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dude, just looking at your response to this makes me think you'd be toxic to work with

and annoying AF if i'd had to coordinate something with you.

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Ah, talking point no 2 (see screenshot in the main topic)

You don't have to. We already have people developing independent projects off our platform. PushShift has one guy ranting that his project was forked.

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Well it's because AWS is a production-ready service with guaranteed uptime, automatic scalability, and a 24/7 team of engineers making sure those GBs are making it to their destination in the exact way they're designed to every minute of every day. How could you possibly compare your 100Mbps home line servicing a handful of users with an enterprise connection able to handle millions? Furthermore, unless you have a business contract with your ISP, it's very likely against your ToS to host a publicly-available web service, and your IP is likely dynamic so you'll need to automate the update of your DNS entry if your public IP changes, and that will still only partially work due to TTL.

But regardless of that, I'm willing to accept that home-hosting a handful of hard drives on a server can handle things initially until you hit your scaling wall, this doesn't answer the question of how you plan to finance four figures per month of hardware costs, and more if your amount of users and data begin to scale?

Also, actually hold-up, FOUR FIGURES per month hosting at home on a 100mbps line with (looking at your past comments) 2TB-3TB of hosting? That is INSANELY high. I'm paying ~$1500 per month to AWS to host production-ready, massively auto-scaling kubernetes clusters, and together they host not only the entire companies software, but all of our CI/CD, identity management, observability, and secret management. That's ~9 x-large spot instances + control plane + container registries + DNS. How is an API and some storage at home costing you 4 figures PER MONTH??

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Who said anything about hosting at home?

In case it is a troll and not a jump-to-conclusion, I'm sure pullpush-io included rent, divided by 5 housemates, added pizza. As a sideline please direct me to a place that will rent you a server to take home. It will save me looking for one on a garbage dump.

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lmao @ this guy. This is like sub-intern levels of engineering expertise

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I have none, why do you ask?

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Because without it, or without someone running it on the backend for you, it's gonna be a crapshoot at best

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Well it is running somehow, magic I guess. Or maybe because I don't actually do anything except do reddit posts and discord moderation.

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Yea that's on me I assumed because you mentioned the cost of a 100Mbps home line. I assume you're in a co-lo like Hetzner then?

Also, accusing people who work in the infrastructure industry of being trolls for bringing up very valid, realistic issues as to your technological scaling strategy is not the greatest look. These are problems that are actively being solved with realistic solutions on a daily basis. You didn't magically discover that AWS is expensive and everyone simply hasn't realized that co-lo is cheaper. AWS is expensive because scaling is hard. Companies DO switch back to on-prem instead of cloud, but they typically only do that after having achieved massive scale where hiring and operating a full-time operations teams is actually cheaper than paying AWS to do it.

If you do succeed, which I sincerely hope you do, and things begin to scale, you're going to start hitting these problems. You're going to have to solve those problems. You're going to come up with technologies and tactics that solve those problems in your co-lo. You're going to spend money and time figuring those solutions out. At the end of it, you'll realize that those technologies and tactics that you developed were already developed, optimized, and ready-to-go inside a cloud provider like AWS, and your total cost-of-ownership, meaning the lost time, money, and opportunities you spent developing an inferior at-home solution, will far exceed the money you saved paying for a co-lo instead of clicking four-buttons to have a handful of EC2 spot instances on an auto-scaling group and an S3 bucket.

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Yes, although for obvious reasons (Reddit will likely throw out faux DMCAs even though the users are the copyright owners as per their own ToS) it isn't as simple as "stick it on Hetzner"

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AWS cloud service is completely different from a home broad band connection.

Like the difference between a pair of inline skates and a car factory.

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Not really - they're specifically comparing AWS' egress charges to their home Internet provider's (putative) egress charges. That's pretty much an apples to apples comparison.

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Excepting the fact that most home internet providers specifically disallow hosting a website with a home internet connection, sure.

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Excepting the fact that most home internet providers specifically disallow hosting a website with a home internet connection, sure.

Oh, Hello Pushshift sockpuppet!

You gonna have to work harder to dogpile than this. Only two accounts?

Who said anything about hosting at home? Although if someone knows how to make something like that from a home connection they must be a genius. But that's not the angle you are aiming for is it?

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That's not an answer to the question. How can you (yeah, you, obvious sockpuppet that you are) afford to throw "low 4 figures per month" at this project?

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Oh, Hello Pushshift sockpuppet!

I hate to break it to you, but some people have businesses that you know, make money. I know 2,000 usd sounds a lot to you, but trust me, it really isn't.

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What is pushpull.io's revenue stream?

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He disclosed that on discord once but I'm not sure if I have the permission to repeat it here. Go and ask him on discord :)