The Crystal Method

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is an American electronic music duo formed in Las Vegas, Nevada by Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland in the early 1990s.

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OMG, we're TOTALLY going to use that!!! Thank you for that. You know if you start Vegas and The Dark Crystal at the same time it's pretty cool ;-)

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That was an absolute 8 minute RUSH!!! It was so much fun and it went so well. We had a rehearsal day a week before at the USC Galen Center and some more run-throughs on the day of the event. The one tricky thing was that we were so far away from the other musicians it was difficult for monitors. We had in-ears and some wedges but we could not listen to the PA or the drummer or anyone on stage or our timing would be way off. We were thrilled when Riot contacted us, we love doing this kind of music creation. We picked the Lucian character on our own and hope we get to do another some day. KJ

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Can we please post a version? Pretty please. Thx Ken

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That's a very cool story! The name really is about how the three words sound together. Funny thing my son just wore his TCM shirt to 2nd grade on free dress day and it was awesome! thanks for sharing and we hope to play NYC ASAP. SK

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Hi, Ken here, Scott & I are here in L.A. at our studio on separate computers. Let's get started! KJ

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Thanks for the kind words and your support.

  1. This is not a fad. EM or EDM has permeated the culture and is here to stay.

  2. Molly or anything negative in the scene is a problem but I can tell you that when I see my 7 & 5 year old kids dancing to Calvin Harris or Deadmau5 or Skrillex or TCM I can tell you that it is all about the music.

  3. Ken & I truly feel the new album is going to make those who love Vegas very happy.

  4. Technology has made it easier to make music but we still have to make music we have passion for and sometimes we throw away more than we release.

  5. We play many of our current favs on our Sirius/XM show Community Service.

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Being a part of the Bones series has been a great deal of fun. We're currently scoring the new show Almost Human. It's been a great deal of work but also very exciting contributing to an awesome project. SK

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I think you're going to love Jupiter Shift and Sling The Decks off the album. SK

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HAHA! I sometimes imagine we're making an action movie when we make music. We love playing in Canada! Ken's a big fan of Poutine!

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We've always felt that music fans WANT to support their favorite artists so we've never been too bothered by it. You just can't count on record sales as your only source of revenue anymore. That whole "pirating" thing is kinda how we're putting out our new single "Over It', share share share!!! Wait til you see the video, it's awesome! KJ