Steve Duchesne

retired professional ice hockey defenceman who played in the NHL with several teams from 1986 until 2002. He was a three-time NHL All-Star and was a member of the 2001–02 Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings.

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I like Pavel Datsyuk. He has the best hands I have ever seen.

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I have a story, maybe not my favorite but whatever. The year we won the cup in Detroit we were flying from Vancouver ,after the game, to San Jose and the engine on our plane stalled. We had to a nose dive so the engine would start again. Never seen so many manly hockey players scream:).

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Scotty kept everyone on the edge. You had to perform or you wouldn't be playing. Didn't matter who you were.

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Absolutely, he was unbelievable.

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There are a lot. My first NHL game! The year I scored 25 goals with them. When Gretzky came over! Thanks fro helping me pack Btw!

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My kids experiences with the cup are definitely the greatest to me. They ate captain crunch out of it, showered a few times with it. All good stuff!

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He was very mild off the ice. Sean Avery I don't think can be beaten as far as on and off the ice.

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I think Crosby is. Gretzky

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I like it a lot. Especially, with their hot goalies and Hitchcock behind the bench. This might be the year.