Wow, thanks so much Assassins! This has been great for the team over here and I can't thank you enough for your questions and feedback!
We tried to answer as many of your questions as possible, but our time is limited (and we have to get back to work on the game!).

I'll see if we can get some of our Multiplayer devs from Annecy in here to answer some of those questions retroactively, so check back tomorrow if you asked about multiplayer but didn't get a direct answer!

Thanks again!


Hey there Assassins! Welcome to our Assassin’s Creed III Reddit AMAA! I’m Gabe Graziani, Senior Community Developer on AC3, and I will be helping to get your questions answered by our developers today! With AC3 released on console and the impending PC and WiiU launches, we are very excited to see what kind of questions you’ve got for our team!

Joining us in this AMAA are:
- Matt Turner – Writer
- Steven Masters – Lead Game Designer
- Maxime Durand – Team Historian
- Aleissia Laidacker – Team Lead AI/Gameplay
- Alex Hutchinson – Creative Director

Now, without further ado, let’s see what’s on your mind!

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coolskier89203 karma

one of the best april fools jokes ever was Assassin's Kinect...the first minute through of the trailer made it seem so plausible...thoughts on a project to make Assassin's Creed Kinect? * for those who haven't seen the trailer


UbiGabe136 karma

Hahahaha, we actually had nothing to do with that! It was created by our community (although we were quick to seize on it because of the aforementioned awesomeness!).

doctorbutts196 karma

Alright, let's hear it: Bear Island?

edit: I sure hope this doesn't get bearied.

MattRTurner235 karma

Yes. An island full of bears. It's there. You're welcome.

doctorbutts130 karma

How long have the bears been there?

Has their separation from bear society given them strange customs and accents?

UbiGabe278 karma

They were on a path of fast-track hyperdevelopment, with their own language and approach to mathematics... but eventually their apex predator nature took over, petty land disputes occurred and they annihilated each other. Since then, they've reverted to being just regular bears.

yeraveragejoe169 karma

What was the hardest thing about making Assassin's Creed 3?

MattRTurner931 karma

Alex Hutchinson and Steve Masters pissing contests.

yeraveragejoe64 karma

Who won?

AlexHutchinson235 karma

I always win. He's British. Mostly. ;)

MattRTurner258 karma

Nobody really wins when pee is involved.

UbiGabe442 karma

This. This is why we can't have nice things...

Cloo159123 karma

Will there be an update that includes Connor putting his hood back up?

AleissiaLaidacker131 karma

I fixed that one actually :) So yes the hood is back up!

Fish_Face_Faeces40 karma

PC player here, would you know if all these patches and what not will be included come the release of the PC version?

Also, thank you and everyone else for these wonderful games!

UbiGabe136 karma

So, when PC launches, it will include ALL of the console patches out at the time (so, that includes any patches we might be releasing in between now and PC launch). In addition, PC has a special patch designed to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

We've added extra DX11 support for the PC version, so you'll notice some significant increases in texture resolution (double-res in most cases, but quadruple in some), TESSELLATION (which is like, the new DX11 hotness) and some other shader improvements that will have an impact, but aren't all that sexy to enumerate in a reddit post, hehe.

If you're going PC, I would opt for the Digital Deluxe version if it is available, because it comes strapped with tons of extra in-game content.

MrSamgos67 karma

when is the new patch coming?

StevenMasters79 karma

Soon! We'll release details as soon as we know; we have to pass certification on it first.

UbiGabe77 karma

Really really soon though... expect details to arrive within a week or so!

adityadragoniyer65 karma

Can you give us more info about the upcoming AC movie? To what extent does the games have influence on it? Are the writers of the games (also comics) involved?

Been your fan since Prince of Persia Sands of Time all the way now to AC3 waiting for it to release next week for PC. Thank you for all the wonderful games! :)

UbiGabe92 karma

We really can't comment on the AC movie. Sorry!

KenziiRo53 karma


UbiGabe99 karma

  1. Not actually delayed, but that's being kind of nit-picky... really, we've added a lot more detail to the PC version and support for DX11. Stuff that we didn't really need to think about for the console versions. Considering the amount we're adding, you aren't really going to end up waiting all that long (not even a month!)

  2. So, the PC version will come with additional patches, both those that have been or are just about to be released on consoles as well as some specific for the PC. I would say it will be less buggy than the console versions AT CONSOLE LAUNCH, but that the console and PC versions will be comparable at PC launch.

  3. Yes.

  4. Ezio, although Connor is a close second, because Ezio is more charming, hehe.

ArIke47542 karma


UbiGabe192 karma

Rampart starring Woody Harrelson.

No, but seriously... I've said before that AC3 is my favorite of the games we've made, so I don't feel like that's overly salesman-y of me. Probably followed closely by AC Brotherhood, because it expanded on AC2 so much.

While Ezio is probably still my favorite, I think Altaĩr was the best assassin... even though Malik was even better, because he did what Altaĩr could not (steal an Apple of Eden) while missing an arm!

carnifexmetal28 karma

Noone has mentioned the horses yet. I love this of the best games this year, BUT the horses are horrible and take alot of the fun out of the game. Will they be fixed in the future?

UbiGabe19 karma

What exactly do you feel is broken about them? We have received a lot of feedback about the horses, but it's always good to get MORE!

Joe4evr25 karma

I read that AC3 launched with quite a few notable bugs and at least one patch went out to fix some. Will the PC version also get these fixes?

Also, you may want to visit this thread to see of there's anything you missed. More bugfixes are always appreciated.

UbiGabe42 karma

Meanwhile, you can help us ferret out these bugs by filing tickets with Ubisoft Support ( at!

Hunteazy16 karma

When it comes to the actual physics and climbing in the game, what is the next step for the game? We can now climb trees, I mean what could possibly be next?

AlexHutchinson63 karma

We have ideas. But we are legally obliged to refuse to tell you. ;)

UbiGabe69 karma

They're watching, Hutcho... always watching...