Hey Reddit, I am doing this AMA with my grandpa, who was a WWII, Vietnam, and Korean War vet, an Air Force Pilot. These questions may take awhile to answer, as sometimes he goes into detail on his stories :). Ask away!

PROOF: http://imgur.com/hzoxG A little blurry, I know, but best we could do.

EDIT: WOW, this blew up! We're going to try our best to get to most questions, and if we don't answer yours, you can PM me and we'll answer it. Keep asking, we will answer throughout the day until about 4 pm!

EDIT 2: I see many people asking for more proof. Right now, my phone is dead, but I did take a picture with it, so I will try to upload it around 9 pm.

EDIT 3: Thanks reddit, for the overwhelming response. My grandpa's moods were lifted from all of the great comments. We appreciate it. And thanks to the folks at r/tabled for summing things up: http://www.reddit.com/r/tabled/comments/12ml3q/

EDIT 4: BETTER PROOF http://imgur.com/pF2Ng.jpg

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Hildingding374 karma

You lived and operated through the "jet revolution". How did your training change? And what's the most fun plane you've ever flown?

liberator192144 karma

In WWII, when the jets came on-line, I along with a bunch of other guys were sent to jet school down in Alabama. We were down there for 6 weeks flying T-33s. Then I went back to my base, Dow Air Force Base in Maine. There was very little change in the training. I don't know that it did very much at all. I'd say the T-33 was my favorite plane. It was a pretty plane, and a joy to fly.

RandomDudeIsRandom293 karma

First of all, I want to thank you and your grandpa for doing this!

Since I'm german, i would like to know what feelings your grandpa has, when he thinks about germans.. :P

As a second question, I'm interested in what it was like working with Agent Orange.

liberator1921562 karma

I feel bad for the Germans. Adolf Hitler was a very persuasive speaker, and it was bad times for them. I personally have no bitterness for Germany; it's a very nice country. (grandpa speaking)

Macmee168 karma

What was the most scary moment of your career, which you will never forget?

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liberator1921591 karma

We were flying low, about 1500 feet. We were under heavy fire from the German forces. There was a loud boom, you could tell it was close. We looked, and on the ground there was a 20 mm shell that, if exploded, will kill us all. My buddy had the sense to pick it up and throw it out the window, and it dropped a couple hundred feet and exploded, unharming to us. I thought that was the end for me, and if it weren't for the actions of my co-pilot, I wouldn't be here today.

Linkruleshyrule161 karma

I'm confused, did the shell land inside the plane or what?

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liberator1921356 karma

Being upped to colonel.

littlejilly147 karma

How was warfare different in each war?

liberator192126 karma

I don't think it was much different at all, really. When someone is shooting at you with intent to kill, it doesn't make any difference.

aaronm109246145 karma

No questions. Just a simple thank you for your service

liberator192120 karma

He is in shock and awe of all the comments like this. It means so much to him.

littlejilly142 karma

When is the last time you flew a plane?

liberator1921273 karma

I flew a plane about 10 years ago. A buddy and I owned a small plane in Wisconsin. Can't do that anymore, getting too old for that

littlejilly121 karma

Do you miss flying?

liberator1921287 karma

Yes, I also can't drive anymore, I don't have the best vision anymore.

spacepar121 karma

I am a korean and our family moved to US when I was 10. When my mom was born, my grandma was hiding in a mountain so they would not get killed by north-koreans. My grandpa died from war around Daegu. They won't say in details but, I am just curious, how was Koreans like to you? Were they nice? Did they hide in mountains? Thanks... (btw i was living in busan before i came to US)

liberator19213 karma

They were fine. The culture and language is different, i guess. They treated us as well as they knew how. They had it so bad during the war. I can't imagine what it was like for them. They paid a terrible price.

MediaMongol107 karma

Hmm. I know a Lt. Col who was an air force pilot, and served in all three of those wars. You haven't been on the Honor Flight yet have you?

liberator1921188 karma

Yes I have, it was an incredible experience.

I was on the Honor Flight, AMA

MediaMongol68 karma

What state do you currently reside in?

I actually went with 82 WWII veterans, and worked with 3 other students, making over 200 DVDs for the veterans and their guardians. As far as I know, it's the first time it's been done. It was an honor having the privilege to go.

Which memorial did you enjoy the most?

liberator1921123 karma

Minnesota. I very much enjoyed the WWII memorial.

stereotypicaliowan102 karma

What were the differences between how he was received at home when he returned from each war?

liberator1921229 karma

We're Minnesotans, so there wasn't a huge difference after Vietnam. His family was just glad to have him back each time.

emperorlarsob112 karma

MN shout out.

matthew_boyd100 karma

If you were to pick out the most memorable event that you have experienced in your life, what would it be and why?

liberator1921306 karma

I would say a combination: My wedding day, and the birth of my three beautiful children.

JagdTurkey79 karma

What was the first plane you flew or learned on? (instrument rated pilot)

liberator1921122 karma

First plane was a PT-19, PT is short for Primary Trainer.

kolnidur55 karma

What kind of plane did you fly, and what is the craziest story from that plane? Could be a near death experience, crazy adrenaline-pumping moment, or something funny. Would love to hear about this.

liberator192199 karma

I flew about 5 or 6 different planes, but the one I flew the most was a B-24.

EDIT: Didn't see the last question. If you see my reply to a comment made by macmee, you will see my craziest story.

trybalone52 karma

Is it really hard to learn how to fly ? I understand how planes work and have always wondered if its as easy as i think . Have you ever flown a chopper ? if so , how much more harder is it ?

liberator1921100 karma

You either know how to fly, or you don't. If you don't, you can train for years and still not be able to. No to the chopper question. (Grandpa)

SmallRocks28 karma

Thank you for everything you've done! Have you seen any crazy unexplainable things during your career? Gremlins/UFO's and the like?

liberator19217 karma

Yeah. I saw a light, brightest I've ever seen, down around Nashville, TN. It was during the afternoon. It was on my course, quite abit higher than I was. I tried to catch up with it, but I couldn't.

aholderith3 karma

What was the most memorable war for you? Also, general description of why?

liberator19213 karma

WWII, without a doubt. We won!