I sing for a band called ALL THAT REMAINS, I'm a libertarian and I'm sarcastic ass hell.

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About five or six years ago at a concert in Memphis, TN, you tried to take my girlfriend backstage right in front of me (she refused). Are you always a gigantic douche bag?

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I have no idea what you're talking about.

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Phil, I promise I'm not being a hater here, but what happened? I saw you guys play not too long ago when you opened up for Black Label Society in Wallingford, CT. Not one song off "Behind Silence and Solitude" or "This Darkened Heart" was played. I understand bands evolve and progress, but I still consider those albums some of my favorites of all time. It seems like it's all about clean vocals and radio-friendly singles now. I'm sorry if this comes off wrong, but I'm just really disappointed.

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Because when we play songs off those records no one cares. We play the songs that get the best reaction most often.

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Hey Phil, I'm just stopping by to say "hello", so that you could possibly say "hello" back to me. This would allow me to fangirl pretty hard, despite the fact that I am a male. -Thanks

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Hello there!

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if you divide 9 by 2, what is all that remains?

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Hey, just wanted to say that your song Six really got me into metal going into high school. Before that I was into just rock and some "screamo".

My music tastes have expanded dramatically, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for that.

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No questions, just to let you know you fucking rock. The Fall Of Ideals is definitely one of my top 5 albums.

Keep up the good work dude!

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Who's your favorite band to tour with? And why?

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KsE Cause we're great friends with them.

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Phil, you are amazing. Best show I had ever been to was when you covered for Howard Jones in Killswitch and came to MI (I think you guys played in Detroit?). Seen you guys play with Chimera, paid $$ and drove for 2 hours to Dirtfest (what a fuckin joke) just to see you guys, etc etc.

Why do you guys keep flip flopping on your production styles on your albums? IMO your best album was The Fall of Ideals, just because of the style of the production. In your other albums, your drums and vocals sound muted and shitty. When I've seen you perform songs from Overcome and We are Many it sounds amazing, but the albums sound like absolute SHIT. Why?

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Well I honestly think that the last disc (FWAM) is closest to TFOI.

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Oppinions? I think the discs sound great.

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Hi Phil!

This might not be easy to answer (since it's from a long time ago), but I have a few copies of the demos you guys put out in the late 90's. Any idea how many of those were released? A couple had a black label and a couple were on CD-Rs that were labeled by Sharpie.

Your band also got me listening to metal. Thanks for that.

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Probably 500 or so. Not many.

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What band would you dream to tour with?

Doesn't matter if they are still in action or not.

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Would you rather fight a 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck?

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horse size duck.

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Hey Phil!

Since I imagine the majority of questions you'll get are going to be musical in nature, here's a political one (because we all love those).

As you said in the title, you're a libertarian. How do you feel about the recent electoral race? Do you think the libertarian party got shafted (by the media, and also by the other parties)? Do you see the emergence of a prominent third party in America's future? Ron Paul or Gary Johnson?

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Yes, Ron Paul got shafted.

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Hello Phil,

Huge fan from the middle east here, it's a shame I can't support your music directly but I hope my gratitude towards your band is enough, I've listened to ATR a fuckton during the last 3-4 years. Anyway I have a couple of questions that if you answered then you would make my entire year.

How does each new album feel to you, is the difference in sound of each album intentional or simply a natural progression of the band?

Also I know you're quite vocal when it comes to politics, do you think your views have a noticeable effect on the bands lyrics?

Thank you very much, keep making great music and hopefully sometime I manage to see you guys live!

PhilATR13 karma

New disc feels very good!

They do, but I try to keep it a little subtle.

Thank YOU!

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I just want to say that as a Huge ATR fan. And Retired Marine...

Your music has made it easier for me to cope with being back.

Between Two Gulf Wars and Afghanistan ... it has been a huge transition to come back and stow it all away.

Reading the stuff you throw out every day on FB makes me laugh. And in all honesty You Guys (and Girls) music has gotten me through some dark times.

I am supposed to ask a question.

So my question will then be ... Which would you get rid of first, the new dog, or the girlfriend?

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fuck that, I'm not getting rid of either.

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Who was your biggest influence and why?

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Iron Maiden. Cause they were the first band I ever got into.

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Thanks for supporting 2a Rights!

PhilATR12 karma

Fuck yeah!

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Thank you for doing this, I can't wait to see you guys for the first time in Houston this December!

Question from a friend: "Who is your favorite member of Dethklok?"

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Tookie (sp?)

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I noticed the new album seems definitely more atheistic or even anti-theistic compared to previous albums.Is there a particular reason you decided to write in this way, and if so, is it because you feel the need to put that message across to the listeners at this time?

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Cause that's kinda how I feel now a days.

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What would you consider your musical guilty pleasure? Also, what is the biggest drawback to being in a band as famous as All That Remains? Thank you so much for doing this, not many musicians care about the fans the way they should.

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All the music I like is a guilty pleasure. I'm kinda socially awkward just being in a band that is famous is kinda weird.

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Hey Phil, big fan. Just wondering what your favorite hangout spot is in Western Mass?

PhilATR2 karma

Don't get to western mass much.

PhilATR2 karma

Don't get to W mass much anymore.

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I hope so. It would be cool!

PhilATR3 karma

Nothing booked right now.

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Thanks for taking the time to do this, Mr. Labonte. I saw ATR on the Share The Welt tour last December in Council Bluffs, and you guys kicked total ass. My questions are: if ATR was stranded on a deserted island with no food, who would you eat first and why? What advice do you have for aspiring musicians who want to make a career out of making music and touring?

PhilATR20 karma

We would eat mike. He's got the most meat on him. And as for the musician thing, plan on doing something else, make music cause you love it, and if you make enough money making music cool.

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How did your time with killswitch engage effect the new all that remains album

PhilATR2 karma

I don't think it did. We now have two records since I filled in that one tour.

Oderint2 karma

Hey Phil! How well did the old quarter collecting go?

Also, I'd like to thank you for being the most honest musician ever. If you haven't you should subscribe to Guitar Guy Brian Haner on facebook or Twitter. He's pretty hilarious.

PhilATR7 karma

Quarters and dimes man.

Flawd2 karma

Just wanted to say thanks for making amazing music.

The DVD filming in philly was one of the best shows I've ever seen

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Hey Phil, huge fan, and great job on the new CD (love it!). Random question, what is the name of the song that was accidentally released on MySpace? And will it ever be released officially? It was really good, and I have no clue what its name is!

PhilATR2 karma

I'm not sure man.

PhilATR2 karma

Not sure to be honest.

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Hey Phil, saw you in MA, great show, Who is your favorite band that youve toured with What was your favorite festival you've played and who is your favorite musician thats also from Massachusetts?

PhilATR2 karma

KsE. Mayhem. Adam D and Joal.

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I've been a fan since high school. You guys were my first (and only) concert when you came to the National in Richmond and it was the best experience ever. I already have a ticket for Dec 12 to see you guys at the NorVa. Keep being awesome.

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Do any of you make special requests from the event organizers before going on stage? Like a warm glass of water or something. Or cake! What's your favorite part about performing live? How nervous do you get?


PhilATR18 karma

We just ask for whiskey.


Why are you so fucking awesome?

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Cause you don't really know me. LOL

blueskies312 karma

First of all, thanks Phil for doing this! My question is: Do you write the lyrics kind of about your every day life? Do the other band members bring in lyric ideas from time to time?

PhilATR2 karma

all the lyrics are inspired by my experiences.

PhilATR1 karma

I come up w the lyrics.

Noobzoar2 karma

Hey Phil what was it like starting out in Springfield? And why is Oli AMAZING on the guitar?

PhilATR6 karma

It was cool, and Oli is amazing cause he practices all the time.

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PhilATR6 karma

dunno I can pick a best but the worst is when our guitar tech almost flipped the bus over.

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Just want to say I love your music and a show I went to a few years ago was amazing! I was only 15 and had to drag my dad there, and even he liked it

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Long time fan here. Just wanted to say I'm loving the new album. Hope to catch you guys when I go home for Christmas break.

How did you guys end up on tour with Hollywood Undead last year? And what did you think of the tour overall? I was at the Asheville, NC show and practically stood on people as you called for people who were there to have fun with you guys to push to the front. I was screaming along to Forever in Your Hands the entire time, one of my favorite concert memories ever. Thanks for that.

Also, I do have to ask, I've seen you guys live quite a few times(lost count actually) and when I first started going to your shows I always noticed you and MAYBE Oli were the only ones really hanging out and socializing with the fans, but the last few times I've seen you guys, I've hung out with everyone but you. I've read a few online music sites call you a bit of a hermit. Is there any real reason for the change?

PhilATR2 karma

Thanks man! And to answer your question I've become quite socially awkward since the band has gotten more successful.

shogunlol2 karma

Out of all the festivals you have performed at, which is your favourite?

PhilATR7 karma

I really liked rock on the range and metal town in sweden.

Koopakiller111 karma

Just wanna say, big fan man, thanks for doung the AMA and for the question:

If you cold have one dumb super power, (such as the ability to shoot lazers from your ears) what would it be?

How woudl you use this power?

PhilATR1 karma

Healing factor like wolverine.

victorkaxx1 karma

Your favorite Metal album and why?

PhilATR0 karma

Fuck I don't know. One is hard to pick.

TerrenceTheV1 karma

Saw you guys when you headlined with Trivium in VA a few years back and again at the National maybe 2 years ago? Legit as fuck. \m/

Chicken or beef?

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