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There are tons of them. Someday I'll look into putting together an 'almost made it onto Breaking Bad' mix and upload to our website, or Spotify.

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I can't speak to my favorite as I love them all, but am really happy to see you pointed out Gnarls Barkley's "Who's Gonna Save My Soul" at the end of season 1.
We actually had a dilemma with that episode in that the writer's strike at the time ended our season early. There were originally going to be two more episodes one in which Jesse Pinkman was going to be killed. Thank God that didn't happen! When we got to the end of episode 107, which was going to be a relatively straightforward episode ender, we realized that this was suddenly going to be the season finale. By chance, I happened to be in Park City, Utah for a DJ gig at the Sundance Film Festival and bumped into my old friend Daniele Luppi, who had been working on the 2nd Gnarls Barkley record. I didn't even realize there was one in the works. When I got back to LA, I reached out to Danger Mouse and got an early version of that album. That song struck me as being a perfect way of being able to make more of the scene than was originally there. It worked out and we closed out the first season in style.

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Hi Rusty, great to be here. We periodically create new mixtapes for Breaking Bad. This happens a few times every season. When the Blue Meth became a character in the show, we put together a whole batch of "Blue" themed songs in case they would ever come in handy. That song was included on one of those mixtapes in the second season, so it's been hanging around for a while. It was Vince Gilligan, our showrunner, who pulled that choice out from those mixtapes for this amazing montage.

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Hi Mrninja101. I should point out that the end title music for each episode of Breaking Bad is created by our very talented composer Dave Porter. He creates all those elegant call-backs and does remarkable work for Breaking Bad. There are two soundtracks of his work available online. Check Amazon. Well worth picking up. Can't speak to my favorite song or favorite song in Breaking Bad. There are too many wonderful ones, and you wouldn't ask a nun what her favorite child was in the orphanage. There's my diplomatic answer....

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We have Walt Sr. and Walt Jr. both acting like clowns. Writer Sam Catlin and Director Rian Johnson made a product placement opportunity into something really fun and story-specific and a bro-step rager like "Bonfire" felt right for it. Glad you liked it too...

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All the time. Every moment you are alive is an opportunity to be creative and playing music through your adventures in life is a very nice way to spend it. IMO

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The creation of the narcocorrido "Negro y Azul: The Ballad of Heisnberg" was one of the most challenging efforts on Breaking Bad, and one that I am very proud of. Vince and the Breaking Bad writers had found an amazing video to a narcocorrido online and sent it over to me. "We want to make one of these about 'Heisenberg'" was the directive.

I looked into existing artists in the narcocorrido field but found that everybody I spoke to either had an outstanding warrant, or had immigration issues or otherwise needed to be paid in cash, which wasn't an option. Sony Picture Television wouldn't allow us to work 'under-the-table' so I reached out to one of the Godfathers of the genre Pepe Garza who runs a radio station that plays narcocorridos and also writes songs. He was hired to adapt a song that was written by the writers, and we reached out to Sony Music Latin who brought Los Cuates De Sinaloa to the table. It all came together in a low-key studio in Burbank and we shot the video on location in Albuquerque. It was a great adventure...

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That was all Dave Porter, our very talented composer for Breaking Bad.

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Thanks, Quakespeare. I will be happy to share in that handshake. That was another scene that I am particularly proud of. I remember that when Vince Gilligan first watched that scene with that song, he said it was one of his favorite music moments in the series up to that point.