Shannon "The Cannon" Briggs

is an American heavyweight boxer, kickboxer and actor. He is the former Lineal and WBO heavyweight champion.

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sniprmonk4856 karma

Just like all promoters. Last in the ring, first to get paid.

sniprmonk4726 karma

With my wife. ;)

Making Lennox Lewis run accross the ring and the bell saved him before i could knock him out.

Tore tendon in my arm in the first round against Vitali Klistcho and fought him with one arm for 12 rounds.

sniprmonk4597 karma

90% of the fighters live below the poverty line. there is only a few lucky ones.

sniprmonk4569 karma

I am in my man ryan's office.

sniprmonk4512 karma

out of all the hw's, George Foreman hit the hardest.

sniprmonk4462 karma

You better make me something good.

sniprmonk4433 karma

i am serious. make me a new one. that goes out to everyone.

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sniprmonk4381 karma

The asthma makes me train harder. Helping people keeps me motivated. and the money and the models. :)

sniprmonk4361 karma

totally different sport. like golf and basket ball. as a sport i like it.