Tyne Stecklein

is an American dancer and actress. Contents 1 Career 1.1 Dancing with the Stars 1.1.1 Performances 2 Filmography 3 References 4 External links Career Stecklein was a dancer for the High School Musical tour, and danced in a number of films

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Oh my gosh, YES. He translated my direction into science terms that made sense to him….not so much sense to me but it helped in the partnership for sure. Inertia!

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Haha. The “sexual tension” moment which was FIVE MINUTES after meeting him has to be up there. Empenage (not really sure how to spell this) he referred to quite often. I learned it means ‘tail’. I also told him I would kick him in his empanage if he didn’t stop with the science talk during dance rehearsal…

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Happy to be here! Bill is amazing. Not only incredibly smart, but funny and sincerely sweet guy!

He IS the science guy that we all love even when the camera’s not rolling!

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From day one, within the first hour of working together we had a ton of respect for each other and that translated into a really great partnership. We were open and honest throughout the process and trusted each other, which is a hugely important quality to have in a dance partner!

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Bill had a knack for partnered dancing that stems from his social swing background. However…he had never done choreography. Retaining all the steps on the right counts was a challenge, but I couldn’t have asked for a harder working partner! He was obsessed with getting it right!

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My favorite aspect is getting to do what I love!
One of my favorite moments that I’ll never forget is the first time Bill and I met and he gave me that flasK with a flower in it from Nye Labs. ☺

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Neither of us knew who we were going to be paired with. Bill told me later that before the season started the producers asked if he had a preference of dance partner. He tells me he borrowed a line from Gene Kelly and said “You never say who your favorite dance partner is.”

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My mom was (and still is!) a dance teacher. She put me in classes at age 3 and I never looked back ☺

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To be chosen for that job was every dancer’s dream. One of my favorite moments…Michael was on the stage singing Human Nature and on the line ‘see that girl, I know she’s watching’ he totally caught me watching from the side of the stage when I was supposed to be back stage getting ready for the next number and pointed to me. Called out by MJ! Checked that off the bucket list. ☺