Steven Siro Vai

is a guitarist, songwriter and producer of Italian origin who has sold over 15 million albums.

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iamamusician309 karma

I started my career on the Accordion by the way...

iamamusician260 karma

If I tell you that then it will really give me away.

iamamusician217 karma

Nice try, but I won three Grammys actually. Best Rock Instrumental (two times). Best instrumental pop album as a producer.

iamamusician212 karma

Perhaps some of us.

iamamusician210 karma

Being famous, at the level I am at, is fun. I like it and yes, it can help when it comes time to let everyone know you have a new product out. I can still go out and not many people bother me and if they do they are usually very respectful. But in the end I feel as though I have a job just like everyone else. The important thing is putting our best foot forward and doing the finest work we can regardless of the field we are in. In that respect we are all equal. A famous person can do a worse job than a street car conductor. Our effort and intention is the thing that is measured at the end of the day, not how many grammies we won. But it's still nice to be a little famous.

iamamusician178 karma

Before I had a record deal with a major label I was making real money.

iamamusician168 karma

Only if it will potentially win me another Grammy.

iamamusician156 karma

I won the "best rock instrumental performance" category.