Veronica Belmont

was formerly the co-host of the Revision3 show Tekzilla alongside Patrick Norton.

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That's a really great question! Probably Ender's Game.

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Maybe I should do that, but I don't. My general thought process is to not tweet anything that would make my mom ashamed of me.

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She thinks it's hilarious.

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Also, hi Becca.

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I like your style.

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I was so with you for about 90% of this post, and then you had to go and ruin it.

In closing, request denied.

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Hopefully apprehensive?

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I could have saved myself a lot of trouble by looking at the username first.

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I'm an escapism gamer. I love getting lost in the story and having my mind taken away from the real world for a while. Whenever I'm super stressed or upset about something, I turn to video games. Maybe that sounds kind of depressing, but it's true! I love being immersed.

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SKYRIM! Skyrim skyrim. As for upcoming, Borderlands 2, AC3, and maybe Mists of Pandaria (though I just suspended my WoW account).