Travis Pastrana

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is an American motorsports competitor and stunt performer who has won championships and X Games gold medals in several events, including supercross, motocross, freestyle motocross, and rally racing.

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t. one time i fell asleep and woke myself up with a very loud fart which echoed through the church.. I honestly thought my mom was going to kill me.

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J - I rode the Bat pod for Catwoman :)

TravisAndJolene936 karma

t. are you kidding, my doctor loves me! my friends and i have helped funded his mansion on the water! haha

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T. to be honest you scare the heck out of me and you cost hubert about 48 hours of trying to get his settings back. He found a website of a bunch of people you have stolen their identity. Obviously you are not lazy but i'd recommend a hobby because it has to take a lot of boredom to mess with people the way you do. I guess i should thank you for showing me how easy all my security questions were to get all my personal stuff and that you didn't screw me as bad as you could have.. but i'd like to think that people are generally good and it sucks to have to take these precautions.. every time i am stuck for hours in airport security i think of how stupid it is that we have to protect ourselves from other people blowing us up. my advice for you is to take your talents and do something productive with it.

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J - I just collapsed a lung 2 weeks ago, never done that was a pretty intense pain. When they cut your ribs open and stick a tube in your chest and you say thank-you cause it makes the pain in your chest subside, that's pretty bad. lol

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t. without a doubt i'm very fortunate to have a bad ass wife that enjoys the same lifestyle i do.. Thanks for the advice with the money and hopefully i won't be drooling on myself in the near future. Like my friend matt hoffman says, "live to die happy". It something most people will never understand and it's not a death wish, but rather knowing that when ever your time is up, you lived every day to the fullest and with a passion. Each person weighs risk to reward differently.

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t. just lucky i guess.. well, in retrospect we do work really hard to be good at being in really messed up situations.

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J - He doesn't, he rides bikes too. It's all about finding people like yourself in this world.

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J - First off, Thank-you! Second, my biggest scare actually wasn't doing a stunt myself, it was watching Jim and Tommy's stunt go wrong in the 3D film and not knowing if Jim was going to be ok.

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t. My favorite stunt of all time in nitro was launching into the grand canyon on motorcycles with jolene and jim and roner. My favorite stunt in the movie was one we self titled "chopper flopper". In that stunt, we hooked a thousand foot ski rope to a motorcycle and got pulled down a slip and slide at 75mph into a 25 foot tall take off ramp. We would launch 250 feet out and 70 foot high and gut hucked out of control into the air.. some of us landed well but tommy and crum got worked!