hi reddit!

We're Damien Eckhardt-Jacobi and Vincent Bova.

We first started puppeteering on the NYC subways in 2004, but we quickly realized that Mario and Fafa begging New Yorkers for change was not the way to do things.

So we moved to the interwebs and started making videos.

Since the puppets are more interesting than we are, we'll answer your questions with videos from the Glove and Boots character of your choice. (Mario, Fafa, Gorilla, Thor, Santa, Jack Woods, Zombie, Stewart, etc.)

Please check out this video for proof that it's us, and to get started.

EDIT: Wow you guys are awesome! We are answering as many questions as possible and we aren't going anywhere! Stay tuned and we'll get them uploaded as fast as the tubes allow. Also, for easy access, we are posting all responses in this playlist with link-backs to the original questions. Thanks again, reddit!!

EDIT AGAIN: We just made videos for 14 hours and BOY ARE OUR ARMS TIRED! Thank you so much for making this AMA an amazing experience for us. Here is our final AMA video.

EDIT AGAIN AGAIN: Hey mods! Thanks so much for setting this up for us, and letting us to do things a little bit differently.

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comment23327 karma

Who would win in a dance-off, Mario, Fafa, or Gorilla?

ChopToxicity261 karma

Would you rather fight a horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

RodgerRafter220 karma

Why does Mario hate ABBA?

protogenxl202 karma

Mario do you ever feel like someone else is controlling your body?

cyrilio196 karma

What is Gorillaz favorite joke?
EDIT: Maybe I should ask it in a different way. Gorilla what is your favorite joke?

GinjiVitis191 karma

Who would win in a contest of might and magic. Thor or Santa?

surroundedbypenguins87 karma

Thor does a great Terry Crews impersonation.

nullzy182 karma

Mario, how do you maintain your perfect beard?

KarmaAndExile174 karma

Why is the show called "Glove and Boots"?

jbabbcomics147 karma

Mario and Fafa, how did you meet?

RoqueLobster143 karma


bladezephon123 karma

Mario, why are there no female characters on your show?

chaostoon120 karma

Fafa, why does the picture on the wall keep changing?

CoreMine117 karma

What university did Gorilla attend and what was his major?

hermannessert109 karma

Is a porta-potty a good way to slide down a mountain?

willowpje100 karma


FLHKE96 karma

Could you tell my girlfriend Moon I love her ? (My name is Fab).

mrvkino81 karma

Is mario related to elmo?

damianlz76 karma

This one is actually to the makers, can I ask how big your team is and if you guys have a background in effects, digital work? i've noticed a lot of work progressing from the simple replacement back window to Fafa's amazing peewee herman dance. Did you guys do this kind of work before hand or did it all stem from the need in Glove and Boots?

bigjuan69 karma

Mario and Fafa...will you be doing more "Let's Play" videos? They were probably the funniest things I've seen in quite awhile, and it's always wonderful to see others doing the same things I did in the games of old (read: NES-era games)

apjak66 karma

Where are the women? There are no females on Blog! (Rarrghh). Why not? Is it because Mario is holding out for Katy Perry?

thesama63 karma

Dear Mr. Jack Woods,
Your sound and style are very similar to another individual I remember from my drive-time radio in Portland, OR in the 1990's.

I don't want to blow your cover (I'm guessing there's some sort of witness protection thing going on), but come on, it's was you right?

Radio_Flyer61 karma

Does Zombie feed on only human puppets, all puppets, or real humans?

hermannessert51 karma

Fafa is a Groundhog. What is Mario?

ExtremeFrisbee99 karma

A plumber.

magicbullets48 karma

Do you know the way to San Jose?

AdriaanderRuyter46 karma

If you could visit any place in the world (or universe), but only for an hour, where would it be and what would you do?

Mopurius46 karma

Why are you always naked Fafa?

Kilarith-Duskleaf44 karma

Thor, as the sexiest god around, you have naturally wooed my girlfriend and I can not seem to get her back, how would you suggest I try and get her love back ?

andersmauritz44 karma

what did zombie do before he was zombie?

Clankt40 karma

For any/all characters:

How do I get my cat to stop coughing up hairballs?

Demophoon34 karma

Are your videos unscripted? By the way, all of them are fantastic! By far some of my favorite videos to watch. Especially the new years eve fiasco!

Caerban34 karma

I'm a poor puppeteer scrabbling in the bins of the UK for food and living in an old box by the canal. Do Fafa and Mario have any tips for making a living with puppets?

holypunkrock23 karma

Are there going to be any new characters coming soon to glove and boots?

PScan6922 karma

If you could witness any two people in history fighting with pool noodles, who would you pick?

StreamingACN22 karma

I assume that Zombie is looking for work, since the series of videos featuring the undead seems to have ended. Has he found employment? If not, how are the interviews going?

Psionic10121 karma

Gorilla, you always seemed like an intelligent and complex individual, so i must as you what do you think of current political and religion problem across the world and what are your solution to bring world peace?

Dafnier19 karma

Fafa! Are any of your time traveling counterparts still around after that little incident where the Mario's destroyed the time machine?

Turpentine_Enema19 karma

what the hell is stewart? some kind of space squid?

InvisGhost19 karma

What does the set look like from a different angle?

wesleyshynes19 karma

What is your take on Parmesan Cheese?

BlindsideDork15 karma

What would Jack Woods give me for my birthday?

raininjah12 karma

is it possible to make a full length adventure movie? or just a short 15-20 min one?

EDIT: I wanna buy merch

ExtremeFrisbee11 karma

Mario, what is your favourite video game?

AdcaroRedskye9 karma

Fafa - If you you could eat one thing and one thing only for the rest of your life, what would that thing be?

tf2fan9 karma

Mario, if a genie would grant you any 3 wishes, what would they be?

captainicee8 karma

Fafa, how does it feel having a fist up your rear end every time you're being filmed?

E_x_Lnc7 karma


Dsanchez34444 karma

I had a rough day and feeling a bet down. I would like to know what Fafa does when he has a bad to make himself feel better?

gloveandboots7 karma

Somehow, this fell through the cracks yesterday. We made a response, but it never made it to the AMA. But we did want to help cheer you up, Dr. Sanchez3444... Click here to see your answer!