The Far East Movement

is an American hip hop band quartet based in Los Angeles. The group formed in 2003 and consists of Kev Nish (Kevin Nishimura), Prohgress (James Roh), J-Splif (Jae Choung), and DJ Virman (Virman Coquia)

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meg from family guy.

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love cats, but allergic haha. we've stumbled upon some awesome parodies

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  1. family guy
  2. mila kunis's short shorts.
  3. popeyes

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i think we're lucky to be living in an age when people are more open minded to new things, new stories, new faces... so we had to work as hard as anyone else in the music industry but we don't think it was more difficult

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lol... we just feel like one.

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thx for listening since then!!!!!!!!! as music fans ourselves, we grew up in the DJ community from working at record shops back when vinyl was hot to djing clubs... so our musical style is always changing with whatever inspires us. Beastie Boys have always been a huge inspiration to us, one thing we loved about them was how they always re-invent their sound and brand.

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far from famous, but never get tired of doing what we love

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Decipher waddddddddddup!! AR fam all day thank you bro