Teal Sherer

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is an American actress with a physical disability who is an advocate for the inclusion of performers with disabilities in the entertainment industry.

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haha. That’s actually an inside joke, based on a real event, which you can watch in the third episode of My Gimpy Life.

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haha, so glad you found it. I look like such a bitch.

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If you watch the S3 behind the scenes there is this great moment when we are filming and a bug attacks Wil Wheaton and he freaks out. I was so in character as Venom that you see me just rolling my eyes at him. I think the clip may be on YouTube. Trying to find it....

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Felicia wrote the part of Venom for me. Michele Boyd is an amazing kisser. She has really soft lips.

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Thank you. I think some of the most surprising issues, which we touched on in season one, are that a lot of casting offices aren't wheelchair accessible. It's also frustrating that I rarely get seen for roles that aren't disability specific. There's no reason I can't play the teacher, the best friend, the computer tech, etc..

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A couple things: As an actress I was frustrated because I wasn’t getting many auditions and therefore wasn't working much. I thought that creating my own show would be a good showcase of my talent and would hopefully lead to other work. In addition, I don’t think people with disabilites are represented enough in the media and I’ve always wanted to share what it’s like being a girl on wheels. Instead of waiting for someone else to do it, I figured I’d do it myself. I was very much inspired by what Felicia Day did with The Guild.

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Hmmm... It always cracks me up when people don't think I'm really disabled. Or will say "You're too pretty to be in a wheelchair." I have no idea what that means.

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When the Axis of Anarchy are introduced in Season 3 and we have the stand off in front of the Game Stop with the Knights of Good. And then I blame Vork for trying to push me into traffic. I love when both guilds are together. Felicia is the best. Super smart, generous, funny, focused, and she has great skin.

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Of course! I'd love to. Email me at [email protected]

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This is actually my first time using reddit and I plan to start using it a lot more. I'm late to the party.