The Glitch Mob

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is an American three-piece electronic music group from Los Angeles, California.

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hahaha absolutely. send us a # in a private message?

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  1. we spent about 6 months naming the songs. it's a very important part of the process for us. the title needs to tell the story of the song, like the title of a movie or a book. we sort of sample, where we read through books and watch movies, re organizing and remixing phrases until it fits.

we spent a lot of time in the library with this latest album, digging through historical texts, art books, poetry, etc.

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ok, we all left her a message. can't wait to see the reaction video :)

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We definitely think film scoring is in our future. But a more distant future.

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  1. We all met through music. We were often getting booked at the same parties throughout Cali years and years ago, getting back to back dj sets so we decided just to play all at once. It was really through the love of dance music

  2. The new album is just our expression of now and what we wanted to say through dance music. Tricks and styles are constantly changing for us but the story telling is what carries through from song to song and album to album.

  3. We listen to tons of different stuff from dance music, to hip hop, indie rock, ambient, and oldies. Anything really

  4. The idea for the logo came from an artist named Sonny K, it was came out of tossing ideas back and forth for a while until it came out... Hard to say really, its just one of those things that came from the stars i guess

  5. A ton of fun and a million technical situations that we can't even begin to explain haha. We just try to bring a good vibe and a good sound to your ears.

  6. Thom Yorke or Jay Z

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there's something so magical about going through old books, digging through ancient stories, poems and imagery. for us, it's a way to get outside of our comfort zone, to kick the creativity into high gear.

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it's in the asian blood.

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I know it sounds cookie cutter, but there were really personal and creative differences. kraddy is a great guy and an amazing producer, we have a lot of respect for him. we just didn't see eye to eye on musical and creative issues. not everyone is meant to be in a band together. all love.

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We love sweden, boreta has family there. the last stockholm show was a blast at debaser!

and that is good to know. sex music is important.