We figured since we enjoyed our AMA last year, it was time for a follow-up. Currently on-set we've got Jackie and Jeff Schaffer - the Creators and Executive Producers of The League, along with Katie Aselton, Mark Duplass, Nick Kroll, Stephen Rannazzisi, and Jon LaJoie. As an added bonus, we've also got guest star Ike Barinholtz (Season 2's "Frank 'The Body' Gibiatti") for the first half of the day, and the lovely Kristin Cavallari is shooting her first guest spot on the show in the afternoon.

We're doing this from the set, so we'll be in and out between shots for the next couple hours. If we occasionally take 30 minutes between answers, assume it's because Jackie and Jeff are trying to figure out the precise wording of a dick joke, or Nick is getting punched in the face by one of our guest stars again - TV is serious business.

THANKS electrolemon - Yeah, SEASON 4 Premieres on THURSDAY OCTOBER 11TH 10:30PM on FX

[Edit] Taking a break to shoot. Don't worry, we'll be back for more.

[Edit 2] We're back. Shooting with babies in 105 degree heat is NOT fun. Or fast.

[Edit 3] Okay, we've gotta wrap this up for today folks. Thanks for all the awesome questions, you sick, sick frittatas. Season 4 premieres Thursday October 11th at 10:30pm on FX, and you can always find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Thanks again Reddit (and especially /r/theleaguefx, which we just discovered but absolutely love!)

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djcack1236 karma

The greatest job in tv has to be the person that selects Andre's wardrobe. Who is that genius and how do they get the inspiration?

TheLeagueFX900 karma

Christina and Robin - the stars of The League Wardrobe Department - forever finding new ways for Andre to embarrass himself sartorially http://i.imgur.com/ovyyA

RandyJackson693 karma


TheLeagueFX753 karma

You look more like Randy Jackson than Ruxin, dawg. - Nick Kroll

TheLeagueFX555 karma

It's Katie's Aselton's Birthday today - Wish her a happy bday here people!

South_Side_Steve450 karma

Are you going to bring Mr. McGibblets back? Quite possibly the greatest child's toy ever.

TheLeagueFX486 karma

We are working on it - and it will be amazing

Strike_Gently380 karma

Mark, is it weird having to see your wife kiss another man nearly every episode?

TheLeagueFX879 karma

The Kevin stuff doesn't bother me as much as the off screen Nick Kroll ones - MD

akmckeever348 karma

Hey Katie and Mark! how's it going? this is Alex McKeever (from Oak st.). love the show, when are you gonna get some NY Giants on it? and when are you coming back to Greenpoint?

TheLeagueFX532 karma

Alex! I was your babysitter! And now you've seen me in my underwear. Oh my god. Send me your therapy bills. And say "hi" to Greenpoint. - Katie

prhbtn340 karma

So, can we get another shot of Jenny in her underwear?

(You were all thinking it)

TheLeagueFX578 karma

We'll work on that. In the meantime, you'll have to settle with "Sofia" naked from behind.

TheLeagueFX328 karma

Has anyone else noticed Reddit has surprisingly awesome spell-check? We are NOT this smart.

slickestwood277 karma

Hey, guys! Huge fan of the show!

What NFL players can you confirm make guest appearances on the show? I've heard Ryan Fitzpatrick was going to be in an episode.

TheLeagueFX1026 karma

Ok let's spill it here. RG3, Trent Richardson, Matt Kalil, Ryan Kalil, Felix Jones, Brandon Carr, Jason Witten, Jay Ratliff, Desean Jackson - did we mention thats just the FIRST episode? Get ready, people. This season rocks.

billsfan13259 karma

Has there been a scene that was so offensive that it actually ended up getting cut from the show?

TheLeagueFX755 karma

FX is pretty cool but let's just say there is a version of the Naginta song from Season 2 Episode 3 that will only ever exist for our own personal amusement

seannyboy06254 karma

As proof, can you have Jon LaJoie write and record a song about this AMA? Maybe do a live version of Pete's Little Tiny Erect Dick?

I have an anticiperection just thinking about it.

TheLeagueFX668 karma

OK - you want a live version of Pete's Tiny Erect Dick? You're on. We will film this and post it next week. And you will find a way to thank us for wasting so much of FXs money on set to do so.

glevy91223 karma

You mention Nick Kroll twice. Is he that big of a deal?

TheLeagueFX759 karma

Nope - he's that big of a dick.

TheLeagueFX202 karma

Who's got a question for Frank The Body Gibiatti?

GeauxHouston22118 karma

can I get some info on one of these russian brides? a 6 would be a massive upgrade for most of the internet community.

TheLeagueFX144 karma

Valeria is a hard Kiev 7, which is a chicago. Just honest.

slickestwood83 karma

How was working with Danny McBride on EB&D?

TheLeagueFX656 karma

Danny mcb is nothing like kenny powers. Hes a better pitcher and a bigger racist

looda61 karma

How do u make the herdsman sounds with such conviction. Without a doubt, u do it better than the rest.

TheLeagueFX81 karma

As per the herdsman sound just take a long deep vocal breath.

vibin_152 karma

I could see your character coming back every season with a "higher rated" mail order bride. Any possibility?

TheLeagueFX166 karma

I am in the market for a new one. Please send pics. Fatties welcome.

islandniles169 karma

Will Jeff Goldblum be gracing The League with his presence again this season?

TheLeagueFX222 karma

We are working on it as we type. He's a busy guy but we are hoping Rupert will be back this season.

vectorix108163 karma

Hey guys I just want to say that this is an amazing show and I can't wait to see what this season will have in store for us!

My question is, does it ever get weird for Mark when Stephen and Katie are shooting one of their more "intimate" scenes?

TheLeagueFX486 karma

Sometimes Steve freezes up in the group scenes and kisses/ touches Katie like it's his sister. And we have to yell at him to grope her appropriately.

sibrahimi163 karma

Hey guys love your show. What I absolutely love about your show is that even though its about fantasy football you dot have to be a fan of the game to enjoy the show (extra brownie points because I love football) but my question would have to be. Are there any jokes you guys could not air on tv?

TheLeagueFX300 karma

So many. Too crude even for the dvd. We look through them and we are alternately amused and really ashamed of ourselves. God they're funny. And you'll never ever see them.

mkronfeld154 karma

Will the cast do a comedy tour again soon? And for the love of Goodell will they come to DC?

TheLeagueFX441 karma

OK - you heard it here first. We will be announcing the first 2012 THE LEAGUE LIVE show this WEDNESDAY. Get ready

33rpm149 karma

who came up with the concept for three penis wine and how stoned were they when they did?

is taco as cool in real life as he is on the show?

TheLeagueFX258 karma

Its a real thing in Asia - we've seen up to 9 penises (in wine, come on people, how foul do you think we are?) Our friend Sean bought us a bottle as a gag gift. We thought it was insane and wrote it into the show. Thank Sean for that.

Champ_Sanders146 karma

Please tell me Gronk will be participating in this season

TheLeagueFX309 karma

We asked him and his brothers - he said he was busy! Tweet him and tell him he's a fool.

McCabbage137 karma

Hey Stephen, love your character. I've got to ask, how bad was that nut tap delivered back in season 1 by Nick. Was it done in one take?

TheLeagueFX276 karma

Is McCabbage related to McGibblets?

TrippKing3137 karma

Loved your AMA last year, it was actually what got me into Reddit. And your show is actually what managed to get my friends and I into Fantasy Football. So between the two of those you guys are responsible for a total drop in overall productivity in my life. And I couldn't thank you guys more for it! Keep up the great work!

Also I saw the trailer and was blown away by the amount of big names you guys have guest starring this season. Was there anyone in particular that made you guys feel starstruck??

TheLeagueFX284 karma

Thats our goal in life. To drag everyone down with us. First your productivity, then your morality.

[deleted]133 karma

Are you guys in a real life fantasy league together?

rupay180 karma

And how many kickers does Taco's team have?

TheLeagueFX453 karma

4 but one is on the IR

ZigglersHEEL129 karma


Thank you for your hit song "Show Me Your Genitals".. It's helped me get laid 2 and half times!


TheLeagueFX17 karma

Masturbating to my videos does not count as "getting laid". But thanks, I'm flattered. - Jon

varietyiskey121 karma

Did you expect 300+ comments in 20 minutes? Can you promise us a 5th season yet?

TheLeagueFX292 karma

No we didn't. We have much lower self esteem than that. It's pretty sweet. Want to see a Season 5? Start tweeting @fxnetworks - but please people, no chicken milk stink bombs like last year. At least those Jericho fans had the decency to send peanuts.

Ringwald112 karma

Huge fan of The League! I've always wondered, how much of the show is improvised?

TheLeagueFX236 karma

We write out full shows in advance with all the action and a lot of dialogue (come on people, having a 7' lavender stuffed character appear is not improvised). We also have bibles of Dialogue and jokes we keep with us that aren't in the scripts (shit we don't want to show FX before we try it) but we do leave lots of room and time for the actors to improvise dialogue on set too and a lot of that gets added into the show which keeps it feeling loose and authentic. Or so we think...

SphericalArc100 karma

Do any of you have a favourite line, or maybe a favourite scene, that ended up getting cut from the show?

And can I do a Shiva blast in here?

TheLeagueFX196 karma

You can do a Shiva Blast ANYWHERE

MyNameIsBruce293 karma

Kevin and Jenny aren’t bad parents, but Ellie is surrounded by a lot of bad influences. What do you think Ellie would be like grown up?

Also, I love Jason Mantzoukas. I just want to be the first one in this AMA to tell him to get a Twitter account.

TheLeagueFX196 karma

She's got more to overcome than Kevin - her dad is Dave Foley

GGoodman0982 karma

This is for anyone who is willing to answer: what has been your personal favorite scene to shoot these last few years?

TheLeagueFX296 karma

Rafi's apartment toilet kitchen in Bobbum Man. The crew and cast were laughing so hard it took us 3 hours to shoot that scene, a colossal waste of FXs money and we wouldn't have it any other way

jeffsomlo75 karma

Hey thank you for doing this AMA again. I am just wondering why FX decides to air your show at the same time as Thursday Night Football? I assume that a decent amount of your fan base are big football fans and are conflicted which to watch.

TheLeagueFX138 karma

THANK YOU. NO ONE LISTENS TO US. We begged. We cajoled. We wanted to move to a different night. But honestly they feel like the show has enough of a comedy following outside football fans that it won't make a difference. (last year our ratings held up against football so they have Thursday Hubris) What do you guys think?

jimprosser40 karma

How long does it take to get an episode from writers room to ready-to-air? I know you guys improv a fair amount of stuff, so curious if the turn-around time is shorter than your typical show.

TheLeagueFX99 karma

We start writing every year when we know the show is coming back (last December). Actually we usually start before that. We pitched the Season 5 premiere episode to FX back in May when we presented all 13 of Season 4. They're crazy if they don't let you guys see that show. It will be insane. - Jackie and Jeff

achaney8238 karma

Hey, Kristin, should I play W. McGahee or R. Mathews next week??

TheLeagueFX71 karma

"McGahee" - Kristin

Dendi37 karma

I am constantly baffled by the professional players you get onto the show. Do they call you guys or do you have to wine and dine them to get on the show? Also, do you ask them for FFL advice when they are on set?

TheLeagueFX74 karma

They often approach us to be on the show - which is AWESOME. And of course we fucking torture them with FF questions on set, shamelessly. How obsessed with this trivial pastime do you think we are??

dukebd201036 karma

First off, I love the show so much that I decided to be McGibblets for Halloween. I saw FX is selling a suit that would ship out next week but the suit looks awful and nothing like the one used in the show. Do you guys have any idea why they either can't recreate the show costume or if they were lazy or what?

TheLeagueFX56 karma

We tried our best. The photo isn't that flattering but it is kind of awesome.

adredditor16 karma

When are we going to find out about Taco's illegitimate children?

TheLeagueFX59 karma

We have tinkered with this idea for 2 seasons - but got turned when we saw that Adam Sandler/ Andy Samburg movie. Maybe we'll have the balls to resurrect it

ChieftressKya15 karma

Any advice for a writer who wants to have a good comedic element? Is it more about timing, or writing?

TheLeagueFX42 karma

Its all about structure. No joke.