Tim Berners-Lee

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is a British computer scientist, best known as the inventor of the World Wide Web

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One does not simply ask the inventor of the WWW what he thinks about memes.

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Yes, I more or less had it nailed down when it comes to the growth curve. I didn't get it completely right --- 25 years ago I was predicting Id be asked to do an AMA on reddit next wek, but it turned out to be this week. Well, we all make mistakes.

(no of course not)

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Because he ✓ had no other alternative ✓ engaged as a journalist / with a journalist to be careful of how what was released, and ✓ provided an important net overall benefit to the world, I think he should be protected, and we should have ways of protecting people like him. Because we can try to design perfect systems of government, and they will never be perfect, and when they fail, then the whistleblower may be all that saves society.

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I think it is up to us. I'm not guessing, I'm hoping. Yes, I can imagine that all to easily. If ordinary web users are not sufficiently aware of threats and get involved and if necessary take to the streets like for SOPA and PIPA and ACTA. On balance? I am optimistic.

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Mine of Information, The Information Mine, The Mesh

None had quite the right ring. I liked WWW partly because I could start global variable names with a W and not have them clash with other peoples' (in a C world) ...in fact I used HT for them)

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Seriously, when I heard of people being hit by crytpowall and crptolocker attacks.

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No. Nonsense.