clean freak and I like to know someone first, so I never get down with random sluts. I like to know someone's not psycho before i finger their mouth with my penis.

DrCockter1096 karma

What influenced you to create Epic Meal Time?

HarleyMore2552 karma


idbonescully1084 karma

Have the fast food restaurants you get your supplies from begun to recognize you and get that kind of "oh shit here he comes" look whenever you show up?

HarleyMore2042 karma

Sometimes I go to Wendy's and the employees start sweating. They start tripping out and I'm usually just in there for a single Baconator.

Softcorps_dn668 karma

Can we just take a second and talk about what a perfect sandwich the Baconator is? It's got exactly what I'm looking for in a fast food experience without all the shitty extras you'd get on a Big Mac or Whopper.

mydrunkpigeon1217 karma

You mean vegetables?

Softcorps_dn407 karma

Yeah, also that extra layer of bun in the middle of the Big Mac. So pointless.

thenuge26496 karma

That space would be much better if they replaced it with bacon.

connorblikre288 karma

McDonalds seems to vastly underestimate what is a "good amount" of bacon for their burgers

HarleyMore1173 karma

McDonald's has the worst bacon of every fast food chain.

Risotto861033 karma

What has been the most unexpected impact of EMT on your life?

HarleyMore2283 karma

I can finally afford a gaming PC!!!

alsoodani476 karma

What games do you play on your gaming pc?

HarleyMore1236 karma

Only ones that are NOT available on console. I do this because most my friends play online consoles. But I did get Borderlands 2 on PC and Hitman on PC.

spydr101963 karma

How much weight have you gained since EMT began?

HarleyMore1876 karma

I gained about 35-40lbs at my fattest. It was cool to finally have a gut big enough for me to name. It's name is Balthazar. I levelled out at about 15-20lbs more than when I first started.


What's your favorite recipe that you've ever made? Are there any that you haven't tried yet but are really excited to?

Also, you're attractive as fuck.

HarleyMore1482 karma

I really enjoyed 84 Egg Sandwich! But I love those shitty McDonald's egg sandwiches. Also, I would like to make love to you. If you're female.


Lucky for the both of us, I am in fact a female! I propose an evening of steak, whiskey, and wild sex.

HarleyMore993 karma

Ok. What do I need to bring?


You handle the cooking, I'll handle the booze. Also, bring rope and/or handcuffs.

HarleyMore1100 karma

I have so many boners now.

blumpkinconqueso982 karma

Jealous of all the bacon sex you're both about to have...

HarleyMore1415 karma

I'm jealous of your incredible username!

d0ublsh0tt798 karma

What was the most disgusting meal you had to eat on the show?

HarleyMore1427 karma

Turtle Soup! I fuckin hated it. Everyone else liked it though.

Afarr253 karma

Was it actual turtle in the soup? because where I live they call it turtle soup but it doesn't actually have turtle

HarleyMore765 karma

It had butchered turtle meat and we served it in a turtle shell with Jack Dan... actually... here -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toiLy3R-38M

imgyal792 karma

I met you guys last year at my school. Forgot to ask: has Jack Daniels ever contacted you about the immense publicity you've created for them?

HarleyMore1324 karma

No. But we sold a Whiskey Lube at one point and they thought it looked too similar to their packaging. They asked us to stop selling it. They were very kind about the whole thing.

Jushran757 karma

What was your main reason for giving up teaching?

HarleyMore2049 karma

I never gave up teaching. My voicemail still says "Harley Morenstein substitute teacher and host of EpicMealTime..." I currently don't teach because I have close to 3 million subscribers on YouTube that wait for a video each week and my students totally understand that I have a responsibility to make it rain baconstrips online!

WHWells728 karma

How long does it take to shoot an entire episode? What's Deadmau5 like in person?

HarleyMore1407 karma

Could take up to 12 hours of filming for an episode. Deadmau5 is fuckin cool. He just cracks jokes and rips through cigarettes like a madman!

Ploofie724 karma

What is the most money you have spent on just getting the ingredients for one of your creations on Epic Meal Time?

HarleyMore1567 karma

Turbaconepicentipede for Thanksgiving last year. It cost about 5000$ to stuff 10 pigs with 50 birds and attach them all ass to mouth and garnish them with Baconators.

FromTheBetween517 karma

Is alot of that money due to sponsors paying straight for it? Or do they just give you money and then you allot out that money for food / production / etc etc

HarleyMore1910 karma

That was NOT a sponsored meal. We fully paid for that ourselves (it was worth it) and 75% of it ended up at a soup kitchen since it was too much for us to finish. We don't get sponsored that often. I turn down WAAAY more sponsors than I choose to work with. The only sponsors I say yes to have to fall under certain guidelines: 1. It can't be no bitch shit. 2. I (Harley) need to like it myself. So, netflix/certain videogames/certain movies are all cool as long as I like it myself as a person and am comfortable vouching for it. I would never integrate something I dislike. 3. No vegetables or anything that has the word "mini" or "fun-sized" in it.

steelcity_722 karma

Are you really going to cater Joel and Kat's wedding? I read that tweet, that would be hilarious.

HarleyMore967 karma

It would be awesome! I hope we get the opportunity to take part!

Incognetus699 karma

How much can Muscles Glasses lift? (Bench press, squat, deadlift, etc)

HarleyMore1051 karma

Ask him this personally at 4pmEST!

ifunfrank690 karma

Would you kill for bacon?

HarleyMore2008 karma

Yes. I would kill a pig for bacon.

hessleepgolfing670 karma

What are you hiding under that beard?

HarleyMore1944 karma

A bearded fist.

VintageRuins663 karma

Why have you never done anything super spicy? Just not a fan?

HarleyMore1488 karma

Huge fan of spice! The tricky part is spice doesn't really read on camera. So we've added plenty of habaneros to some meals but nobody really cares that much because they don't get to fully appreciate how spicy the meal is by watching. That being said we've been waiting to do a Spice Meal with a scoville counter instead of a calorie counter.

TonyEsteban618 karma

  1. What is your favorite food?
  2. What gave you the idea to start epic meal time?
  3. Any tips for making kick ass steak for Christmas dinner?

HarleyMore1131 karma

  1. Pizza and Hamburgers. Pizza Hamburger. Hamburger Pizza. Either/or.
  2. Hanging with the guys and getting messed up. We came up with the concept and it was a rare occasion where you wake up the next day sober and act on your drunken idea.
  3. Butter and Dr. Pepper

spoonfedsam603 karma

So does the camera guy get to eat any of the delicious food? Or does he just get to watch and wish he wasn't the cameraman?

HarleyMore1230 karma

The cameraman is the same guy that eats with a knife and fork. Cousin Dave. So yeah, he gets in front of the camera too!

HeeroJay575 karma

How did you get the chefs on epic chef to agree to appear on the show?

HarleyMore1290 karma

I said "Hey! Wanna cook on the internet?!" they were like "Fuck Yeah!" I was like "I'm going to be mean..." they were like "Bring it."

tek-rawr553 karma

How was it working with Lights?

HarleyMore1193 karma

She's beautiful.

SpicyCurlyMustache526 karma

Just came here to say that I love the beard, man.

HarleyMore940 karma

Thanks bro. My beard appreciates that.

GDMuffinMan420 karma

Is there ever a moment where any of you seriously consider how this could affect your bodies in the long run?

HarleyMore1191 karma

Yeah. We seriously considered it. It affected our bodies in a little bit of a fat way.

Its_Frosty391 karma

Have you ever weighed yourself before and after filming an episode?
And if so, whats the most weight you have ever gained from it?

HarleyMore867 karma

I do that before and after dripping a twix. Never with an EMT though. I'll do it next time.

Idle_Redditing383 karma

What do you think of this idea? It's basically a way to make your living while partying in cities around the world.

Travel to different parts of the world known for excellent food (Mexico City, Singapore, Shanghai, Istanbul, etc.) where you spend several days sampling the best, meatiest, strangest and greasiest of the local food and getting a feel for it. Then you enlist the help of an awesome, local restaurant to help you make one of your awesome meals based on local food like you did with the Epic Eggroll in January 2011. I'm sure that local fans, including redditors, will be able to help you out with finding a good place and restaurants be willing to do it as long as you pay the restaurant enough. That or try to do it in a fan's house if they're cool with it and can help you cook the new foods.

Also, The area around Southern Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina is meat paradise.

TL;DR Travel around the world doing Epic Meal Time, party, and have an awesome time doing it. It opens up an entire world of different types of meat and alcohol.

HarleyMore593 karma

It's an incredible idea and very similar to two different concepts we have played around with. Whatever we decide to do in the future we make it so that it's still possible to create a new EpicMealTime every Tuesday. So a travelling party channel is totally something we've played with along with some other cool show concepts. In 2013 we should have about 6 shows rolled out.

atwoodb95366 karma

What's your record for alcohol consumed during one show?

HarleyMore792 karma

St. Patrick's Day episode this past year. We all got completely wasted and downed over a bottle each. It was a shit-show!

photoboi323 karma

Hey Harley,

  1. How the hell are you not clinically obese? How the hell do you keep all this stuff off?

  2. Why haven't you done the cinnamon challenge yet.

  3. I imagine all this cooking, shooting the video, editing the video, adding all the sound etc much take a lot of time. But roughly how long, in terms of hours does it take you to actually make each video?

HarleyMore705 karma

  1. Four Hour Body. I only recently discovered this and it's awesome. Grab the book.
  2. Not a priority really. I'm still trying to figure out how to make a Throne of 1000 BaconStrips and so cinnamon spoon is much lower on my list.
  3. On average from conceptualization to upload it could take 40 hours.

BehBleh292 karma

Hey Harley, what do you want for Christmas?

HarleyMore1335 karma

Custom Nikes that are all white but the Nike Check is in baconstrip print. They don't exist but you asked me what I want and I can want anything.

danlarrr286 karma

Will you shave off your beard and mail me the hair?

HarleyMore1089 karma

I have four bags of beard hair from when my beard was it's thickest. I plan on making an awesome paint brush set with it.

hessleepgolfing271 karma

Do you ever worry about heart attacks?

HarleyMore1125 karma

Actually no. I also don't worry about liver failure and cavities. It's a tricky balancing act between "Life is precious and rare so make sure you cherish it by taking care of your body." and "Life is precious and rare so make sure you cherish it by eating plenty of bacon and drinking lots of whiskey and doing what you want!"

emanschwa260 karma

Would you ever consider asking Action Bronson to come on the show and do a guest appearance? He used to be a chef incorporates cooking into his lyrics. He also has a small time cooking show on youtube. Here is a link for one of the episodes, not a lot of bacon in it but it is still a ridiculous creation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PY-yTaW9vdY

HarleyMore494 karma

I've been back and forth with Bronson non-stop. Really looking forward to working with him. It's going down.

funkasaurus88257 karma

Hey Harley, huge fan of EMT. I have two questions:

1) Have you ever had one of your creations go horribly wrong? If so how? 2) I met you guys at Globe last spring and you were all awesome. Of the three main clubs on the corner of St. Laurent, which is the best? Buona Notte, Globe or Koko? Or is there a darkhorse?

Thanks! Keep up the awesome work!

HarleyMore625 karma

1) Our first time doing Meatball Deathstar it was slightly pink. We made it again immediately after but properly this time. 2) We always enjoy showing people that we're not douchebags outside of the kitchen too. I prefer xbox over all of those clubs by the way.

brosiusra256 karma

What is your favorite liquor?

HarleyMore718 karma


Dragodot242 karma

That was a surprise

HarleyMore1110 karma

I'm full of surprises. ....not hitting on you btw bro. Just saying.

Sikatsu248 karma


HarleyMore520 karma

Harley. Which is me. I got it while cruising the internet looking at fatso meal pics. I decided nobody is doing a show about these wild meals and it could be really fun. It was never meant to be weekly but once the first episode got 100,000 views I had to jump at the opportunity to keep it going.

Jakeyyz220 karma

Would you ever go back on PKA with Kyle, Woody and Wings?

HarleyMore231 karma

Any time. We are however coming out with our own Podcast very shortly. Working title: All These Things. I will read every suggestion for a name posted here though.

Avcracy192 karma

How long does it take to lose the weight gained on EMT week after week?

HarleyMore474 karma

Some of this fat here will probably be with me forever. I look forward to spending a lifetime with this gut.

MoonshineBonanza190 karma

I love the new show, Will you be bringing in unknown chefs (or even fans) to participate in Epic Chef?

HarleyMore311 karma

I love your nerd tattoos ;)! We will absolutely be bringing in fan chefs and unknown chefs. The next episode features fan chefs actually on Friday!

Yo_Eleven162 karma

Harley, who is the best pro wrestler in the world today?

HarleyMore594 karma

Goldust. Always and forever.

DickRhino106 karma

Fat Goldust or slim Goldust? I mean, slim Goldust had more energy to do cool shit, but fat Goldust felt more like the true son of Dusty Rhodes.

HarleyMore249 karma

Fat Goldust. Dusty Rhodes is not the father of Goldust in my eyes. He's his own entity!

atrocitylater132 karma

what is the best thing epic meal time's popularity/fame has allowed you to do?

HarleyMore396 karma

Inspire people from my hometown. I come from Montreal, Quebec and it's a really incredible place. It has awesome people but it seems isolated. It's a hard place to "break out of". Most Montrealers move to Toronto or some other city to "make it happen." I feel we inspired lots of people from our hometown ever since we became successful.

4heartace101 karma

What are good low budget, easy made meals for a college aged student, that aren't microwaved?

And seriously what do you do about a vegetarian. Like you've made a really good meal and give it to your friend, only to remember they are a vegetarian?

HarleyMore267 karma

I recommend going to Costco and buying things in bulk. Make yourself a chilli and keep it in the freezer with a whole bunch of ground meat and it could last you all month. You can also buy a huge amount of beef tenderloin for 65$ and end up getting a whole bunch of steaks out of it too. Good moves especially if splitting with a roommate.

Matshazi90 karma

Best experience with a fan?

HarleyMore444 karma


HarleyMore83 karma

Thanks so much for all the awesome questions! This was great!! We always read comments on our Social Networks if you want to keep in touch with us! One of us at any given time are looking through questions and comments! Here's our info: http://www.epicmealtime.com YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/epicmealtime Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EpicMealTime or http://www.twitter.com/harleyplays Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/epicmealtime Google+: https://plus.google.com/107307848559396764238 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/harleyplays

Thanks again!!

lYossarian80 karma

What is your connection to/opinion of Regular Ordinary Swedish Mealtime?

HarleyMore156 karma

I think it started out as a funny parody of our show and it turned out really awesome! -Tyler!

BigPapasInTheHouse73 karma

I know you love Mortal Kombat, I'm a Liu Kang guy myself, which character do you like to play as? Also do you play Smash Bros? If so which character do you play as?

HarleyMore183 karma

I prefer Dead or Alive to be honest. But Sub-Zero for sure. Also, never a big fan of Smash Bros. I wasn't really ever good at it.

_liminal69 karma

How much does musclesglasses lift?

HarleyMore385 karma

all of it

bugginwombat59 karma

Is muscle's glasses going to be in the Expendables 3?

HarleyMore101 karma

He has some issues with Dolph Lungren. We'll see... -Tyler!

TearHugger46 karma

What do you have to say about all those people who deem EMT fake, and that you spit everything out in between shots?

HarleyMore116 karma

Haters gon' hate, you can't really change that. -Tyler!

bloodemerald43 karma


HarleyMore131 karma

Sure. Shotgun bottom half. -Tyler!

hanabi-hime37 karma

Let's say the world's supply of bacon runs out tomorrow. What do you use instead?

HarleyMore125 karma

We drink more to null the pain. -Tyler!

PinkMistful36 karma

Food on a Stick?

HarleyMore76 karma

SMART. -Tyler!

Theblakester32 karma

How long do you plan on doing EMT ?

HarleyMore101 karma

Until we die or the internet shuts down. Whichever comes first. -Tyler!