I was born in the city of Muncie, Ind., and attended Purdue University. In 2011, the Redskins selected me with the 16th overall pick in the draft. On the football field, I was blessed to be named to the 2011 PFW/PFWA All-Rookie Team, while off the field I participated in the 4th & Life program, NFL’s Play 60 campaign, and Skins Santa Shoppe - a program providing youth in need with toys during the Holiday season. I hope that people see me as a leader on the Redskins defense and a leader in the community. I've only got 15 minutes because I've gotta get back to meetings, but ask me anything about the team, my hometown, or my work in the community.

I’ve tweeted my verification (@RyanKerrigan91)

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French87609 karma

Will you teach me to football?

Redskinsdotcom640 karma

Haha. Love that movie. Switowski (sp) is hilarious.

Redskinsdotcom428 karma

Alright, well I'm being summoned for meetings so I have to go, but it was great taking all of your questions. Looking forward to Monday Night Football -- talk to you soon!

joanvito258 karma

Hi Ryan,

I am very happy to have you as part of the bright future for the Redskins.

What is it like playing with such a seasoned veteran in London Fletcher?

Redskinsdotcom337 karma

It has been quite the privilege to be able to play with someone like London throughout my first two seasons in the NFL. He's the consummate pro in every way and really great teammate. He's definitely someone I look up to in every way.

LawDogSavy243 karma

Hey Ryan - with this week being the tragic 5 year anniversary of the death of Sean Taylor, he is very much on the minds of Redskins fans. Have you spoken to any of the players about him (Moss)?

Redskinsdotcom412 karma

I've heard nothing but great things about Sean Taylor ever since I've been here. For how great he was on the field, he sounds to have been an evern better person and father off the field. For that, I really respect him. RIP21.

Lucky-160 karma

Hey Ryan! I have two questions, in varying subjects.

Who was your favorite player growing up?

What is your policy on movie theater armrests?


Redskinsdotcom500 karma

Great questions. My favorite player growing up was Peyton Manning. What he did for the Colts and how he changed the course of that franchise was phenomenal.

As far as armrests go, I believe all movie theaters should have movable armrests. Thus, preventing any fisticuffs with unruly moviegoers.

JMUDukes1750141 karma

As a native of Indiana, are you any good at basketball?

Redskinsdotcom276 karma

No. I was a benchwarmer throughout most of high school. I'd come in at the end of the games whenever the game was well in-hand. It was a lot of fun though and being from Indiana, basketball is in your blood so I enjoyed being a part of our team. But aside from the occasional dunk in the Junior Varsity games, I was a liability on the court.

abresler134 karma

What game in your career (HS-College-NFL) as of now do you think you will look back on reflect on as the most important?

Redskinsdotcom456 karma

In 2009, we played Ohio State. We were 1-5 going into the game and Ohio State was ranked 7th in the nation. No one gave us a chance to win but we believed in each other and went out beat the Buckeyes that day. Winning that game was one of the most satisfying feelings I've ever had due to the frustrating experiences we had prior to that game. It also taught me that on any given day, any team can win and any team can be beaten.

ahoff829117 karma

Is there ever a time where milk is not a bad choice?

big fan btw

Redskinsdotcom415 karma

Despite the comments Mr. Burgundy has made, milk is always a good choice! You can never go wrong with a cold, refreshing glass of milk.

Barrylicious112 karma

Boiler Up! Any thoughts on the Purdue head coach situation? Who should we be going after?

Redskinsdotcom129 karma

Well it's tough seeing someone that I respect so much in Danny Hope being let go. I really enjoyed playing for him and hope that he has a brighter future at another school. As far as who we should be going after, I really do not have a preference, just someone that cares for Purdue and who can lead Purdue to many victories.

umdred1188 karma

Hey Ryan! Huge Redskins fan here. First, what are your thoughts on the Big Ten expansion? Secondly, would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

Redskinsdotcom291 karma

Well, I haven't paid as much attention to this expansion as I did when Nebraska came on board simply because it seems like schools are switching conferences every day now. But I think getting these Eastern schools involved is a good thing, broadens the brand that is the Big Ten.

I'd have to fight one horse-sized duck. I'm a numbers guy, and the thought of 100 of anything being against is not a good thought. Bring on that damn duck!

dallasguy87 karma

Hi Ryan! Hope you heard all the Redskins fans during the Dallas game!!

Redskinsdotcom206 karma

You all were very loud, as always! Road games don't really feel like road games with our great fans. Seems like every week, home or away, our fans take over the stadiums and let their voices be heard. You all are awesome!

snipes125979 karma

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Redskinsdotcom166 karma

Over easy is preferred, but I'm not picky. They taste good however you cook them.