Thomas Roland Matte

American football player who played quarterback in college and primarily running back in the NFL in the 1960s and 1970s and earned a Super Bowl Ring

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Mhmm Yes. No other comment.

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Adrian Peterson, the way he came back from knee surgery is impressive.

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Probably Ray Rice. I think he is the most versatile running back in the league, but there are a lot of RB's that are similar. I really like the kid.

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That upsets me. When I go to the hall of fame, and see my wrist band and I am called an Indianapolis colt...That is not right. That part belongs to Baltimore.

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HAHAHAHA. We were happy to get rid of Bob Irsay. It took us a while to convince Art Modell to move the Browns to Baltimore. And I was particularly happy because I got to the commentary for the Ravens.

edit: I'm sorry for all the enemies I have made in Cleveland now, but Art was my friend, and I stand by him.

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We are told to keep our act clean, but there was many time I wanted to say, "he knocked the shit out of him!"

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Yes, today's running backs are bigger, stronger, and faster....but the guys from back in the day would still be competitive.

1 horse sized duck.

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Even after all of this, I wouldn't trade the experience of playing in the National Football League.

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It was a challenge, being a running back and last man standing as a player that had any experience at QB in college. I was sort of forced into and didn't have a any choice. it was the biggest challenge for me in my football career.

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When the NFL Films came out with 10 most versatile players that have ever played in the NFL, and I ended up at number 10.