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tonyskates2669 karma

um... am I doing this right?

moyno852445 karma

How does it feel knowing that your video game series single-handedly saved millions of kids from listening to shitty music?

tonyskates2488 karma

haha thank you! I am very proud of our soundtracks, and I think they represented skateboarding's lifestyle, roots and culture well.

LetoIIcerny2211 karma

Do you ever have the song Superman by Goldfinger in your head when you skate?

tonyskates2462 karma

haha, no. But definitely Dead Kennedys' Polic Truck and California Uber Alles

Shea4it2078 karma

When(and if) you sit down and play the Tony Hawk games, do you play as yourself?

tonyskates3846 karma

Yes, I play with myself. There, I said it.

I_Lase_You2049 karma

Hi Tony!

Here's a "Welcome to reddit" lase for you. Link

I've done hundereds of these, but for some reason this is one of my favorites. It came out really well.

tonyskates2222 karma

That is awesome, thanks! "You're going down Homer, and then you're going back up again. That's how the game is played."

goose10281971 karma

Please tell me your house is somewhat like it is in Rocket Power

tonyskates2420 karma

I have a swimming pool and a small cement skatepark, if that's what you mean. My actual house is not filled with quarterpipes and rails, unfortunately.

tonyskates1480 karma

MrTravesty1812 karma

What is the proudest moment of your career?

tonyskates2674 karma

Probably landing the first 900. It marked the end of 20+ years of competing, and opened up new doors of opportunity to keep skating and promoting skateboarding in general.

oracular_spectacular1246 karma

my question stems from this. i've always been fascinated by the fact that once a trick has been shown to be possible by multiple people (the 900 in your case), all of a sudden it can almost become the norm, when before it was just this untouchable thing. do you think this is all mental, or is the skill bar actually getting higher and higher? i don't see how nobody could do a 900 before you, and once you did it, it somehow just becomes an achievable thing. i'm really fascinated by this, even more so when it comes to freestyle moto-x. what are your thoughts on that?

edit: i have no idea if that makes any fucking sense, it's really hard to explain.

tonyskates1782 karma

It is easier to achieve something when you know it's been accomplished before. I would have made a 900 years earlier if someone else had already done it.

cerealhead735 karma

When was the last one you landed?

MrTravesty1720 karma

What is one trick you never pulled off that you wished you did?

tonyskates2337 karma

Ollie 720. I still try it sometimes.

tonyskates1593 karma

Hey everyone, I'm almost finished. Gotta go skate and try to get this trick on video (since I crashed trying it yesterday). For skate nerds: fs Ollie 270 over 8'foot channel to switch crooks, then back in forwards. I almost had it but my front foot slipped on the way in.

sterlingarcher00691472 karma

At X-Games 13, you were commentating the Big Air skateboard competition. After you saw Jake Brown fall 50 or so feet onto the halfpipe you said:

"Wow, I can't believe he´╗┐ hit the 720."

Did you say that to try and break the tension? Because looking back at it now, that was one of the worst/hilarious thing you could say at that situation.

tonyskates2172 karma

It was a heavy moment, marred by awkward silence. They kept replaying the run and his slam. At some point, I wanted to steer people's attention to the fact that he made an incredible trick before the tragedy. He had NEVER done it before.

Walletau1777 karma

Just wanted to mention that I had an utmost amount of respect for you talking about where the man succeeded, looking at the man who flew, not the man who fell. I'm very impressed that he still competed after that.

tonyskates2138 karma


tonyskates1438 karma

Thank you everybody for participating. I was trying to scroll and type as fast as I could. I would like to leave you with this auto-tuned montage of clips from Ride Channel. It is strangely hilarious:

keep skating... or whatever you love doing. And please check out THPSHD if you get the chance.


wisedude1321 karma

How many bones have you broken?

tonyskates1856 karma

3: pelvis, elbow and rib.

goonie_goo_goo1295 karma

I met you almost a year ago when you were filming the Epic Meal Time episode in that apartment courtyard in Williamsburg. I was here and here. The only thing you said to me was that I should watch A Serbian Film. Watched it. o_0 I feel much better about my life now, so thank you, Tony Hawk.

Did you and Shaun skate afterwards that evening?

tonyskates1675 karma

haha, I blame the EMT guys for that. They told me about the film that day, saying it is the most disturbing thing I will ever see.. and to please never watch it. Oops, sorry.

NomadGorilla1240 karma

What was your favorite Tony Hawk video game? Also the record for longest grind?

tonyskates2153 karma

My favorite in terms of symbolism is THPS2 because it established our games as a franchise and created skating as a genre of videogames. And it had Downhill Jam level (big fan).

Dunno my record for longest grind, but I was one of the first to pull the Holy Sh!t grind in THPS1

lyndy279 karma

I wish PS3 would add thps1, 2 and 3 too the PS2 games that you can purchase on PSN. I've been searching flea markets for a PS2 solely to play my thps games.

tonyskates854 karma

THPSHD features the best of THPS1 & 2, and is available on XBLA & PSN right now. The "THPS3 Revert" DLC pack is coming soon. Hooray for reverts.

PeanutButterGuy1237 karma

If you couldn't be a pro skateboarder for whatever reason, what would be your next choice of a "dream job"?

tonyskates2590 karma

I gave up playing violin to pursue skating. I still get jealous when I see an accomplished concert violinist. They are badass.

yyajeet1056 karma

do you get high tony? do you?

tonyskates1922 karma

I do not. But people love to comment that I look stoned in many of my photos. Oh trolls, how I love you.

salz12890 karma

Well I better take this opportunity to apologize because I took a picture with you a couple of years ago in Colorado Boarder and accused you of being stoned to my friends. And for that I am sorry.

tonyskates1596 karma

It's just age. I'm 44. I guess my face/eyes/cheeks sag a bit now. I have learned to accept it and be thankful that I can still skate for living.

tonyskates708 karma

Thank you.

pattywhack833 karma

What is your favorite trick that you invented?
What is your favorite trick to do on flatground/street

tonyskates1266 karma

Ollie 540 is probably my favorite, because I really didn't think it was possible when I first started trying it.

my favorite flatground trick is varial heelflip because I can catch it the highest in my limited flatground repertoire.

foundriley784 karma

What is your favourite and least favourite level in any of the Tony hawk games?

tonyskates1330 karma

One of my favorites (besides DJ) was Rio because I got the highest scores. I was never a fan of Venice because I thought the flow was weird. I like real Venice Beach better.

Turbofat548 karma

Best level was the canyon level in the original game.

tonyskates1427 karma


pnkb0i764 karma

How do you reflect on your performance in that episode of Rocket Power?

tonyskates1897 karma


fracking_u739 karma

Would you consider Rodney Mullen as one of the godfathers of modern skateboarding? And do you still try to skate everyday?

tonyskates1132 karma

Yes, Rodney created most of the modern flip tricks that we all take for granted. He was also the first person to do on ollie on the flatground.

I skate almost every day. If not at home, then at my vart ramp. Here is my most recent video part:

nate_kig664 karma

How do you feel about Riley being on Baker now?

tonyskates1184 karma

I'm proud of him for paving his own way and letting his skating speak for itself. He is in an incredibly tricky situation, skating and having me as his dad. He handles it with grace and finesse.

Honourably-Disagree612 karma

Hi Mr. Hawk, big fan of yours for a long time. couple of questions.

What was your first thought after landing the first 900?

How good are you at the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games?

What do you think you would be doing if you never started skateboarding?


tonyskates959 karma

my first thought was "finally!" and then never wanting to do it again. But I keep coming back to it. Here's one I did in Sweden last year:

I'm very good at THPS, especially when it comes to revert combos on vert

I would probably be doing video editing or production if I didn't skate.

lolitstim552 karma

Pizza's good. How do you like your pizza?

tonyskates862 karma

My favorite is the Knockout from Flippin' Pizza here in San Diego.

Alix_Chris546 karma

Hey Tony! Thanks for doing this AMA, so, why did you get into skating in the first place?

tonyskates907 karma

because my older brother was a surfer and he liked to skate when the waves were flat. I picked up one of his old boards and started doing it around my neighborhood. Many of my friends were also doing it at the time, but they quit soon after.

mj258495 karma

How closely were you involved in the creation of the Tony Hawk video games

tonyskates991 karma

I play them every step of the way during production. The first few games were the most labor-intensive for me, because I had to teach Neversoft about the nuances of skating very quickly. By the 4th game, they were very familiar with skating (and most of the designers had actually started skating by then)

HopefulWisdom476 karma

Has "hi, I'm tony hawk" ever worked as a pick up line for you?

tonyskates1029 karma

Possible in my single days, but some people have told me that they used it (because they kinda look like me). Which is awesome and creepy all at once.

NCchance466 karma

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Bob Burnquist almost kill Shaun White in real life? At an MTV rock and jock sort of thing.

tonyskates686 karma

yes, they collided doing a doubles routine. It was heavy. Shaun was knocked out and broke a few things (wrist, nose, fingers, etc). He was very young at the time, and just starting to get on people's radar.

wolfmansgotnards1407 karma

How do you feel about the current state of skateboarding? How do you feel about what it has evolved into?

tonyskates790 karma

It's amazing that we've come this far. Skating was considered lame and not a career option when I was young. Parents did not want their kids in such an outcast activity. It is exactly the opposite now. I am proud to have had something to do with that shift.

bryson1234381 karma

What inspired you to start your own franchise of games?

tonyskates731 karma

I have loved videogames ever since playing Pac Man and Missile Command at my neighborhood arcade as a kid. I always knew skateboarding could lend itself well to videogames, it just needed the right team. When I first met with Neversoft/Activision, I knew it was a perfect fit.

mister_pjm375 karma

How dizzy were you when you pulled off that first 900?

tonyskates724 karma

not dizzy, just glad to not hit the flat bottom with my body again.

NomadGorilla343 karma

I know you have to travel a lot, where is the best place to get delicious food?

tonyskates719 karma

NYC and SF have the best selection of restaurants. Tokyo and Sydney are awesome too.


What's the hardest fall you've ever taken?

tonyskates714 karma

I crashed doing a full-loop ramp while shooting Wild Boyz. Concussion. broken pelvis, fractured thumb & fractured skull in 2003. That day sucked more than anything had sucked before.

ImTooFluffy286 karma

Who is your favorite skateboarder and what is your favorite skate video?

tonyskates563 karma

Mitchie Brusco is my favorite ramp skater these days. he will be the next to pull a 1080.

My favorite street skater is Aaron "Jaws" Homoki. He has the record for biggest Ollie... crazy stuff:

Thmstlly262 karma

Is there anything you regret not achieving? it seems you have done everything possible, I can't imagine there'd be anything you would regret.

tonyskates431 karma

I would still like to take the Boom Boom Huckjam concept overseas, possibly to Europe, Asia or Australia.

wolfmansgotnards1213 karma

What is one of the best stories you have from the Bones Brigade days?

tonyskates308 karma

That we thought doing a video with acting was lame during the middle of Animal Chin, and Stacy took off in the middle of shooting in Bakersfield because he was fed up with our whining. We apologized the next day and got back into the groove.

snide-remark114 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA.

You've occasionally appeared in a few films without any real fan fare, like The New Guy. Is there any particular reason you chose to appear in that film and what it like to be one of the bigger celebrities on set?

tonyskates166 karma

They asked, and I though the script was funny. It was a blast being on the set. We shot everything in Austin, TX

Beenhamean109 karma

Has skateboarding taken a long term physical toll on your body? How much input do you have in your shoe and clothing lines? Thanks for doing AMA your were hilarious in "The New Guy"

tonyskates181 karma

I have many scars, and my neck gets very stiff on some days. But it has kept me fit all these years.

I approve all clothing/shoe designs before they go into production.

Thanks, doing The New Guy was a blast.