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is an American actor and former fashion model. His notable roles are that of Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless from 1994 to 2005

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I'm starving, my dogs need to be walked so that they don't poop all over my house. I'm gonna go lay out in the sun and splash around in the pool, exercise a lil bit and talk some mess with my crazy funny friends. But just know I am a guy who believed in a dream, chased the dream and is living the dream trying to be the Best Shemar Moore that I know how to be! Whoever you are, believe in YOU and be the BEST YOU by any means necessary. I will never take my fans for granted and I will always appreciate you. Peace Out to my Baby Girls, my homies and all my fans. Nothing but LOVE.

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The team really is made up of brothers and sisters, it's weird to think about doing the hanky panky with the ladies on the team. Garcia has some amazing cleavage and AJ has a cute lil tush, but that's Shemar talking - not Derek.

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Believe it or not, when Thomas Gibson is not being "Hotch" he is actually the biggest the joke teller of the team! He can do accents and imitate people extremely well. He loves his kids enormously and loves to show videos of them and tell jokes. But as soon as the cameras roll and the director says Action - he turns into grumpy death stare Hotch.

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Thanks for the love baby girl!

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You want me to say Hi? I want to say HEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY BAAABBBBYYYYY GIIIIIRRRRLLL!!!!!!! How do you like that??

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Hey Danielle - my favorite episode would be Profiler Profiled and Restoration. The chemistry you see on the screen between Morgan and Garcia is because Shemar and Kirsten adore each other in real life.

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Kisses and Thangs to you and Mama!! I'll make sure I stay in the gym and keep it sexy for you!

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I'm half black and there's an expression called "CPT" which means "Colored People Time" - I don't mean to sound racist, it's simply funny. So I many run a few minutes late, but when I show up it's always right on time.

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Whenever I have to perform emotional scenes, I draw from my own life experiences, so whatever the character is going through feels real.

"Baby Girl" is something I've said my entire life. I have all kinds of pet names, like Baby Boy, Pretty Boy, Sweet Cheeks, Sugar T*ts, Doll Face, Mama, Baby Mama, Wifey and a whole bunch more. I just ad libbed in a scene with Garcia in Season 1 and they kept it in the show and Baby Girl was born.

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Bonjour Cecile! Je t'adore. Voulez vous couche avec moi ce maintenant lol lol lol!!! I love my sexy French Baby Girls!