I read applications, submit decisions, interview students, and visit your high schools for a top-100 national, private research university. Ask me anything!

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EDIT: I'm still trying to answer some posts, if you have something that hasn't been answered yet, I'll do my best to see and answer it. (as of 12/17 @ 8:50 AM EST)


1) Boy scouts look good. Eagle scout looks better. I don't like the boy scouts personally, but I like what you've likely gained as a result of your experiences with them.

2) For home schooled applicants, we typically look more at standardized test grades such as the SAT, ACT, SAT II, AP, etc.

3) I'm not going to tell you which school I work for, sorry!

4) If your school doesn't offer X amounts of APs, we'll know that when your school sends us a secondary school report, so dont worry. If your school offers 2, for example, and you took both, we'll see that as "Oh, he/she did all the rigorous work he/she could"

5) Your 5,000 hours of community service look good, don't worry

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Youngnoveltyaccount854 karma

Do you ever look at the applicant's facebook?

collegeadmiss1600 karma

no, never. i really just dont care.

Youngnoveltyaccount390 karma

Do you know of other Officers who do? Or have you heard stories?

collegeadmiss1254 karma

the only time we've "facebook stalked" was when this girl came in for an interview that she thought was for a job at the university. we needed to figure out more about wtf just happened

randomcanadian418 karma

Did you figure out wtf happened?

collegeadmiss828 karma

nope. no clue

TuckRaker845 karma

Do applicants who don't deserve to get in get in anyway? If so, why?

collegeadmiss1631 karma

yes. early decision students or students who the university wants to admit into the university (relatives of VIPs, son/daughter of esteemed faculty, etc.)

majorgeneralporter16 karma


collegeadmiss28 karma

a big difference-- acceptance rates are very high for EA or ED (essentially REA)

wildibis681 karma

what's the most ridiculous answer you've gotten to an interview question you asked

collegeadmiss1317 karma

probably, literally, nothing. i'll ask a question and i'll get a chuckle, then a laugh, then a smile from a student. and then i'll wait for an answer, and i wont get one, and i'll move on...and make note of that in their application file.

Thehealeroftri675 karma

What the hell? Any idea why they wouldn't answer?

collegeadmiss1177 karma

some kids are incredibly awkward or just cant answer a question, maybe they're scared, i have no idea.

[deleted]482 karma


collegeadmiss738 karma

lol to all the responses to this question

mmmm_whatchasay156 karma

Do you take awkwardness and clear nervousness into account?

Like some kids have really good answers and some kids don't, but the kids that don't clearly look like they're nervous or are just awkward people in general?

collegeadmiss318 karma

i can usually discern awkwardness and nervousness, but i try not take them into account. awkward kids can still be very smart, as can nervous kids. my final rating of the interview reflects answer quality

Lv4Squirtle623 karma

Does emailing or mailing the admissions office hand-written letters to express interest in the school actually influence the decision?

collegeadmiss980 karma

an e-mail would more than suffice. and yes, they do, absolutely. here's why: your email displays interest --> we know that if you're interested, you have a good chance of accepting admission --> our yield % goes up at the end of the year --> contributes to rankings possibly going up

Zylch325 karma


collegeadmiss961 karma

just one that expresses your interest, has any questions if you have one, maybe you visited campus already and you want to express excitement, etc. just make it PROFESSIONAL and not "hey! visited campus lst week, soo cool. im gonna apply soon! thx!!"

headlessparrot548 karma

As a teacher of first-year students:


collegeadmiss485 karma

it's so hard to judge lol

Sir_Floating_Anchor499 karma

Is the name of the email a real factor to you? i.e. should one avoid having an email such as super(name)@domain.com?

collegeadmiss847 karma

yes, please have a professional one or just make one for all your college correspondance.

CountGrasshopper279 karma

Is [email protected] acceptable? Because this one guy I know looked over my resume and said that numbers in an email address bug him and I figured it wouldn't matter too much but now I'm worried.

collegeadmiss330 karma

yeah, that sounds just fine.

keagmcG414 karma

What are the top tangible things that you look for in an applicant? (grades, test scores, etc.)

collegeadmiss716 karma

grades, rigor, test scores in that order.

bashar_al_assad165 karma

rigor in what?

collegeadmiss397 karma

the classes you chose to take in high school

spacepar346 karma

How much do you consider if a student is taking AP class Honor Class or Regular classes? For example, C in AP Bio or B in Honors Bio or A in Regular

grievous431564 karma

Someone would ask this question at every college I visited. The admissions officer would always say "get an A in the AP level".

collegeadmiss648 karma

haha, that's our textbook answer, and basically what we want. a C anywhere looks bad. a B is okay but everyone is in "honors" these days. so, get an A in the AP i guess.

3eiwj29m183 karma

What do you think about the IB program, especially the higher level programs, vs AP?

collegeadmiss88 karma

we generally hold them to similar regards, both appear as rigor. remember, we dont look at scores at all. just the fact that you took the test.

likleystory321 karma

Do you take into account improvement, or do you prefer consistency when reviewing applicants?

collegeadmiss658 karma

an upward trend looks really good

Icmer_In_Nyc292 karma

What do most people have as extracurriculars?

collegeadmiss543 karma

sports, clubs, the usual. to really stand out, you have to have extracurriculars that take place out of your high school.

the_cox311 karma

What about fairly unusual sports with a club outside of school? (Rowing)

collegeadmiss359 karma

that'd be pretty cool!

Zylch284 karma

What do you consider to be the most important part of the admissions application?

collegeadmiss447 karma

your academic stats, usually. while our review is holistic, your stats are very important. this isn't just us judging if you're "smart enough to get into the club", but also trying our hardest to see how you'll be handling work at our university.

Zylch182 karma

Thanks for the response. Would you consider GPA to be more important, or SAT/ACT scores?

Also, how much do AP scores factor into the situation?

collegeadmiss571 karma

GPA but also your rigor. if you have a 4.0 in all "regular courses" and someone else has a 3.4 in almost all APs, i'm admitting the other guy.

AP scores are not looked at, at all.

SC275259 karma

how long do you spend on each application including the essay? Why do colleges wait until March to notify students of their decision?

collegeadmiss472 karma

anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. some colleges wait, some colleges do rolling decisions. i don't have a reasonable answer as to why some colleges wait until very late, i think it just adds unnecessary stress to you guys.

nofuture09223 karma

What is the worst part of your job?

collegeadmiss364 karma

traveling. national universities have their counselors travel all over the united states, meeting with students all day long. we're away for home for weeks and weeks and it's not exactly so fun.

Bored_So_On_Reddit255 karma

Have you ever seen Up in the Air?

collegeadmiss146 karma


the_termenater219 karma

How do extracurriculars such as sports, clubs, and honors societies rank in importance against academics? Also, how important are leadership positions to a college?

collegeadmiss366 karma

they're important, but academics are obviously more important. leadership positions are good but everyone has one, so it really only catches my eye if you did something great with it. for example, maybe you started a club freshman year and as a leader of it, it's one of the biggest in your school now

Joshuak12185 karma

In your experience are their viable alternate pathways into admission when someone does not have the academic background required... or do bad marks tend to sit with someone throughout their education?

collegeadmiss593 karma

bad marks will sit with you, unfortunately. that being said, i've admitted plenty kids with something like a 3.4 weighted GPA that also had incredible extracurriculars and a lot of displayed interest. here's a tip that--despite how cliche this sounds-- schools literally don't want you knowing. apply early to a school if you can-- your chances of admission go up anywhere from 10-40%.

DepressedBard367 karma

your chances of admission go up anywhere from 10-40%.


collegeadmiss429 karma

yep, i don't like it personally, but that's how the game works.

PhilliamApps174 karma

What is the worst GPA / SAT score you've ever received in an application?

collegeadmiss407 karma

i've seen it all...0.50 GPAs and ~1000 SAT scores. i don't know why they bother with the application fee unless they're being forced to apply..

Ich_Liebe_Doucheland157 karma

What kind if questions get asked in the interview after the basics are asked about the student? How much of an impact would you say it has on the acceptance?

collegeadmiss293 karma

why do you want to attend our school? the key to answering this question is not to say the city we're in, as there's about 5 other schools in our city. i want to hear something about our schools, classes, student life, etc., that stands out to you.

usually i'll look at your resume and ask you questions about various things. i'm looking to hear you talk well and actually be interested in our school.

LunaRosa149 karma

How do you view splitters?


and vice versa?

So how would someone with above median test scores and below median GPA compare with an average candidate?

collegeadmiss156 karma

it depends on your rigor. if your courses weren't rigorous, you'd look worse than an average, although there are SO many other factors also. if your course load was rigorous, vice versa.

sharkfest473148 karma

What is the weirdest reason you had to deny someone?

collegeadmiss468 karma

weirdest? usually when someone submits their application then tells me they got arrested.

TattoosNgirlyHearts144 karma

How long do you think someone should take to think of an answer to a short answer question? Example: "If you could witness one moment in history, what would it be and why?" I am wondering if they care that it's of recent past (last forty years) and relates to the studies I am interested in- or if they want something generally well known and easily relatable. Also, has anyone ever written an essay that captivated your interest in them as a person?

Edit: fourty to forty

collegeadmiss169 karma

it really doesn't matter, if we don't know what you're talking about, we'll look it up if we care. those questions are more to judge your character and writing abilities. and to your second question, nope. i guess that sounds kind of cold but there's just so many applicants i don't have time!

rockinghorseshit144 karma

Is there any one word/sentence/piece of information in an application that immediately makes you disregard the candidate?

collegeadmiss266 karma

nope...other than an expletive, sexual language, or horrible grammar. it's happened before.

virjog136 karma

Would you choose a student who is passionate in a field, but with average stats over a student who is well-rounded (good grades, ECs, etc), but doesn't come off as passionate?

collegeadmiss137 karma

maybe, it really depends on stuff like that on a case by case basis.

FrogVenom128 karma


collegeadmiss248 karma

you're not screwed, but you'd definitely need to get your grades up next year. if you're still worried, you could always do CC for 2 years then transfer and get the same degree

mcaleste124 karma

What makes a good essay? Are you looking for kids to show off and brag about their accomplishments or are you looking for a touching story? What have been the best essays you have read? Specifically for the common app essay regarding a piece of literature or music that has had an impact? Also, Will an extremely rigorous course load with a 3.75 get into your university? Thanks so much!

collegeadmiss209 karma

the point of the essay--the main point-- is to show us something that we dont know by looking at your application.

Joshuak12103 karma

What is your academic background? and did you get good grades when you were younger?

collegeadmiss157 karma

i have a bachelors and i'm working towards a masters now in higher ed. i was a decent student.

iwillnotlurk96 karma

Do you do graduate school admissions too? What are the differences between the undergraduate vs. graduate decisions making process?

collegeadmiss88 karma

no, i do not do graduate school, sorry!

Thehealeroftri94 karma

Do you guys look at things like volunteer work when looking at applications?

collegeadmiss140 karma

yeah, we really do look at all parts of your app.

Colomusi92 karma

If a student gets deferred from ED does he have less or more chance of getting in during regular decision?

collegeadmiss109 karma

at my school, i either accept or deny an ED applicant. if they're denied, they are not deferred, and they cannot reapply. judging solely based on my knowledge of how other systems work, they would have less of a chance as the regular decision applicant pool usually has more students with better statistics than the ED pool did.

oweng6591 karma

Has there ever been an extracurricular that a student put down that just made your jaw drop; for better or worse?

collegeadmiss213 karma

usually when a student is a leader of an organization that's not concerned with their high school, my jaw drops a bit.

PenguinBob89 karma

What sort of college do you work for?

collegeadmiss169 karma

it's a national, research university located in a big city. we're ranked in the top-100 and princeton review has us as "very selective" or something to that effect. i cant really give too many other details

majorgeneralporter38 karma


collegeadmiss129 karma

i dont work for an ivy, but a lot of our students who attend our school do so after getting denied from one and then having ours as a back up.

daberg78 karma


collegeadmiss92 karma

i do some. extracurriculars factor in a lot less than freshman admission, we look much more at how you've done at your current institution. jobs and academic awards still count, but not to the same effect as they do in undergrad admiss.

mythopoeia76 karma

Do you accept people based on what they look like, sometimes?

collegeadmiss175 karma

no, and i have no idea what you look like when you apply. as far as interviews, i really just dont care what you look like, unless you're dressed inappropriately.

andyperri109 karma

Some colleges give you the option of sending a photograph with your application, which seems odd to me.

collegeadmiss210 karma

really? odd.

nofuture0975 karma

How much do you get paid?

collegeadmiss149 karma

just enough to live in the city i work in

YourShadowScholar63 karma

Does anyone ever get accepted based on having outstanding essays?

I primarily ask because I am fairly certain I was accepted to a major university primarily based on my essays.

Now I make a living writing/editing other people's for them. Some of my clients have gotten into big universities ( most recently UC Berkeley, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins), with pretty subpar academics.

But I've always wondered if essays really can change decisions that much?

collegeadmiss120 karma

yes, they really can. i've had some great essays, usually ones that will tell me something else about the applicant that i don't know on the essay. one that comes to mind was an excellently written essay abut one student struggling with their sexuality; it showed me something else about the student and it was very, very well written. i was on the fence before as their GPA was low, but i admitted them.

ca_ne_fait_rien40 karma


collegeadmiss57 karma

every single piece of correspondance is recorded in a computer file we have.

skeltor5738 karma

If I attend a community college before, do I generally have a much better chance at getting into a good college than if I didn't go to a community college?

collegeadmiss89 karma

im not sure i'm understanding this but if you go to a community college before a 4 year college, your chances are higher as long as you did fine in CC.

snickerfriend34 karma

How many people in the office will read my application? Is it just one person deciding or a group decision?

collegeadmiss45 karma

just 1 unless i don't know how to decide. in that case, it's brought to a committee and everyone else reads it.

stopwatchgo29 karma

1) Do perfect SAT scores, etc. matter much at all at the higher levels anymore?

2) How much are interviews considered?

3) Would you say that admissions in top-100 schools are similar? Or do standards change anywhere along the top-50 or top20?

4) What are some good ways to inject "interesting" into an application?

collegeadmiss40 karma

1- a perfect SAT score? that would look very good. 2- we do ours on a point scale; i give a number (0-6) rating you on your interview performance and that goes into our system. 3- very similar, things don't change TOO much until you get to the ivys/wanna be ivys 4- talk about something we dont see in your application